Heavy Mental Transmutation

I have mentioned the practice of Alchemy as a concept in previous posts, but have not talked about how every single one of us can practice Spiritual Alchemy. The process of Spiritual Alchemy does not involve an athanor (alchemical furnace), a mortar and pestle, or even a crucible. It is a practice that we can all take part in every day.

Spiritual enlightenment begins with the self and is refined through self-improvement. As we work to come closer to Christ Consciousness, we must strive to improve ourselves and to live a life that is defined by love and virtues. Our world is full of negativity and hatred and a duality that is unrelenting. Fighting this negativity is an uphill battle, but it’s an essential one. It is easy to let our anger get the best of us. It is easy to let our depression rule our actions and call the shots in our lives. What’s hard is overcoming these things. This is where Spiritual Alchemy comes in.

When you find yourself in a bad place in life, this is the perfect point to begin the practice of Spiritual Alchemy. The first step in the alchemical process is Calcination. This process involves burning a substance into ashes in order to begin anew. We should take the anger, self-doubt, and negative emotions that we are feeling and burn them to ashes. The calcination stage is a cleansing process. Once we have burnt off the toxicity of our anger and self-doubt, we have a completely new substance. One that we can work with and make some progress with. When this negativity tries to take you over, you must grab it and throw it into the fires of your mental athanor.

When our negativity is destroyed, we are left with a neutral element to work with. We can further our mental transmutation with the second stage: Dissolution. During the dissolution stage, we must take the remnants of our anger and self doubt and break them down even further. This can be done by embracing our inner creativity. If we take the emotions that are stirred up within us and turn them into something constructive, we have achieved spiritual dissolution. We are now fully engaged in a mental transmutation.

When we have conquered this part of our problem, it is time to move to the next stage: Separation. During this stage of the process, we must seek out the left over particles of self-doubt and negativity and separate them from the particles of self-love and self-respect that have begun to surface. This is the final weeding-out process. As these particles are then discarded, we can see an end in sight.

The final stage of Spiritual Alchemy is that of Conjunction. During this stage, the saved elements are then combined to form alchemical gold. We can see ourselves for what we truly are: spiritual beings having a human experience. We are Beacons of light in the darkness.


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