How the Mystery Traditions Can Liberate Us from Enslavement

The enslavement of humanity is rampant. We are basically kept and herded like cattle to the slaughter. What is it that makes us so easy to control? The answer is fear.

Fear is something that is felt by all living creatures. The one major difference between us and other animals is fear of the future, fear of death, the unknown. Other animals don’t have this same fear of death or the unknown. They are stuck in the moment and live that way. It’s not as if they don’t feel fear. All creatures feel fear when faced with a circumstance. Only the human animal seems to fear things in the future or things that may never even happen.

This is the very thing that makes mind control work so powerfully. This concept of breeding fear within our minds. The human mind is a powerful thing. Tell someone that they are sick when they are not, and the person will make themselves sick by focusing on the idea. They will become physically ill just by thinking about being sick.

The same thing can be done by brainwashing by the media, schools, religion, etc. These institutions that are supposed to educate can also be used to control us. Just think about this concept for a moment. Think about the way in which war and terrorism is used in our very own American media to make us fear for our lives, to mistrust things we don’t understand, and cause
us to escalate our own hatred toward others! If we are made to live in fear of something, we will do anything we are told. 9-11 is a perfect example of this. A highly improbable story told to us by our media and government had the American public following George W. Bush like a lost puppy dog.

Knowing all of this, it is up to us to break these chains of mental oppression. How can we do this? It is no easy task to overcome this brainwashing. One fantastic method of doing just that, is to study the Mystery traditions. Why you ask? What do these traditions have that liberate us? There are many things, but right now we are going to focus on one of them in particular.

The main reason everyone is so scared of death is that it is seen as the end. Religions talk of an afterlife, but there are always stipulations and dogmas that come into play. To most Western religious traditions, only certain people are admitted to the afterlife or Heaven. The rest spend eternity in Hell . Science talks about energy and matter, but is always at odds with spirituality. According to traditional scientists, since Spirit is not a tangible thing, it can’t physically exist. Both views give us a pretty bleak outlook on the future.

When a person is exposed to Mystery teachings, they become aware of Sacred Geometry, looking at the whole, and most importantly for this discussion, the immortality of the soul. The body may die and wither away, but your soul enters the ether of energy and is eternal. All energy continually cycles through the Universe. When one discovers this, fear of death can be let go of. Traditions like Freemasonry for example, include this in their teachings. One of the first things a man is told, before taking his first degree of Entered Apprentice is that he is making his transition from time to eternity. Quite a nice thought! There are plenty of reminders of mortality within the Mysteries, but they are always followed up with reminders of our souls immortality. This helps the individual go within themselves and not only learn to appreciate the present, but also helps clear out the fear of death. This fear of death is the controllers #1 mind-control device!

Many are awakening to a new way of thinking and viewing our reality. Consciousness is coming into fruition. The Mysteries are just one of the many paths to enlightenment, but they are a fantastic tool. A tool that when used properly can throw a giant monkey wrench into the controllers machine!


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