The Temple Within

Please allow me to officially introduce myself. My name is Kirk. I am the namesake of my grandfather who’s last name was Kirkbride, and who’s nickname was Kirk. The name is of Scottish and Northern English descent and means “church”. This name may be one of the keys to my spiritual awakening.

We read in the Bible from Luke 17:21 that “the Kingdom of Heaven is within you”. This esoteric passage is meant to teach us that each one of us has the capacity for holiness. We have the inherent power to create Heaven on Earth if we put our minds and souls to it. This is an empowering idea. The true power lies within each of US. If one is to keep their body and mind pure, it is the surest way to creating a perfect balance within. This is the quest of the spiritual seeker.

My name literally translates to church. The church being the center of worship and spiritual contact. This is not to say that one should worship themselves. This idea is the antithesis of what the true meaning is. We are to treat our bodies and minds as purely as we can and we will find the true divinity within.

When one becomes a Freemason, they are given a white apron. In operative Masonry (the actual art of stonework and building) the apron is worn to protect the clothing, however, as a speculative Mason (allegorical) it is purely symbolic. It represents the soul of the individual. The newly made Mason is given a lecture about the importance of the apron as a symbol for the purity of the soul. They are told that it is their duty as a Mason to see that the apron remains white and unstained by the vices of this world. This is the same apron that is placed upon the body of a departed Brother as a symbol of the purity of his soul as he passes on to the Lodge above.

The body is a temple that was given to us by the Creator. We are supposed to treat it as holy and not defile it with poisons. Poisons of food and drink, and even more importantly poisons of hatred, lust, and jealousy. As I look toward my spiritual advancement, I am trying to keep my Kingdom in order. To keep it clean and unsullied. I am Kirk the Church of self. I must look within to find Heaven, just as you must look within yourself to find it. Bring it forth into the world and be your own spiritual guide, your own kirk, if you will. ang18


2 thoughts on “The Temple Within

  1. Thank you, my Brother! Our talk the other day inspired the idea for this entry. I am going to be home for a while and am going to do some research on my families lineage. Hope you are well.

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