The Seven Hermetic Principles-The Principle of Polarity

Everything is dual. Everything has two poles.  This principle states that everything that we experience is polarized. Everything has a positive and a negative pole. This is true of the physical as well as metaphysical world. These poles are separated only by varying degrees of vibration.  Some examples would be things like hot and cold, dull and sharp, love and hate.

Though these things may seem to oppose one another, if we take a closer look, we will see that they are intrinsically linked and only separated by degrees. Hot and cold are only separated by varying degrees of vibration. They are both just degrees of the same thing. There is no absolute hot or absolute cold. There are only varying degrees of heat. Love and hate follows the principle as well. Though difficult to see at first, love and hate are only separated by degrees. Like and dislike bridge the gaps. As we explore this idea, we will see that there are no absolutes.  There are always varying degrees that prevent an absolute of anything.

It is possible to change the polarity of a physical object by changing it’s vibration or by working it toward it’s negative or positive pole.  This is possible in the mental realms as well, and this is where real important change can occur. It’s in the actual mental utilization of polarizing on the positive end of a pole that mental transmutation may occur.  By polarizing ones thoughts on the positive pole, it is possible for the individual to overcome negative situations and mental states that would normally overtake them and leave them stuck in a negative place.  By polarizing to the positive pole on the mental plane, an individual can overcome certain destructive tendencies of human emotion and keep their life in balance.  This is the most powerful tool of the self-master, a tool for keeping those destructive (animalistic) emotions in check and not letting them rule over ones self.  It is these emotions that cause the individual to fall into destructive tendencies like anger, hatred, jealousy, and self-absorption.

It is the overcoming of these lower emotions that allows the spiritual seeker to advance on the path of self-mastery and to raise their vibration so that they may eventually overcome the material realm and ascend to higher planes of manifestation.


4 thoughts on “The Seven Hermetic Principles-The Principle of Polarity

  1. I concur. Light and dark is the other major one that comes to mind, and I am appreciating this entry for opening me to thinking about the varying degrees and lack of absolutes. To me, some things recently have seemed shrouded in darkness, but it was only relative. Bringing a brighter light helped to lighten the whole deal, but only by illuminating the SUPREMELY brighter truth that was already there. Does that hold with what you are teaching?

    • Absolutely! It’s easy to focus on the negative pole of something and to let it rule your thoughts. If you can draw your mental attention away from the darkness. You will see that the light is always present. A great analogy is the sky. In the daytime, it is brightly lit by the sun, but the distant stars are not visible. We know though that they are still out there. At night, our part of the world is faced away from the direct sun rays. It is dark. However, the sun is still present and illuminating the moon providing light. The stars shine brilliantly. The light is still present, but in ways not visible during the day with the sun shining brightly and obscuring them.

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