Meme Chaos Magic and the Age of Trump

The election of Donald Trump is still baffling to many of us, to this day. How could an obvious con man get elected to the highest office in the land? How could so many people still support him after watching him speak or learning of his countless controversies? The answer to this question is not simple. Some of it was due to low voter turn out. Some was due to people being sick of politicians. They wanted to go with an outsider. Some considered him to be a great businessman (despite his many failed businesses, etc.), and some actually like the hate-filled rhetoric that he was spewing at his rallies. Of course, there was the Russian infiltration as well. Was there more than that, even? According to author Gary Lachman, there was.

In Lachman’s book “Dark Star Rising-Magick and Power in the Age of Trump”, he theorizes that the Alt-Right used site like 4 Chan and Reddit to spread propaganda in the form of memes. They used this propaganda that was target toward young, white men to steer them towards right wing causes and Donald Trump. We have now seen what Russia did on Facebook and Twitter to spread misinformation to tilt the election in the favor of Trump, but not many people realize how potent this “meme magic” was.  Most people scoff at the Alt-Right as being a bunch of mis-informed, young white men, and it may be by-and-large. However at it’s core, there are some people that are educated and understand the power of propaganda.

Meme’s are a powerful way to stir up emotions, without even needing much thought or content. Place an anger-inducing image with a short slogan, and it causes emotions to be triggered. The information on the meme doesn’t have to be accurate (and often isn’t), but it will have the desired effect on the viewer. In a sense, the will of the viewer is focused in a certain direction by the meme and a certain outcome can be the end result of this. Many young men were steered toward voting for Trump that probably wouldn’t have even bothered to vote in the election at all. It may have very well been the straw that broke the camel’s back. ]

The internet has given us a gateway to unlimited amounts of information that used to take time and effort to obtain. In this, the internet is a powerful tool for good. The other side to this, however, is that it has also provided an extremely powerful tool for propagandists and for spreading misinformation. Like esoteric symbols have an effect on the viewer regardless of whether or not the viewer understands what they are looking at, memes have an effect on our subconscious, whether the information they contain is true or not. Herein lies their power of the memes and their chaos magic. The end result of this magic was the election of the most unpopular president in the history of our country. For more information on this topic, check out the linked articles below.


Donald Trump’s “chaos magic”

Trolls for Trump

World War Meme


Here is an example of meme magic that the Alt-Right uses for propaganda. Here we see a whole cast and crew of right wing, conservative personalities. The word “Deplorable” has been co-opted and converted into a badge of honor. The faces of Trump and his cohorts have been added to the bodies of super heroes, thus transforming their humanness into something superhuman. The people in this image are made to appear cool, powerful, and fierce, and front and center is Donald Trump as the leader.


Hypatia-The forgotten philosopher

Hypatia of Alexandria was the greatest female philosopher of her time and one of the greatest of all time. Little is known about her and she is often overlooked in comparison to her male contemporaries. In a field dominated by men, women are often looked at as inferior. Hypatia however, was so prolific that she was put in charge of the Platonist School in Alexandria around 400 AD. She was a master of mathematics and astronomy and was loyal to the Platonic teachings. She lived a life of virtue and celibacy and was well admired by her peers. Unfortunately, she was murdered by religious zealots who accused her of being evil for having incorporated some pagan religious philosophies into her teaching. Her mystique is mostly lost to antiquity, but she was a maverick in a field dominated by patriarchy. Please check out the linked article below for more information on this beautiful soul and human being.


Hypatia of Alexandria



The Seven Hermetic Priciples-The Priciple of Vibration

Vibrations all around. The Priciple of Vibration states that everything we see is made up of vibrating energy. Matter, spirit, light, heat, mental states, etc. all of these are merely functions of vibrational energy.

Science is rapidly coming to the same conclusion. Vibration exists at every level of manifestation. At the atomic level we find vibrations within the atom as electrons orbit the nucleus. Light comes to us in the form of vibrations, as does sound. As the vibrational rate increases, the object or thing changes.

