The Philosopher’s Stone-The Key to all of the Mysteries?

What is the Philosopher’s Stone? Is it a real object? Is it just a concept?

The exact historical date of the origin of the Philosopher’s Stone is not known. However, it is thought to date back as far as ancient Egypt. It is mentioned repeatedly in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament and is a key ingredient to many of the Western Mystery Traditions.

Despite what we do know about it, it still remains one of the great mysteries of all time. It is thought to be a white, powdery, flaky substance, similar to silica in texture and to have magical powers and properties. It is believed to be the key to turning base-metals into gold as referred to in the tradition of alchemy. It is also thought to have healing and even anti-gravitational properties! What it truly is, is still up to interpretation and conjecture, and may very-well remain that way for eternity.

It is referred to in the Bible as “manna“,”bread” or the “white stone”, and is one of the objects said to have been carried within the Ark of the Covenant. It is the food that was given to the Israelites by God during their travels and gave them the strength to endure. It may also be the substance that the Golden Calf that Moses burnt turned into. There are mentions of manna in Exodus, and Numbers from the Old Testament. The Philosopher’s Stone may also be what is referred to as “the stone the builders rejected” found in several of the Canonical Gospels (See Parable of Matthew for example), for it is said to look like a white powder and could easily be mistaken for rubbish by the unknowing.

The search for the Philosopher’s Stone is referred to as “The Great Work”. It is not only a physical substance, but a metaphorical idea as well. Like the tradition of Freemasonry, Alchemy teaches a system of self-improvement through a process. This process is as important as the end result in that works in a linear progression. The individual, or substance being transmuted goes through important changes through the entire process and arrives at perfection at the completion. In Freemasonry, this process is exemplified by two stones. The Rough Ashlar and the Perfect Ashlar. It is explained that the Rough Ashlar is a stone in it’s rudimentary state, before any work has been done on it. The Perfect Ashlar is the perfected stone, ready for use in the building process. It has been perfected by the workman’s tools, or through a process of learning. Just as the symbolic Philosopher’s Stone is said to be made in the Alchemical tradition.

The fact that the Stone finds it’s way into so many mystical traditions is really quite intriguing. In “The Shadow of Solomon” by Laurence Gardner, he discusses some of the Philosopher’s Stones mythological powers. He believes that the Philosopher’s Stone is what is known to modern science as “orbitally rearranged monatomic elements“. This would explain some of the magical properties that it was said to have had. In “The Shadow of Solomon” It is stated that the amount of gold used in the construction of the Ark of the Covenant would weigh so much (2,714 lbs) that it would have been physically impossible for several men to carry it. His hypothesis (p.378-379 of The Shadow of Solomon) is that the gold used in the construction of the Ark may have been used as a superconductor and created an electrical field around itself (a Meissner field) on which it could essentially levitate and be transported. Of course, the people chosen to be the care-takers, and transporters of the Ark, were the Levites (where the word levitate originated). There are some clues throughout the Bible about the electrical properties of the Ark. It is said to have emitted bolts of lightning and sparks. Perhaps the Manna held within the Ark, reacted in some way with the gold of the Ark, or was used in the gold-making process for the lid, and gave the Ark it’s special powers!

The search for the Philosopher’s Stone is the true goal of the Western Mystery traditions both physically and allegorically. As we strive toward personal perfection of morality, we too are becoming elevated. Just like the Philosopher’s Stone was thought to be able to heal and transform, so can we transform our consciousness as we go through life. Just as the Philosopher’s Stone was though to be able to aid levitation, so can we rise up above the mundane and the animal passions of this world through our own “Great Work”. This is the real key to enlightenment. The ancient cultures knew this and were constantly moving toward it. We must now do the same if we hope to get ourselves out of the predicament that we are in. We too can find the Philosopher’s Stone. It is within everyone of us!

3 thoughts on “The Philosopher’s Stone-The Key to all of the Mysteries?

  1. It’s in everyone’s chest. It’s your heart:

    Ask anyone in the world two questions:

    Do you prefer to be told the truth or to be told lies?
    Do you prefer that people do things to you either with or without your agreement?

    Everyone on Earth answers the two questions the same way.

