The War on Human Consciousness

The longest lasting war in the history of humankind is still being waged on us everyday. A war on our consciousness is cloaked and is virtually invisible to the untrained eye, but if one is awake, or in the process of awakening it can be seen. Our true journey in life is to gain knowledge and to grow spiritually. These elements are essential to a healthy consciousness. These are the elements of ourselves that are being shut down, or led astray. At first glance this is a bloodless war, but there should be no doubt that its casualties are countless. The most disturbing aspect of this war is that it is being waged by the seemingly innocent without them even realizing it. If we are to continue as a species and advance to a state of peace, love, and light we must awaken. The time is now.

Our consciousness is first under attack when we enter the education system. We are told lies about American History. Certain subjects are emphasized while others are downplayed. The balance of the brain is upset by this segregation. We are taught that science, mathematics, and that logic is far superior to music and art. This is perpetuated in our society by the drive for careers that will be “money makers”. Many right brain related subjects are being cut from our curriculum in favor of left brain subjects. This focus on left brain strengths causes an atrophy to the right brain that is damaging to the individual. The right brain holds our ability for creative thinking and for finding the beauty in the mundane. A true brain balance is key to the spiritual awakening of the consciousness.

Our food and water is under attack as well. Healthy food is essential to maintain life on earth. Our food and water are being tampered with and we have no real say on the matter. Our water is fluoridated without our consent. Fluoride is a poisonous substance that damages the brain by effecting the pineal gland. The pineal gland not only produces melatonin, but is the key to our spiritual awakening. The Nazi’s used fluoride in the water to prevent an uprising of the Jewish people. Depression and lethargy are just a few side effects of fluoride poisoning. I believe our local and state governments are fluoridating our water for the very same reason. The pineal gland becomes calcified and can no longer function. It is very difficult to have an awakening after having your brain attacked since birth! Our food is being manipulated and modified at a cellular level in hopes to make it pest and weed resistant, despite the fact that it is believed to be causing cancer. We have little say about this. Our food labels show no indication whether our food has been tampered with or not, despite the fact that it’s required by law in many other countries. This poisoning of our food detracts from our nutrition making our awakening that much more difficult.

Despite good intentions, the varying religions of the world are also partially at fault. This is caused by dogmas and doctrines that are enforced by various religions. These dogmas and doctrines confuse and mislead the individual from gaining enlightenment because they hold back rather than liberate. They keep people from uniting due to the disagreements that arise from these regulations. They also promote hatred and segregation of various cultures due to their differentials. All of these faiths are good at the core, and the enlightened individual can see this and appreciate the positivity that they promote.

Our monetary system has become a new dark religion of the masses and drives our entire society. This false religion is one based on animal instincts and a ruthless nature that is held within us all. It is made out as being necessary for our survival and is promoted as being the source or our happiness. This could not be further from the truth. As our monetary system is in shambles, fear is promoted in propagandizing the collapse or our world as we know it.

Lastly, the elements that are thrown out at us to lead us astray are preventing our conscious evolution. Certain words or teachings are treated as villainy in an attempt to keep people away. There are countless methods of expanding consciousness that have been systematically shut down so that we cannot get access to them. The teachings of the ancient mystery schools teach a way to finding inner divinity and for expanding consciousness, but have been portrayed as evil by society at large. Mysticism is looked at as blasphemous by many who have no idea of it’s original intentions. Teachers who have tried to promote these ways of thinking have been discredited and made to look crazy so that people will look the other way. This war on our consciousness is a tough battle, but one that we must fight every day if we hope to improve our situation. This is the only way. This is a war that we CAN win. We just have to be willing to look beyond what we think we see, to those truths that are literally right in front of our eyes.

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