Meditation in the Woods

As we strive for a greater connection with the whole, we must learn to control our passions. This is not easy to do in modern society! One thing that has stood the test of time is the art of meditation.

This past weekend, my wife and I made a trip into the woods with the goal of communing with nature. The stresses of the past week were behind us and it was time to place ourselves into a proper frequency. We found a beautiful clearing with a fallen tree that had created a natural bridge over what was now a dry creek-bed. We sat side by side on the tree and let the sun warm our faces. There was little, to no wind and it was incredibly mild for a December day. We had both brought crystals with us to meditate with and we got them out. My wife laid down on the ground on a blanket and placed her crystal on her Third Eye chakra point. I sat on the fallen tree and held my crystal between my thumb and fingers. We soon fell into deep meditation. I could feel my surroundings dissolve and my body lose it’s tension. I saw images as I attempted to clear my mind, but these images pulled me in. I saw a warm green light emanating from my heart. It went skyward and some of the light penetrated the earth. I could sense the connection between my body, my spirit and the Heavens and Earth. I saw fractal-like light vibrations surrounding me. I could see deep into Space and deep into the Earth. This connection was strong and real. My soul’s vibration had transformed. I stayed in this realm for as long as I could. When I finally came out of the meditation, my crystal was really warm, almost hot to the touch, and my breathing was soft and even. My wife looked more beautiful than ever, and the forest felt alive, despite the fact that it was mostly dormant due to the season.

We connected with the whole that day. Our vibratory energy was transmuted and our lives transformed. This is just what we needed. It’s what we all need. The power we need is within our hearts. Let your heart energy connect with the whole, and you will understand this like my wife and I now do.

for a December day.

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