Homesteading-A Peaceful Way to Destroy Corporate America

As pioneers made the trek across America, they often set up a homestead once they found their plot of land and claimed ownership of it. This homesteading was done as a way to set up a sustainable living environment where families could produce their own food and resources to live before there were grocery and convenience stores to provide the necessities of life. These homesteads were founded out of necessity.

As time progressed, the need for these homesteads was diminished, as towns sprung up and with them, the convenience of stores and businesses who could provide what the people needed to live. Fast-forward to today, and society is about as far away from sustainability as can be. We live off of processed foods, vegetables that have been genetically engineered, and animal products that are produced in appalling conditions and under even more appalling circumstances. This is exactly the way that the powers- that-be (primarily the large corporations and government corporate-interests) want it to be.

We don’t have to accept this. We all have the option of growing our own food and exploring alternatives to these ways of living. Even in todays inner-city, homesteading is not out of reach. Container gardening is possible in small apartments. Canning and preserving these fruits and vegetables prevents buying produce with preservatives and additives. Many towns allow keeping chickens within the city limits. This is a fabulous way to ensure that your eggs are coming from a reliable and humane place. Using rain barrels to collect rainwater is a great way to water your plants and garden and help cut down on excessive water usage, in addition to saving money. Growing herbs and making tinctures and teas is a great way to treat ailments when you would normally have to bow to the pharmaceutical overlords.

It may not seem like you are doing that much by implementing these homesteading methods into your daily life, but it is doing more good than you realize. Every dollar that you spend on producing your own food or moving away from Corporate America is a dollar that is not going into a fat-cats bank roll. It is up to us to take these small steps to moving away from the source of the problem. I am just now starting my homesteading journey and am still very much a novice, but am learning more by the day. Together, we CAN make a difference!



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