Venus Rising — Revisited


Right as dusk is overtaken by the night, a bright object becomes strikingly visible in the sky. What is that radiant object on the western horizon that shines like a star? Is it a star? Actually, no. It is the planet of Venus in it’s most visible state of the year. During the month of […]

I wanted to revisit this post so that I could link this great article that I found. More Light…

Lucifer-The Greatly Misunderstood

via Venus Rising — The Point of a Sharp Instru ment

One thought on “Venus Rising — Revisited

  1. Fascinating. I’m not sure how well this would go over with the many people I know, clinging to Luciferian threats to parent their children and make decisions about what they can get away with as they stray further and further from morality. Great share- thank you.

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