The Removal of the Divine Feminine

One of the biggest travesties of our time has been the removal of the Divine Feminine from our consciousness. The concept of the Divine Feminine was a staple in the religions of Egypt and Greece, among other pre-Christian religions. The original books of the Bible contained this concept as well, before they were edited down to what they are in the present. I believe that it was the deletions of important feminine presence in the Bible that started much of our discord in the world today.

When these concepts were removed from the Biblical texts, it was done because these texts would not comply with the male-dominated society that the monarchy was attempting to promote. It made male-dominated control non-valid and this would have made it impossible for the monarchy and all powerful Roman Catholic Church to have power over the people.

There was also a symbolic gesture behind this as well. Mystical teachings throughout the world have shown the importance of the feminine and masculine aspects of consciousness and how their balance is key to holistic well-being. As was presented in my previous blog about the Seven Hermetic Principles, the Principle of Gender states that all beings have masculine and feminine aspects. Balance between these two characteristics is key to true enlightenment. The removal of the feminine principle from this equation causes an unbalance between the two, and part of the reason our society is in the state that it’s in.

Our Divine mother is our Mother Earth. She is the ultimate representation of the Divine Feminine in the physical world. All we need to live a fulfilling life is provided by her. Our detachment with Earth and the defiling that we do to her is appalling. We have turned our back on the Divine Feminine. Turned our backs on our own balance. This is why we can’t seem to find our way. If we can embrace the Divine Feminine again, we will regain this balance and can right this catastrophic wrong once and for all.

8 thoughts on “The Removal of the Divine Feminine

  1. The divine feminine is an integral part of God consciousness. Some would argue that among Catholics the Virgen Mary embodies this concept. With the rise, promotion and development of a male dominated, patriarchal system a balance between the masculine and feminine was lost and gave way to an oppressive social order. Thank you for bringing this subject up, I have enjoyed reading about it.

  2. Some feel this is beginning to change, that the Divine feminine is being brought to center stage again. Do you think so? (And thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to your posts.)

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