The Principle of Vibration states that the different rates of vibration create all of the different manifestations in the universe. It also states that the differences between things are based on varying rates of vibration. This is true not only of matter, but of thoughts, and of the realm of force as well. At every level, varying degrees of vibration. The principle also states that our evolution through various states is based upon the constant increase in our vibrational velocity. It is stated that gross forms of matter are at a low vibration. As the vibration is raised, the constitution of the matter changes. It mounts up a successive scale of hierarchy. From the mineral, to the vegetable, to animal, to human (higher animal form). Our minds contain the next level of vibration in the form of thoughts and bridge vibration to the next level: spirit. As the thought vibrations rise in velocity, the leave the thought realm and become spirit. Eventually, the spirit vibrations become so rapid that they merge with the vibration of the All and have returned to source.

In the process of perfecting the self, one’s vibration is raised and the individual therefore become closer to spirit and leaves the realm of matter (metaphorically speaking). In doing so, they become closer to spirit and the consciousness is raised to a new level.

The master of self can also change the state of the universe through the power of mental vibration. As the universe is mental in nature, changing one’s own mental vibration also changes the state of the universe.

With the concepts stated above, it becomes clear that the principle of vibration is not only extremely important to our modern scientific understanding, but equally important as a definition of the power of the self. Study this principle on detail and many pre-existing veils will begin to fall.

Water patterns image - sound therapy page_edited

Birth-A Natural, Peaceful Approach

In my latest installment, I would like to do something a little different and tell everyone a story while providing a bit of insight as well. It’s been a little while since I was able to write a new blog, the reason being that my wife and I just had our first child.

We opted for a home birth for many reasons, not the least being our distrust of the medical industry. We knew that birth is a natural human function and rarely requires medical intervention.  We as a society have certainly have been brainwashed to believe the opposite of this, however. We are told that birth is very risky, difficult, and downright dangerous. I can’t tell you how many times I was asked “what are you going to do if something goes wrong?” as if it was a given that something would go wrong. We trusted in the power of the universe that everything would go fine and it did. The most rewarding and powerful part of the experience was that our daughter was brought into this world in peaceful and comfortable conditions. A peace that I am confident will remain a part of her for life.

We contacted a midwife who had been helping mothers birth at home for over 30 years. She was very much in sync with us and our beliefs about birth as well as politics and life in general. She was well aware of the way in which birth is handled by the medical industry who treats it as a medical procedure rather than a natural process, choosing to intervene  and do things their way rather than what’s comfortable to the mother, father and baby. Also refusing to let nature work rather than trying to control it.  I could go on ad finitum about all of the problems that I have with the American medical industry, but I’ll save that for another time.

Needless to say, my wife and I were exstatic the day that her contractions began. The long wait to meet our baby would soon be over! The contractions began in earnest on the evening of June 2nd, consequently the night of the full Strawberry Moon. We called our midwife around 11pm and she was there within an hour. She got everything set up around the house to accommodate us. My wife’s contractions were coming in powerful waves and she was focusing on manifesting the baby. Our midwife told her to focus on finding her “center” to help the process. This was extremely important in the whole birthing process as we were not only trying to make sure that my wife stay focused on staying on task, but also because bringing the baby from one plane of existence to the other is akin to crossing the event horizon. In order to cross over from one plane to another involves finding the center of that existence and crossing over.

My goal during labor was to be as supportive as I could and to give encouragement. My wife moved about our tiny house to various locations seeking comfort. I thought to myself that this moving around would not have been a possibility in a hospital setting. She would have been confined to a bed, with various strangers popping in and out of the room. Not a comfortable, peaceful experience for sure! Laboring in the home not only provided comfortable surroundings, but we also knew where everything that we needed was located and were not at the mercy of a doctor or nurse. It was altogether a fabulous experience. An experience that we will never forget. My instincts tell me that a hospital birth would be unforgettable as well, but certain aspects of it we would wish that we could forget. Our beautiful daughter came into this world in our peaceful home without the added duress of the hospital setting. When a last minute minor emergency arose (our baby had some merconium aspiration), our experienced midwife acted quickly and removed the fluid from our babies lungs with the accuracy of a surgeon. Our baby was safe and beautiful, breathing and crying out. I’ve never heard a sweeter sound. An amazing moment in our lives! June 3rd. What a magical day!

