The Magical Side of Religion and Masonry

solomon102Something that most people don’t know about Freemasonry, including many Masons, is that the tradition of Masonry has roots in magical practice. The Masonic rituals themselves are ceremonial magic rituals where specific props, floor movements, and symbols are used to create a powerful environment. These rituals are used to impress truths upon the minds of the initiates and change their way of looking at life.

Magic; as defined by the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, is “the Science and Art of causing Change in conformity with Will.”

Many early religions have roots in ceremonial magic as well, despite what any fundamentalist might say. The Catholic Church, for example, uses ritualism in conveying the power of Christ. The Holy Sacrament is a ritual in which the participants are told that they are being given the blood and flesh of Christ to take into themselves. The participants are given crackers and wine, or juice as a substitute substance for flesh and blood, but are told to visualize them as the real thing. This imposition of the will placed upon the participants by the priests is meant to act as psychological transmutation of consciousness. This is, for all intents and purposes, magic. As Monotheism took over the spiritual world, magic was gradually phased out of religion, but there are still a few remnants of it left, even today.

Freemasonry has also lost touch with it’s magical side, and has even tried to distance itself with it’s occult roots. However, many of those elements are still present and are used in the lodge system today. Many esoterically-minded Masons out there revel in the magical side of the Craft. One such Mason, is Lon Milo Duquette. Lon Milo Duquette has written on the subject of magic and Masonry in his fabulous book The Key to Solomon’s Key. Lon explains the basics of Solomonic Magic and how Freemasonry fits in. King Solomon and his Temple from the Old Testament is the primary backdrop of the Masonic legend. Solomon was the son of David and God’s chosen one to build the temple in His name. As the legend goes, Solomon made contact with God and asked for wisdom. God was pleased that Solomon had asked for wisdom rather than wealth or honors and granted him the privilege of building the Holy Temple. According to some mythology, Solomon was also granted with magical knowledge from God Himself. Solomonic Magic involves casting a protective circle on the ground and conjuring spirits into a triangle that is adjacent to the circle. These spirits can be made to do whatever task that the magician wills them to. Though Masonic ritual doesn’t include a protective circle or triangle like Solomonic Magic, it is filled with the Solomonic legends. Many Masonic rituals involve dramatic re-enactments of these legends in which King Solomon is present and portrayed by an officer of the lodge.

Though an attempt has been made to remove the magic from religious ceremony and Masonic ritual, it is still present to this day. This is a treatise to magic’s importance in the transmutation of consciousness. It is my belief that the removal of the magical element of these spiritual practices is yet another attempt at keeping the human race back. Back from fulfilling out true destiny of expanded consciousness. An attempt to keep us from our destiny of communion with the Divine. We must embrace the magical and make it our own today. We must take back our magical birthright; our right to cause Change in accordance with our Will!


4 thoughts on “The Magical Side of Religion and Masonry

  1. Well, you have most certainly expanded my consciousness today. Thank you for this tantalising post, and regards across salt seas.

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