Alchemical Lead

The main purpose in symbolic, or spiritual alchemy is the process of perfecting the soul into Alchemical Gold. This process involves taking the lower nature of ones being and getting it under control and changing imperfections into pefections. This lower nature or base consciousness , if you will, is known as Alchemical Lead. Heavy and dull, it holds us down from spiritual progress. It is the burden that we must overcome to reach Alchemical Gold. This is the Spiritual Alchemists quest.

For decades, corporations have used mystical and occult symbols for advertising. Many of these symbols are ancient and have a psychological impact on any one that sees them. Even if the individual is unaware of this, it is happening. This is used to the advantage of the corporations in a subversive way. Many CEO’s are familiar the occult and most likely involved in it. The occult is not what everyone thinks that it is. The word occult comes from the Latin word occultare, which means hidden. It is a system of hidden teachings. Hidden from the mainstream by it’s proponents, these teachings hold keys to the mysteries of consciousness, the universe, and our existence and purpose in it. These teachings were originally kept secret by it’s pupils to avoid persecution from the church. Occult knowledge is not a bad thing, nor is it evil. What makes it evil, is when it is hoarded by individuals and used for power over others. This is exactly what these corporate advertisers are doing by using powerful occult symbols in their logos.

In Alchemical teachings, there were spiritual connections between the seven planets (the ones known about at the time of it’s inception) and the metals. These planets were thought to be ruled by their corresponding metals and vice-versa. The seven planets were the Sun, which was ruled by gold, the Moon, which was ruled by silver, Mercury by mercury, Venus by copper, Mars by iron, Jupiter by tin, and Saturn was ruled by lead. As you can see by these associations, Saturn is representative of base consciousness. This is the ground floor. It should come as no surprise then, that the ones who want to keep the people down in a state of low consciousness would choose to do so by using Saturnalian symbolism in a subversive manner. These corporate overlords want to keep us weighed down with Alchemical lead!

The most recognizable trait of Saturn is it’s system of rings. This is the most widely used symbol in subversive advertising. It is EVERYWHERE. From the golden arches of McDonald’s (spilt and placed side by side to form an M shape), to Toyota, to Direct TV, just to name a few. This is Dark Alchemy and is subconsciously keeping us down. It is thrown in our faces on a daily basis. If we have eyes to see it, we are immune to it’s toxicity. We can overcome this weighty lead and transmute it into Alchemical Gold. Why let our minds be ruled by lead, when they can be ruled by gold?

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