The Seven Hermetic Principles or Natural Laws

These are the Seven Hermetic Principles as found in the Kybalion among other texts. They are naturally existing laws of the universe and shape our reality. With the understanding and appreciation of these laws, one can live more harmoniously with themselves and the natural world.

1.) The Principle of Mentalism– This principle states that the universe and everything around us is a mental construct. We are all co-creating our perceptions of the world and everything around us.

2.) The Principle of Correspondence– This principle informs us that the microcosm is a direct reflection of the macrocosm and vice versa. It is from this principle that we derive the saying “as above, so below.” This can be seen all throughout the universe. Microscopic organisms mimic the same shapes and forms of galaxies.

3.) The Principle of Vibration-This principle shows us that everything in the universe is made up of vibratory energy. We are at our essence, vibratory light energy.

4.) The Principle of Polarity-This principle exemplifies the natural duality that exists within nature. Hot and cold, light and dark, good and evil. Without an opposite, these expressions would lose their identity. All opposites are just varying degrees of the same thing.

5.) The Principle of Rhythm– This principle says that all elements in the natural world move in a rhythm. This can be seen in the animal kingdom as well as the cosmos. Everything fluctuates.

6.) The Principle of Cause and Effect– This principle demonstrates that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Everything we do has an effect on something. Once this concept is grasped, we see that what we do really does matter.

7.) The Principle of Gender– This last principle states that everything has masculine and feminine characteristics. We all have rationale (attributed to the masculine) and compassion (attributed to the feminine). A balance of these elements is essential to the completion of the individual. This is true in a physical sense as well in that when we are born, our gender is merely determined by a one chromosome differential.

These principles have been passed on since time-immemorial through various mystery schools and esoteric philosophies. With the ongoing awakening that is taking place all around us, the understanding of these priciples by the individual provides that person with a key to unlocking the doors of their understanding of the mysteries of life. These principles are coming to light again for a reason. Take head and let them guide you on your path.

14 thoughts on “The Seven Hermetic Principles or Natural Laws

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    • I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I really appreciate your feedback! I have not been able to put as much love in to the blog lately as I would like to, but hope to change that very soon. It’s great to know that there are other seekers out like yourself, in search of the Light of Truth.

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  8. “1.) The Principle of Mentalism– This principle states that the universe and everything around us is a mental construct. And 6.) The Principle of Cause and Effect– This principle demonstrates that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Everything we do has an effect on something.”

    It appears that the above two laws are contradicting. If an action has an effect, then the effect cannot be mental. Thus both cause and effect are physical. The universe exists even if I die, because others will still be able to feel it using their five senses.

    Take a look at in the above context. The concept of soul theory and yogic power are important in understanding the laws of nature.

      • Our soul commands our brain and then the brain sends signals to our output organs to act. The same is true for the input organs also. Human body is just like a dumb mechanical robot. If the soul is gone then the body is dead.

    • You are right to notice a matter of discrepancy here. But it is not a problem with the Septenary as much as how you interpret it. The world isn’t created mentally by what we wish for, it is created mentally as in with logic and reason, the same framework in which our mental capacities are also designed to operate. Thus science is supposed to be the attempt at recognizing this logical order of the universe. It is basically saying that the universe was created with an intelligent design, and that everything has a purpose to be uncovered.

      Yes, the beliefs we make will physically effect the way we live and the world around us; that is a beneficial lesson from the law of mentalism, but it is basically a rehashing of cause and effect. As polarity is just a portrayal of vibration. Manly P Hall said that as in life, where we have 5 physical senses, we also have 5 universal laws revealed to us out of the total seven that exist. These two “hidden” laws may be intended as a reflection of the earlier laws, or it may be that we haven’t found the right names for it yet. Either way, I appreciate the attempt to share this great information, and anyone who takes a solemn interest in it.

      As to the website you mentioned, they appear to be saying some really good ideas. To the point that I begin to worry about whether they seem to be too good to be true. You can learn a lot from highly intellectual people, but you can’t let them determine for you the best way to put these truths into action. Work on clarity of your self to the point where you can discern which points they say were true and which were misguided. Use the law of analogy to make sure that it is true on all levels, in order to verify its authenticity.

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