Change Begins with the Self

The truth and freedom movement is so quick to point the finger and blame someone else for the problems that we face in the world today. It is so much easier to blame someone else. What is difficult is admitting that we are all part of the problem. Sure, the government is corrupt. The police are abusing their authority. The Federal Reserve is destroying the economy. The presidential candidates are just corporate puppets. The war on terror is a war for oil and heroin. These are all problems that we are not directly responsible for. However, real change begins from within. We are responsible our thoughts and our actions. We can sit back and continue to blame others for our misery, or we can work on changing ourselves. The strongest action we can take is non-compliance with the system.

The oppressors wants us to hate each other. We need to work on loving one another. The oppressors wants us to feel segregated. We need to join together. We need to work on talking to one another and listening to what others have to say. The oppressors want us to feel powerless. We are NOT powerless. We outnumber the oppressors.

We need to work on eliminating fear, which is a tool of mind control. This can be done by shutting off the TV. Ignore the commercials and all of the capitalist propaganda. We need to re-assess the importance of things. Self-worth should outweigh material possessions. Knowledge and love are the only things worth fighting for. Take the finger that is pointed outward blaming others for your troubles and turn it inward. Take a long look at your life and your actions. This is the first step in your own Heavy Mental Transmutation.


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