Earth Vampires

Our Mother is screaming! Her blood being drained by Earth Vampires. They don’t wear black cloaks, turn into bats, or have sharp fangs, but they are no less horrifying. These men who call the shots in government. These corporate clowns who help stuff the pockets of the politicians with their dirty money. These oil overlords who prey on the Earth’s blood. They live off this blood, while the rest of us pay the price. They are working on a pipeline that stretches thousands of miles, from Canada to Texas. They are trying to remove the Keystone that is holding this living arch together! This pipeline is a giant straw, that the Earth Vampires plan to use to suck more of the Earth’s blood out and then they plan to sell it to us. All in the name of transportation and industry. We have alternatives to this, but they are being suppressed. Our Mother is starting to die because of these vampires. Her blood is being drained at an enormous rate. We have got to stop the bleeding. We have got to stop these hideous beasts from praying on our planet!black-blood-oil-blood-energy-endependence-259x275


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