You Can’t Have My Hope

In today’s world, it seems that someone is trying to keep us from hope. We are bombarded with the bad news of the world on a constant basis. It makes one feel as if there is no hope for humanity. Our fear-based media is trying to kill all hope. The powers-that-be want us to lose all hope and become mindless sheep that will accept what is given to them. Hope is the enemy of fear. It only takes one optimist to destroy this paradigm.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson once said,in his speech to the 1988 Democratic National Convention, “keep hope alive.” With this simple statement, Rev. Jackson planted a seed in the minds of the people. He made us realize that having hope is necessary to monumental change. We need this hope, now more than ever.

We have all heard stories of people conquering great difficulties and obstacles by keeping the hope of that accomplishment alive. People with grievous illnesses have overcome what the experts all said couldn’t be done. They all have had hope in success. They thought that it was possible and thus, made it so. This hope is great power. We have a tremendous amount of untapped mental capability. Hope is an unconscious way of tapping into this potential. If we can focus on, and grasp onto this hope, it can work miracles.

Masaru Emoto, a researcher from Japan has proven that emotions and consciousness can have a physical effect on freezing water crystals. He wrote messages on a piece of paper and stuck them onto the side of glass with freezing water crystals in it. Ice crystals that were told “You make me sick, I will kill you” froze in jagged asymmetrical patterns. Ones that were told “thank you” and “love and appreciation” froze into beautiful symmetrical patterns with perfect mirrored perfection. These same tests were performed using purely internalized thoughts without words with similarly startling results. Proving that emotion and thoughts have great powers and influence on the external world.

I still have hope in humanity. I have this because I see beautiful things happen every day. I know that the soul of humanity is alive. I keep hope because it keeps me in the game. If there is a glimmer still there, then there is a chance. I have hope in a world without war and suffering, because I know we are capable of this. If we think it, we can manifest it. I have hope that we can still turn this thing around. I would rather die than give up my hope. You can’t take my hope from me. I am going to keep it alive for the sake of all humanity!butterfly-peace-symbol1


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