The Deeper You Go, The Higher You Fly

ascension3As one delves into the mysteries it becomes apparent just how deep this rabbit hole really is. With the coming astral alignments and inevitable ascension, we are living in exciting times. This is not something that should be feared, but embraced. The process has already begun. A quickening is happening and is ushering in a new age. We are moving away from an age of duality and moving toward an age of enlightenment and peace. This transformation is picking up pace. Everyday, I discover new blogs, websites, social networks, etc. that are promoting a new form of understanding. Science and spirituality are converging and this will lead to great things. Please everyone, join in the mission. The mission to look within your own conscious and to transmute your negative energy into love. Look hatred in the face and smile. Retaliate with love and knowledge. Be kind in the face of adversity. Be true to morals and virtues. Live the way you envision our Creator would have wanted us to. Now is the time. Let’s make it happen!


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