The Beginning of Light: A Poem

The beginning of light starts from a spark of interest

You may not know from whence it came, but if you look into it it will overcome you

As your eyes are covered and your other senses take over a world of wonderment leads you on

Your faith will guide you and you should have no fear

As you travel the path to wisdom you will make several circumambulations

This will show you the path of your body and the cosmos

When you finally come to rest, the truths of the ages will be submitted for your taking

You took an obligation as a way to show your worthiness of receiving great knowledge and as you do you should feel your consciousness lift up off the floor

When the lights came up and all your senses are returned to you you discover the order of the universe

This is the first step in climbing the ladder to that Celestial Lodge

Keep climbing and you will reach it


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