Under Oath

The beginning of the 2012 Presidential inauguration was begun with President Obama repeating the Presidential Oath of Office. The defining statement made during this oath is that the incoming President is to uphold and defend the Constitution. The statement was repeated with conviction by President Obama as he was sworn in and assumed the second term of his Presidency. This coming from a man who is trying to trash the Second Amendment and disarm the people, while police and military line our streets, armed to the hilt. This is not to say that I support guns. Frankly, I despise them, but having them IS a Constitutional right.

This got me to thinking about the way in which oaths don’t seem to carry the clout that they once had. The Constitution is being dismantled more each day. Rights are being revoked by those who’s job it is to uphold them.

This is not on Obama alone. Our government has been corrupt for a long time and is only getting worse. Its corrupt on so many levels. Former President George W. Bush once called the Constitution “a Goddamn piece of paper.” A piece of paper that he had sworn under oath to protect and enforce! This statement just goes to show how lightly this oath has been taken. The Constitution is more of an inconvenience to modern politics than it is a point of pride. Big business and their campaign funding has ruined what was left of our crumbling Democracy. The Constitution just keeps getting in the way.

The First Amendment states that we are to have freedom of speech and press and of peaceful assembly. The media is owned and controlled by the corporations and peaceful protestors are pepper-sprayed and beaten.

These men need to be held accountable for their indiscretions against the laws that they are supposed to be upholding. They need to act as public servants rather than making the public serve them. They need to take these oaths seriously. They swore to uphold our rights. They swore to God!


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