Thought that this was worthy of a second look. Hope you enjoy.

The Point of a Sharp Instrument

The longest lasting war in the history of humankind is still being waged on us everyday. A war on our consciousness is cloaked and is virtually invisible to the untrained eye, but if one is awake, or in the process of awakening it can be seen. Our true journey in life is to gain knowledge and to grow spiritually. These elements are essential to a healthy consciousness. These are the elements of ourselves that are being shut down, or led astray. At first glance this is a bloodless war, but there should be no doubt that its casualties are countless. The most disturbing aspect of this war is that it is being waged by the seemingly innocent without them even realizing it. If we are to continue as a species and advance to a state of peace, love, and light we must awaken. The time is now.

Our consciousness is…

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