I know that there are times when Western medicine is a great thing. Injuries, illnesses, dire emergencies, etc. I am truly glad that we as a society have the technology that we do. The fact of the matter though is that the majority of births are safe and can be handled at home. The medical industry has used just about every trick in the book to brainwash the public otherwise, but those who can see through the b.s. should take their birthing rights back and keep their money out of the greedy pockets of the medical industry. This is just one of many ways we can fight the corrupt system. Trust in the universe, God, and your body. Together they will all make great things happen. A peaceful birth will manifest peace within that child that will last a lifetime and beyond!

For more great information on this topic, check out “The Business of Being Born”


Spiral Symbolism in Freemasonry-The Shape of Genesis

Of all geometric shapes, the spiral is one of the most intriguing and symbolic. It is often used to portray a gateway or portal, or a symbol of cycles. The spiral is a line that starts at a point and curves inward in a circular motion. The line never touches itself as it goes inward or outward depending on how you look at it. It represents an inward journey and the uncertainty of what is ahead. The spiral in motion is at the core of the cosmos and the formation of the world as we know it. It is the essence of life and the generative principle. Freemasonry is the perpetuation of the Mystery Schools that taught the secrets of the universe. Many of those same keys are contained within the rich symbolic content of the Craft, and the spiral is no exception.

Operative Masons in antiquity incorporated sacred geometry into their designs. This type of geometry was believed to imbue the edifice with power and connect it with the Divine. These sacred geometric shapes and patterns are not only appealing to the eye, but have a psychological effect on those who view them. The shapes used in Sacred Geometry are the shapes of nature and are contained within all genetic codes. The spiral pattern was present, not only in the decoration of many historic edifices, but was present in their construction as well. Many great cathedrals housed spiral staircases going up to the dome or upper levels of the structure. This staircase was representative of life’s journey and was meant to represent Jacob’s ladder extending from earth to the Heavens. When someone ascends this spiral stair the view of what lies ahead is obscured and the outcome is unknown. Just like the journey of life and the awakening of the soul.

The most obvious representation of the spiral in nature is found in what is know as the Fibonacci Sequence. The sequence was discovered by and named after Leonardo of Pisa, who was know as Fibonacci. The concept was first published in the book Liber Abaci in 1202. However, this concept may have been understood even earlier, as it has been found in early eastern texts and Indian mathematics. The sequence is a mathematical depiction of genetic reproduction in nature. This spiral pattern that the Fibonacci sequence forms is most obvious on the shell of a snail or a nautilus, but is also prominent in the growth patterns of the pineapple and pine cone. In fact, this spiral is everywhere in nature.

We learn from new advances in vortex mathematics that the spiral is possibly the creation force of the universe itself. The Toroid, is a spiraling vortex that has no begging or end. It is shaped like a donut and has a hole in the center, or a point of singularity. This vortex is the shape that makes up black holes, and supernovas, and may be the shape of our universe. It is like the womb of our great astral mother who birthed the universe. This toroid shape is thought to be the shape of the vibrations put off by the human body as well. It too is present everywhere in nature and the cosmos. As a black hole may be the passage to another universe, we can see that this spiraling motion may be the key understanding the fingerprint of the Creator. It may also be a clue to the portals between dimensions.

Light and sound waves travel in spiral patterns from their source to their destination. As quantum physics has described, all matter is not solid, but it made up of vibrating particles. At the essence of matter itself is the spiral. The genesis of our cells form in a spiral pattern as each cell is attached to the one in front of it. The Seed of Life, is the sacred geometric representation of this genetic code. It is formed by concentric circles that move outward in a spiraling motion. These interlocking circles form several other important sacred geometric shapes as the Seed of Life takes shape. The cells in the body work in a similar manner when reproducing. Circular, bubble shaped particles reproduce each other in a spiraling motion as the grow to form the matter they are producing. This production is on the micro level, but is mirrored in the macro level as well. As we look deep into space at constellations of stars, we see these same spiraling shapes formed by the galaxies and their contents. The spiral truly is the shape of all matter. It is the shape of our DNA. Our genetic identification code. As above, So Below indeed!