    Jesus Christ was at a well and a Samaritan woman asks him for living water, of which Jesus said that everyone who shall drink of the waters that I will give him shall not thirst for eternity, but those waters that I give him shall be springs of waters in him that shall spring up into eternal life. She asks because she does not take, but instead seeks agreement, and he agrees to give it to her. He tries to get her to lie which she does not, instead telling him the truth. He said she answered well. He gave her TRUTH AND AGREEMENT, living water, the Kingdom of God.

    Before your words you have two choices and before your actions you have two more. When you speak you can either speak the truth or speak lies and when you do things that affect other people you can either seek their agreement or not seek their agreement at all.

    Jesus Christ said that whenever anyone speaks the truth it is done in the Spirit and presence of God (John 3:21). He said that when anyone gets together with other people and decides to do whatever together, affecting no one else that did not agree, it is done in the Spirit and presence of God (Matthew 18:19).

    We all love truth and agreement to be done to us. Truth and agreement are the Spirit of God, The Spirit of Truth, the Kingdom of God, the Tree of Life, the Ark of the Covenant, the Divine Spark, The Philosophers Stone, The Golden Rule, and Objective Morality. Do unto others as you would have done unto you so do unto others truth and agreement.

    There is only 1 true God. 5 things: truth in words, agreement in actions, help those in need when and where you can, be humble you are not better than anyone else, and forgiveness. Expressed as 3 things: Love, Truth, and Agreement. Judge not on the appearance but rather judge righteous judgement, lying and not seeking agreement are judged.

    And when Jesus kicked the money changers out of the temple, surely they wouldn’t of agreed to it, but the agreement was that the temple is a place of God, not of money and power, so he kicked them out, righteously. Seek the root agreement.

    No one likes a hypocrite, and because you love truth and agreement to be done to you, do it for other people also. This core hypocrisy is sinful.

    No one likes false righteousness, and because many think there is condemnation of others for their beliefs, yet they harm no one with beliefs alone, they do it without cause.

    No one likes it when others judge them about things that they do that affect no one else, but everyone righteously judges lying and those who trespass against them, who do things to them that they don’t agree to.

    The Spirit of Truth is not a person. The Gospels are to be interpreted with love, not hate, with truth, not lies. Words and actions define a person, not beliefs, and God sees this. Beliefs are things that can’t be proven, so they are just beliefs, but the Kingdom of God is true and not a belief, because you can ask yourself the two questions and you will answer the same way as everyone else, including men and women, those who are religious and those who are not, all races and nationalities, heterosexuals and homosexuals. The answers to the two questions have been the same since the beginning of time and will be the same until the end of time, just as the groups of this world have been the same since the beginning of time and will be the same until the end of time. If you make war with them you make war with God, and if you don’t acknowledge that they also do Love, Truth, and Agreement, and that it is done in the Spirit and presence of God, then you speak against the Holy Ghost, and need to repent.

    Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to God but by me”. And he meant it. The way is agreement, the truth is the truth, and the life are the results. And a goal reached as the result of truth and agreement is a goal built on a rock, but the goal reached as a result of lying and not seeking agreement is a goal built on sand. When the winds and the rains come the goal built on a rock withstands and lives, but the goal built on sand withers and dies. Jesus’ person did Love, Truth, and Agreement since he came to us and until he left us. Jesus’ Spirit, being the Spirit of God, is Love, Truth, and Agreement, and no one comes to God but by the Spirit of God. When an atheist speaks the truth and does agreement it is done in the Spirit and presence of God.

    Jesus Christ is a person with a soul who was born of God. He did Love, Truth, and Agreement his whole life. He prayed to God many times while he was here on Earth. We are spiritual beings who are to be born again. Jesus Christ the person is coming back, and he is the Messiah. You will know him by his words and by his actions, not by how he looks, and not any other way. Anyone who brings war to those at peace is not of God. Do Love, Truth, and Agreement, judge lying and not seeking agreement.

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  3. I knew a man once who showed me his right palm and said what is this!, I saw a white dot placed upon it the size of a coriander seed and I have since read revelations 2.17 and yes I believe he had the pebble of manna in his hand, sadly this man died at a young age, but his offspring inherited the same size white mark upon the palm of their right hand yes it is true that it was put into the ark of the covenant for each generation to come, I think this is the seal of the 144000 chosen ones or the sign of the philosophers stone, yes you are on the right track but it is living proof that Jesus Christ existed shrouded in mystery yet always true.

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