Sacred Geometry, Modern Religion and the Mysteries Traditions

The tradition of Sacred Geometry holds the answers to many of the mysteries of nature and creation. Used to some degree in almost every ancient religious tradition and mystery tradition, Sacred Geometry describes the genesis of nature and the universe in 2 dimensional designs. Things like the Vesica Piscis, Flower of Life, and Metatron’s Cube are all Sacred Geometric designs that depict specific patterns of generation. The Vesica Piscis can be seen everywhere in nature. From the shape of our eyes, leaves on trees, female genitalia, the shape made when cells divide, to the shape made in space when a supernova occurs, it is everywhere. The design of Metatron’ Cube depicts the formation of all of the Platonic Solids if it is designed in 3 dimensions. The Flower of Life depicts the pattern of cell development everywhere in nature. Is it any wonder then, that these designs are considered sacred?

The shocking discovery that one makes when finding out about this sacred art form is the fact that it is hidden from society! Religious and mystery traditions have displayed Sacred Geometry in their teachings for those with eyes to see them for centuries. Sacred Geometry is there, but one must know to look for it to find it. Why then, has this liberating knowledge been held back from the masses? The initiated may say that it is to keep powerful information from falling into the wrong hands. This is what the Mystery schools taught with their secretive teachings. I have no doubt that at one time, that was the case. However, in todays world of easy-to-access information, it is there for the taking to anyone who wants it.

Mainstream religion has purposely obscured and downplayed the fact that it is even worth mentioning. Why is this? The reason is simple. Discovering information like this will lead to the enlightenment of the individual and to their liberation. Somewhere back down the line of history, this sacred knowledge was obscured to everyone. With the censorship of religious texts and images, the misleading and misinformation spread by education and religion, and by the hoarding of the information by the power-hungry elite, this information has been hacked and hidden to humanity. It is now becoming more widely known and accepted, but is still downplayed by the prominent powers that be in our world.

The big question, is when did the usurping of this knowledge occur? This is up for debate of course. Christianity, which was in essence based on pagan solar religions, took the Vesica Piscis and made it a symbol of Christ as the Ichthys or “Jesus Fish“. While I am sure that Christ knew the significance of the Vesica Piscis, todays world would never know it for more than a Christian symbol. I believe that this obscuration was done intentionally by the powers of the Church to lead it’s followers astray or to divert attention from it’s true meaning. It’s not that the Ichthys is without it’s own meaning and merit, it’s just that by using this design, it has been forever obscured to most people.

Another example of obscuration is in the traditions of Freemasonry. The ancient stonemasons intentionally included Sacred Geometry in their designs to illuminate the mind and to pay homage to Deity. You can see the Vesica Piscis, Flower of Life, and many other amazing geometric designs in all of the classic cathedrals. The obscuration seems to have happened somewhere down the line when Operative Stonemasonry transitioned into it’s modern form of Speculative Freemasonry. When observing older, more ancient Masonic symbols and ritual, it is clear that Sacred Geometry is there. Why then, as a modern Freemason, are we told nothing about Sacred Geometry. Geometry itself is mentioned and is an important part of Speculative Masonry, but Sacred Geometry is not mentioned as such and there is only minor allusion to geometry and nature in one lecture. Many Freemasons are either completely ignorant of Sacred Geometry, or don’t see it as having much significance.

This is troubling to the truth seeker who joins the Craft. Many conspiracy theorists believe that somewhere down the line, Masonry may have been infiltrated by the Illuminati or some other organization with ill intent. Could this be the reason for the downplaying of the significance of Sacred Geometry within Masonry? It seems a real possibility; however, most Masons will say that the Illuminati and it’s influence on the Craft no longer exists. Why has this information been left out of textbooks and education and distorted by popular religion as well? I propose the question to those out there with a discerning mind: has this knowledge been kept from us by dark powers, and if so, what are we going to do to change that?


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