So, you may be asking yourself at this point, “what does any of this have to do with Freemasonry?” Aside from the designs of the Operative Masons, no examples have been given. We will now examine Masonic symbolism to see if we can find any spirals. First off, we can start with the most obvious Masonic symbol of all. The Square and Compasses and the letter G in the center. The letter G itself is a spiral shape. It is the seventh letter of the alphabet, which holds a mystical significance in numerology. The letter G is the first letter of God, Geometry, and Genesis. The beginning of it all. This spiraling shape immediately draws the eye into the center of the Square and Compasses to the heart of Masonry. Geometry and the Grand Architect of the Universe. This is the heart of Freemasonry. The G is at the center of it all, and it is itself a doorway. A doorway to path to enlightenment. The letter G was added to the Square and Compasses symbol after the Craft had already been flourishing for a long time, but was one of the only major additions or changes that has been made to it since. The significance of the letter G is gone into in great detail in Paul Foster Case’s groundbreaking work The Masonic Letter G. This work is highly recommended if you would like to learn more.

There is yet another spiral relation with the Square and Compasses that is not so obvious, but even more deeply symbolic and mind-boggling. Vortex mathematics is a relatively new type of mathematics and is still in it’s relative infancy. However, this form of mathematics may be the future of modern science. This mathematical formula describes a vortex that is known as a Torus. This donut shaped vortex is thought to be the shape of energy itself and may explain the true shape of the universe. In the Youtube video Randy Powell: Intro to Vortex Math. Randy discusses the concept of Vortex Math and shows in a 2 dimensional demonstration the way that this simple, yet perplexing system works. It uses a a small group of basic numbers (1 through 9) to show the relationships of the numbers and the way that they all effect one another. These multiples create doubling and a spiraling vortex that is the shape of energy itself. This concept was originally used in electronic coils to pass energy, but it has only recently been perfected numerically. These new coils could revolutionize all technology. The 2 dimensional version of the diagram shows lines connecting the numbers to one another. It doesn’t take long to realize what the shape is that is created by these lines. They form the exact shape of the two interlocking shapes that form the Square and Compasses. This shape, formed by two interlocking triangles symbolizes the convergence of heaven and earth which is the basic concept conveyed by all Western Esoteric systems. The Square and Compasses form a 2 dimensional representation of Genesis itself!

Another important spiral symbol used in Masonry is the flight of winding stairs that are referred to during the Fellowcraft degree. These stairs are used to teach lessons about critical thinking, the liberal arts and sciences, orders of architecture and the 5 senses. This staircase is also representative of the journey of life and of learning. Each turn of the winding staircase reveals a view that was obscured before. What’s ahead is clearly a mystery and must be approached with discernment. This ascent up the stairs is also representative of the advancement of Masonic knowledge that the candidate gains on their journey to light.

Spiral patterns are present in Masonic floor work as well. As the officers move about the lodge and traverse the room, the patterns they make are often in right-angled spirals. As the initiate is taken around the room during a degree, he makes circumambulations around the altar before he finally ends up in the center of the room at the altar. The pattern is representative of the Earth’s rotation around the sun and the process of passing time. It is also representative of a journey inward; a journey into ourselves.

Cultures and civilizations the world over have depicted various spiral patterns in their art works and decor. They understood this esoteric concept of the universe being ruled by certain geometric patterns and shapes. Freemasonry is a perpetuation of these great secrets. Secrets that teach us the meaning of life and show us the patterns that tie everything together. The mysteries of Masonry are passed along to us now in their (mostly) unaltered form. They have been passed down since time immemorial to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. We must take the journey inward, like that of the spiral and discover our destiny. On our journey to Masonic light, we must look at all of the details, or we may miss the bigger picture altogether.








Vortex Mathematics-The Mathematical Description of Creation?

Discovered by Marko Rodin, Vortex Mathematics describes the dynamics of the Torus. As we know, everything in nature moves in a toroidal motion. Everything from the galaxies to weather patterns move in a constant contraction and expansion motion. This toroidal vortex may be an even larger part of the whole that we currently realize. It may be a part of everything down to the atomic level or beyond. Vortex mathematics describes the dynamics of the torus in a way never done before.

