Crystal Meditation: 3rd eye chakra activation

Meditating with crystals is a great way to charge and work with the chakras. I have a quick and east meditation that I do. I start out by gathering a few crystals together. The crystals should be cleansed by soaking them in salt water for an hour or so. For best results, you should use pure sea salt. After cleansing the crystals and drying them, I take them, one by one and hold them to my chest. I rest them upon my heart and close my eyes. You may use some meditative music if you like. However, the focus should be on your heart and the crystal. Imagine that your heart is radiating a toroidal green light energy. You should pour as much love from your heart into the crystal. Imagine that the crystal has been changed to a glowing green color. After about 10 seconds of heart energy charging, bring the crystal up slowly to your Ajna, or “third eye chakra”. With your eyes closed, press the crystal gently against you forehead. With your third eye, examine the crystal. Look at every detail and enjoy the beauty. As part of the living earth, the crystal ties us to the whole. Examine each crystal with your third eye. Your breathing should be slow and deep. Breathe through your nose and out through your mouth. When the process is complete, you can slowly open your eyes and come back down to earth. Try this out as often as you like. If you have s lot of tension to rid your being of, cleanse the crystals each time before you use them for the meditation. Give it a try and feel free to add your own innovations to it. Enjoy!


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