The Middle Chamber with Frater X, part 4

In this fourth and final installment of shows from the Middle Chamber archives we will feature several shows. First of which is a show featuring researcher Jan Irvin. Jan is an eclectic researcher with some convincing arguments. Hope you enjoy it!

The Middle Chamber 8/11/12

The next show that we will feature includes an interview with the enlightening mathmagician, Marty Leeds. Marty has a way of explaining the mysteries of the universe using mathematics and numerology as well as a system of gematria that works brilliantly. Enjoy!

The Middle Chamber with special guest Marty Leeds 12/15/12

And finally, we will conclude our series on the Middle Chamber by featuring a show of Frater X and his presentation of “The Secret War on Human Consciousness.” A fantastically researched show documenting many of the heinous crimes committed by our corrupted government and how they have had a devastating effect on the development of our consciousness as a whole. Hope you enjoy and continue to support Frater on his path for truth and wisdom!

The Middle Chamber 6/12/13


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