Researcher and mathematician, Randy Powell has taken Vortex Math to a new level. Incorporating a mathematical pattern that uses the basic aspects of numerology and Gematria, this system based on numbers 1 through 9 maps out the vortex. It is a simple process of doubling,which is also exactly the way that nature produces (i.e. dividing of cells-1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, etc.). It also incorporates reduction (i.e. 10 reduces to 1, 14 reduces to 5, etc.) Those familiar with esoteric traditions will certainly be familiar with this process of reduction.

While searching for the mathematical depiction of the name of God, Randy found his answer in the Bahai faith. This discovery as well as working with Marko Rodin’s concepts led Powell to his new concepts in Vortex Mathematics. In the video links above, Powell goes into detail and describes how this math works and how it relates to Universe and to ancient mystical and mystery traditions. Hope you enjoy!

Orgonite-Kryptonite of the New World Order?

In 1940, Psychoanalyst Willhelm Reich began building The Orgone Accumulator. His concept was that the device could harness etheric energy to help heal the sick. His Orgone Accumulator box, consisted of multiple layers of both organic and inorganic materials. The large wooden box (large enough for a person to sit in) had layers of organic, alternating with a layers of inorganic materials, and was lined with steel. The concept was that when someone sat inside it, positive Orgone energy would accumulate inside and the person would heal. Reports indicate that he was having a lot of success with the accumulator. Then, in 1956, the FDA filed an injunction against Reich and his work was ordered to be destroyed. They claimed that Reich was making unfounded claims about the Accumulator and it’s healing properties. Why his work was really ordered to be destroyed is still up for debate. Why did the FDA feel that all of his research needed to be destroyed? Seems a bit harsh to me. They could have simply ordered him to stop production and testing. Many people feel that it was a blatant act of censorship. I tend to agree.

Various individuals continued to champion Reich’s work after his death and censorship. One such individual is Don Croft. Don has developed a new and improved method of working with Orgone. He has created a device called Orgonite. A combination of metal shavings, polyester resin, and a quartz crystal, Orgonite is a compact version of an Orgone Accumulator. What started as an experiment has turned into a world-wide phenomenon. The Orgonite device, transmutes D.O.R.(deadly Orgone radiation) into positive energy. Croft created the term “gifting” in reference to Orgonite, which includes placing Orgonite devices (called “Tower Busters”) near sources of radiation (such as cell towers), and in areas full of negative energy. Croft believes that the D.O.R. created by these cell towers can be neutralized with the placing of Orgonite. Many people feel that this inundation of radiation is done intentionally by the powers that be and is keeping humanity sick, and lethargic. People all over the world are now taking part in this gifting movement.

Making Orgonite is easy, fun, and transformative. Polyester resin can be purchased at hobby stores, or auto parts stores. Metal shavings can be obtained from local machine shops or purchased online. Quartz crystals are very easy to obtain from rock and mineral stores, or from New Age shops. The mold that the resin can be poured into can be something as simple as a muffin tin.

Here is a quick and easy guide to making Tower Busters:

1.) Take a muffin tin (one that you don’t want to use for muffins later…)
2.) Grease the muffin cups with some sort of oil (cooking oil will do)
3.) Put metal shavings in the bottom of the muffin cup (you call also use things like cut up metal scrubbers, or b.b.’s)
4.) Place a quartz crystal on top of, or pressed down into the metal (you can wrap the crystal in conductive wire for a more powerful device).
5.) Mix resin according to the directions included with the resin.
6.) Pour the resin over the top of the metal and crystal. Make sure to cover it entirely.
7.) Let the Orgonite cure (preferably in the sun or outside) for 48 hours.
8.) Enjoy your beautiful new Orgonite device, or gift the nearest cell tower!

Here are a few pics of of some Orgonite devices that I have created. Get creative!





Attack of the Trolls!

In this Golden Age of information availability on the World Wide Web, it seems there is a new enemy of truth. Hiding anonymously behind a pseudonym or a fake personality is the Internet Troll. Everyone assumes that the Internet Troll is just a regular Joe like you or me, and in most cases they are. However, In some cases this couldn’t be further from the truth of who they actually are.

