Building With Light (a poem)

Three, five, and seven steps

All leading to one’s Middle Chamber

This is something you can reflect on for a lifetime

As you ascend, the light becomes more apparent and you can see where you are headed

Don’t forget the points that you were received upon, as they will spell out the mysteries for you

Your perfect points connect you to the Universe

The point within the circle is you. Stay within and you will not err.

We are all elements. Chalk, charcoal, clay, all bound to this Mother Earth

Your virtues will cement your place on the stairway leading to the heavens, to that final lodge visit, that everlasting ritual of peace and tranquility

The one that binds us all together as we share our wisdom, strength, and beauty for this house that we are all building together

We don’t need any tools of iron to build this unity

Just our virtuous minds and the working tools we carry with us every day.


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