Fear: The Strongest Method of Mind Control

Every single day we are bombarded with fear-mongering. It’s on the news, commercials, on magazine covers, etc. It’s damn-near impossible to get away from it. The pharmaceutical industry warns that our health is failing and the we need the newest wonder drug to fix it. The medical industry lets us know that we are sick with some unknown disease and we need to beg for their help to get well. The media lets us know that our security is waning by the day and that we should be happy that our police and military are lining our streets and are armed to the hilt with deadly weaponry.

This is all perpetuated in the movies and television programs that are spoon fed to the masses everyday. People look for escape from the drudgeries of life through video games filled with killing and death and movies that glorify murder. It’s a way that the-powers-that-be can desensitize us to the all of the violence going on around us.

Religious fanatics have been pushing the idea of The Apocalypse (which literally means “unveiling”) down our throats for years. They seem to believe that everyone is doomed (except themselves of course). This is perpetuated through movies, best-selling novels, and the media at large. All of this makes you wonder, why is a fortress of fear being constructed all around us? Why is it being force-fed to us at every angle? The answer is simple. Fear is a means of control. If people are in fear, what are they going to do? Are they going to go out and try new things? Are they going to stand up for their beliefs? Are they going to challenge the establishment if it means that their safety will be at risk? The answer is “no”. They are going to stay in their homes and obey all of the messages that they are being fed.

Fear is the most crippling device that our corrupted government has at it’s disposal. I must admit, that I too live in fear every day of my life. I need to change my thoughts and actions just as much as the next person. This can be done. Turn off the television. Stop buying the lies. This is as much a treatise to myself as it is to any of the readers of this blog. We cannot let fear control our lives.

As the Hermetic Principle known as “law of cause and effect” states, there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. This is the law by which we should live our lives. If we live by the law of cause and effect, we will see that everything we do has an effect on something and that this in turn has an effect on us. This would help us live our lives more peacefully, since we will understand that any negative emotion or action that we take will be in turn, be returned unto us. This will also help us to understand the big picture. Fear is a prison, but a prison that we have the key for. If we stop giving into this fear and learn to just live our lives. We will find the freedom that we seek.

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