Patriotic Dissent

As a Freemason, I am obliged to be a peaceable citizen and to not countenance disloyalty or rebellion toward my country. As a thinker, I am drawn to a different conclusion. This is not to say that I disagree with my Masonic teachings, just that there are different ways if looking at the situation.

As an American citizen, I am aware of what this country was intended to be and what it actually is becoming today. I am a proud American in that I love this country and love what it stands for. That is rather patriotic, if I do say do myself… Where I have an issue, is where our country is going today. This is not at all what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

Our government is becoming what those brave men were fighting against. Our government is taking control of our every move. Our media is controlled and manipulated. The rich are getting richer by the day, while the poor and middle-class are struggling. Our monetary system is corrupted and is putting us into deeper and deeper bondage. Our education system is built on misinformation and a curriculum that doesn’t really teach anything of value. Our police and military are acting as henchmen, rather than protectors. Our government has us under it’s thumb, just like the British did the colonies before the American Revolution. We are fed fear propaganda and fluoride in an attempt to breed apathy and subservience. The Patriot Act is anything but a patriotic act! It is treason!

I say that dissent in this case is patriotic. We need to stand against this oppression. Many of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons and they did just that. They knew that true freedom was something worth fighting for. They knew that the system of government that they were trying to create would be worth protecting and would give us great reason to be patriotic . They knew that when things needed to be changed for the better, that it wasn’t just going to happen. They had to make it happen.

I say that WE need to take our freedom back! This dissent is what we need to get our country back! This dissent is patriotic!


2 thoughts on “Patriotic Dissent

  1. There’s a sense everywhere that the country has lost it’s way and that there is something wrong. However, nobody can draw a straight line between the ailments and their causes. The role of government changed with the passing of the Revenue Act and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Debt was born. Look forward to reading more on how to express patriotic dissent as Mason.

    • Thank you for your input. The Federal Reserve is definitely a BIG part of the problem. They have the power to create debt on a whim and have our financial system in ruins. Greed is the biggest threat to our freedoms.

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