Why do these trolls spew so much hatred and discontent via message boards and comment sections on various websites? Reading the comments on many websites, makes you really question the mentality of the individuals who post these things. They just seem too vile to be real. Could it be, that they are not real? Or that they are individuals paid by the dark power elite in our world (corporations and the government…) to spread misinformation and hatred across one of the last free and true sources of information we have?

As I was pondering this question, I came across this news story and video:

It turns out that there really are people getting paid to cause trouble on websites and steer people away from important information. This is really no surprise to me, but it is rather frightening and concerning. Not only are they creating fake personalities to submit comments, they are creating multiple personalities using multiple accounts in what has gained the term sock puppet accounts!

If the powers that be are manipulating the Internet like this for these governmental and corporate interests, what’s to say they’re not doing the exact same thing when it comes to information on the esoteric and spiritual side of things? These teachings can help liberate us and that is what makes them dangerous.

I’ve alluded to this before in my blog on the War on Human Consciousness. The information that we’re being given access to has been tampered with.

In the last several blog posts, I have been presenting short animated cartoon shows from Spirit Science, a show about the metaphysical, esoteric, and sacred arts and their relationship to science. It seems that Spirit Science is also under attack by these Internet trolls. When reading the comments on their YouTube site, I was blown away by the negativity and hatred shown towards this peaceful and love-promoting project. Why would anyone feel the need to write an entire diatribe about how wrong the creators of Spirit Science are and how their project is a complete sham? Maybe it’s because they are getting paid or compensated in some way to do this. Take a look at this quote from reklaw samoht regarding an episode on the Chakras:

“My IQ lowered just watching the first minute of this. So basically, there are these vortexes which are in our body and depending on what ‘energy/emotions’ (Bearing in mind that emotions are not energy, they are hormonal responses in the body) and they all maintain our well being?????? If people are willing to believe this then I pity them .”

Yeah, as if people haven’t been talking about Chakras for hundreds of years, and to top it off this guy thinks he understands the entire composition of our emotions! Here’s another quote, this time from Mark Warsame:

“How about a vibrating stick up your ass fucking bullshit video lmao!”

Notice the “war” in his most likely, fake name. Nice one “Troll”!

Some other Trolling comments that I found that just seemed a little unreal, are on an episode of Brainwash Update from investigative journalist Abby Martin. Ms. Martin speaks out against many of the atrocities that our government commits as well as crimes perpetrated by large corporations. In this particular episode, she speaks out on the fluoridation of our water supply:

check out this response from a Troll that just seems a little too knowledgeable about the “good” aspects of water fluoridation:

“It is well established that adequate consumption of Fluoride (3mg/d and 4mg/d for women and men, respectively) is effective for the prevention of dental caries because of its function in apatite formation in teeth and bones, and its inhibition of S. mutans growth. (Source: 1). There is no scientific evidence that demonstrates an association, let alone causation, between fluoridation and osteosarcoma in the United States or other countries (Source: 3,4,5). Ms Martin cherry picks her information and does little to support her claims, i.e. the 1987 National Institute of Dental Research “study” which itself is not a study; but rather a survey which provides data for researchers. That data in and of itself did not examine any relationships. I don’t know which study she is referencing but the article from the Journal of the American Dental Association which examined the data provided by the survey and concluded: ” This study’s findings suggest that molars with fluorosis are more resistant to caries than are molars without fluorosis.” (Source 2). Ms Martin ignores the vast collection of data which support fluoridation and in its place concludes it is a conspiracy for corporations to make money at the expense of the nation. Yes, fluorosis is a real, dangerous concern but not at the concentration in water (0.24mg/cup). The Tolerable Upper Level of fluoride is 10mg/d for men and women 9 years and older (Source 6). Let’s call it like it is: do not look for health and nutrition information from someone as scientifically illiterate as Ms Martin. Fluoride is an effective micro-mineral for preventing dental carries and, at the recommended intake, is safe. I have attached my sources below and would be happy to answer any pertinent questions.”

