The Alternative Media: Providing Our Wake Up Call

Let’s just face it, our government and our media are not to be trusted. There is just way too much corporate funding and influence that goes into both parties. Ever wonder why you never hear news stories about companies like Monsanto? Or why our government and the FDA are so reluctant to put labels on food warning us of genetically modified and/or harmful ingredients? It all boils down to big money from big corporations. Only the rich can be elected to office in today’s political world and our media is run and funded by a small handful of corporations. These corporations have a huge say in what makes it into our news. How is possible then, that we could have unbiased news sources? One of the goals of the mainstream media is to divert our attention away from what is actually going on in our own country by talking about problems in other parts of the world. Another tactic, is to spread fear and propaganda to keep us all frightened and to keep us from acting out or speaking up against what is going on. Thankfully, with the Internet we are able to find a lot of non-corporate funded media outlets. Since these media outlets don’t have their hand in the corporate pocketbook, they are more likely to print the stories that the mainstream media won’t touch. This is of course, to our benefit. Not all of these alternative media outlets are completely accurate or to be trusted, but at least they’re not being funded by the corporations that control our country. That makes them more trustworthy (in my book anyway.)

One great source of alternative media is Democracy Now!. Started in 1996, Democracy Now! has striven to be an outlet for news that gets purposely phased out of the mainstream. Hosts Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales lead the way on this outstanding project.

Another great source for alternative media is RT America. RT presents an alternative news outlet which isn’t afraid to take on mainstream news. The show “Breaking the Set” is an especially powerful news program featuring Abby Martin, among others.

Yet another great source, is Alternet. Alternet is a division of Independent News Institute, which started in 1998. They present a wide array of stories about corporate corruption, environmentalism, and civil liberties. This website has it all.

These are just a few examples of some of the great media alternatives available with a simple web search. Since there is very little opportunity out there to get real news from the mainstream media, we must look elsewhere. I am not saying that I agree with everything on these sites, nor am I condoning everything that they say with their articles. I am just presenting these examples in the hopes that you will search on your own and find the truth. We all know that media backed by corporate interests is going to be biased whether it’s evident or not.


Other great alternative media sites:

Think Progress

The Free Thought Project

Necessary Dissent

The Guardian

Sacred Stone Camp

Pink News

Global Research

The Anti-Media


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