A War on Terror?

With Obama getting elected to a 2nd term in office, we have to believe that the wars in the Middle East will continue. Not that Romney would have helped that situation either… This so called “War on Terror” is a complete sham. These wars are for resources. Our government wants what the Middle East has. Fossil fuels and heroin/opiates.

Our economy is so dependent on oil that we can’t imagine a world without it. This dependency is sickening and morally depraved. The auto industry continues to roll out new oil-guzzling autos by the day, while it’s obvious that there are far more efficient and environmentally designs available. With all of the environmental issues we are having, it’s unbelievable that we are not working toward an alternative at a faster rate! The oil companies are in bed with our political system!

We have been trafficking drugs from the Middle East for decades, yet we are fighting “a war on drugs”. A “war for drugs” is more like it. The C.I.A. is knee deep in this.

Why do we have to let a catastrophe be the thing that wakes us from this deep sleep? Obama claims that he wants to work on reducing carbon emissions, but not at the cost of the economy. What good does an economy do for us if our planet is dying? We are going to find out all to soon if we don’t act now.


2 thoughts on “A War on Terror?

  1. Why do you think Obama will continue the wars (which he specifically does not refer to as a war on terror)? He got us out of Iraq and is getting us out of Afghanistan. And he does promote solar, wind, etc. But it can’t be at the expense of our economy (which was almost destroyed under the previous administration).

  2. You make some great points. I am not anti-Obama necessarily, and do think that he has good intentions. The War on Terror was most definitely a Bush administration phenomenon and was used, I believe, to deepen our fears and fear-based mind control. The Obama administration is trying to undo some of what the Bush’s did, but is being pressured from all angles to keep the wars going. I don’t blame anyone specifically for these issues, just a corrupt government in general. We are lied to by our government about the real purposes of these wars. That is really what I was trying to get across. I apologize for not making that more clear in this post. You are right on with your commentary. Thank you!

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