Does this guy sound like an average consumer to you? Or perhaps someone paid by the ADA? Or perhaps just a confused dental student who has been misled by a corporate-funded educational system. It’s hard to say. The fact of the matter is, this comment fails to mention the real issue with fluoridation, which is the fact that we have no say in whether it should be put into our water system or not. It is basically forced on us by the corporations who create this industrial waste!

These are just a few short examples of some of the negative comments on these sites. I am not trying to say that I think everything that Spirit Science says is a hard fact, I just think that it’s a really great show with a great message. Or that everything in the alternative media is absolutely correct. I’m also not claiming to “know” that these particular quotes are from paid Trolls. They just seem a little too angry to me to be real, but maybe it’s just the direction our civilization is headed in. I think we should all keep an open mind to all different types of information. With all of the Internet Trolls out there spreading disinformation to the masses, it’s hard to know what to believe and this means they are doing their job perfectly. It’s our job to learn to see through these shills and their obviously purposeful use of deception! Next time you read some inflammatory comment in the comments section of a site or on a message board, just know that it may very well be from a paid Troll who wants to deceive!

The Censorship of the Internet?

In a new series of blogs, I will discuss what I believe is the usurping of, and attempted control of information on the Internet.

The internet may be one the last platforms for free speech left. But is it really free? Many alternative and radical ideas do seem to gain steam online where a financial publisher is not needed, so at first glance it seems free. The enemy of free speech is censorship and it seems to be rampant on the internet right now. This censorship; or manipulation may be a more appropriate term, is veiled and not easily noticeable unless you know what to look for. It comes in the annoying form of “debunking”, deleting and the control of what content gets released.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss one particular website; Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia service that has information about just about any topic imaginable. I believe that the proprietors of Wikipedia, are paid by (or forced by) the government or by corporations to distort or censor information on the Internet. I will present several examples of this. Again, it seems that cutting-edge political and esoteric knowledge is under attack.

Physicist, Nassim Haramein is a prime example of this censorship that I’m talking about. If you don’t already know about Nassim Haramein you must certainly check out his work. His website and foundation is called The Resonance Project. He has made some groundbreaking discoveries in the world of quantum physics and is presenting his ideas on his website and on various videos on YouTube which I have posted on my blog in the past. Apparently, he doesn’t live up to the “standards” that Wikipedia has for it’s entries. His Wiki page has been taken down several times already. (Keep in mind, that these entries can be made by anyone and submitted to Wikipedia for approval). This is what is listed for him instead of a Wiki page: Rational Wikipedia. What a smear campaign! (RationalWiki is not affiliated with Wikipedia by-the-way .)

Nassim is not the only one getting shut out by Wiki. Radical journalist, Abby Martin spoke out recently about her Wiki page censorship.

It seems that powers in high places don’t want us to have access to powerful alternative information like Martin and Haramein have to offer. Wikipedia tries to play these things off by stating that the individuals are not reputable enough. As if a lot of the horribly incorrect information that gets posted on there is credible or reputable!

Another example of Wikipedia’s stranglehold on its information is represented by this quote from researcher Jim Fetzer

“Wikipedia: What it Doesn’t Say:
I have just spent several frustrating hours trying to revise and improve the entry on “Scholars for 9/11 Truth”, only to discover that my rewrites were being over-ridden by someone at Wikipedia. I find that offensive. The present entry has a warning label stating, “The neutrality of this article is disputed.” From what I can discern from reviewing the “Talk Page”, persons with scant or biased knowledge of the society appear to be determining the contents. So I agree with the warning but not for the reasons that may have motivated it. ”

James H. Fetzer
Founder and Co-Chair
Scholars for 9/11 Truth

All of this, along with the fact that every page dealing with an esoteric topic, such as Sacred Geometry, Hermeticism, The Emerald Tablet, etc. are made to look foolish or presented as a purely speculation.
So, it appears that these deceptions and deletions are rampant. It becomes quickly obvious that Wikipedia is being controlled. Whether by corporate interests or the government, it’s hard to say. In any event, it is up to us as citizens seeking truth and freedom to speak out against hypocrisy like this and help keep the internet a free platform for all types of information!