Is Hyper-Capitalism the Enemy of Truth?


The one thing in particular that separates our country with most of the rest of the world is our obsession with capitalist culture. We are the most material-obsessed country in the world and our government is driven by the all-mighty dollar.

This is most obvious in the fact that only the wealthy are able to obtain prominent positions in government. It takes large amounts of money to win a presidency and campaigns are backed by giant corporations and even bigger oil companies. It puts the government “by the people, and for the people” out of reach for most Americans. This is not the way things were intended to work. When our Founding Fathers set about creating a new republic, they envisioned equality.

It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution took over and we became a land of manufacturing that we began our journey into hyper-capitalism. The Industrial Revolution lead to jobs for the people, which was positive, but also lead to power hunger for the company owners. As the world of business moved forward, competition has engulfed our culture. As we all know, competition can be a good and a bad thing. It is when competition becomes cut-throat and ruthless, which is where we have gone so terribly wrong

Now, all of our companies manufacturing work is being sent over seas for cheaper labor, thus weakening our countries job market and creating even more friction. Christmas has become about consumerism rather than celebration of the Birth of Christ. We have allowed our culture to be disposable, just like the products we buy.

This lifestyle stands in direct opposition of the lifestyle which all spiritual teachings present. We who are in search of truths about our existence, and in search of peace and equality MUST be opposed to this material obsession. If we look within to find truth, we must also look around and omit the superfluous. We must see that this version of capitalism leads to decay. Not only does it lead to decay of our civilization, but it is intentionally used to distract us and pacify us. It is meant to knock us sufficiently off course in our journey for the Truth. It is up to US to not let that happen!

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