What’s the Point?

Welcome everyone, to The Point of a Sharp Instrument, a blog about expanding consciousness and awakening. This blog will feature opinions on the political, esoteric, spiritual, and occult aspects of life on Earth. It will also feature links to related sites and videos that are representative of the ongoing shift in consciousness affecting us all. The goal of this blog is to pierce the veils that obscure our view of the truth and keep us in perpetual darkness.


4 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. Keep up the good work 😀
    It is time the pendulum started to shift back towards light.
    Let’s see how the human species deals with Truth ( because we sure have made a total pigs ear of things by encouraging ignorance ).
    I’m new to your Blog and haven’t had much time for perusal but at the moment I’m looking at Hermetic Principle and Natural Law… got any good articles you can point me towards?
    Many Thanks and Be Well

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