The Inverted Triangle

The triangle is an ancient symbol of Deity or the divine union. It being the culmination of mind, body and spirit, or Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Mathematically and scientifically it is also of great importance in that it is the point at which dimension one becomes dimension two. In the genesis of life itself lies the triangle. As protons come together to create matter, the tetrahedron is formed. Consisting of 4 triangles, the tetrahedron forms the fundamental Platonic Solid. From here, all matter is created. When this tetrahedron spins within the vacuum of space, it polarizes and creates the Star Tetrahedron. This is where the magic happens. As these formations come together, matter is given birth to.

This Star Tetrahedron is found in religion and mythological symbolism going back to time immemorial. The Star of David, The Sign of Solomon, the hexagram. This symbol gives us the missing piece to the puzzle of our existence. Made up of one right-side up equilateral triangle and one inverted, equilateral triangle, the hexagram is perfectly balanced.

When you look at interpretations of the triangles when separated, you often find mention of the significance of the direction in which each one is pointing. One pointing up, the other down. As above, so below? Heaven and Earth. Ascending and descending.

The triangle with it’s top pointing up is rising up. It can also be looked at as a symbol for the masculine part of consciousness. Phallic in the sense that it points up. This would also allude to the downward pointing triangle being the feminine side of our consciousness. It is essential in a path os spiritual awakening to find balance between the masculine and feminine sides of our consciousness. When broken down into emotional and psychological aspects of personality, it could be said that the masculine aspects control our aggressive side and reasoning. While the feminine aspect relates to our emotions and spirit. In our male-dominated, war-obsessed culture, it is blatantly obvious that our aggressive, animalistic mentality is what is running the world currently. It is also obvious that this way of thinking and living is driving us in the wrong direction. We are headed for disaster if we continue on our current path. It’s not that the masculine aspect of our consciousness is inherently bad. Not at all. It is equally essential to our existence. It’s just that it is completely our of balance with the feminine. The feminine aspect, that of love and nurturing, is being suppressed by our addictions to our animalistic tendencies. This is where the inverted triangle comes in. When you have an upright triangle as a symbol, it is not a completed symbol. It is half of the equation. When you bring the inverted triangle of the feminine together with the upright triangle of the masculine, you find balance. This is what the inverted triangle is. It is the answer to the response. It is the missing piece to the puzzle of our puzzling times. Where do we see reference to this inverted triangle? I don’t know, let’s take a look.


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