Anti-Masonry. Where did it come from?

Secret societies have a way of falling under public scrutiny. Why would the activities of a society be secret from the public unless it was doing something sinister, right? This way of thinking is usually the general consensus. People tend to feel that when something is kept from public knowledge that there must be something dark and possibly even evil going on. While that might be the case for some groups (C.I.A., I’m looking in your direction…), it isn’t the case for all groups.

What people fail to understand about the secrecy within secret societies is that it serves a deeper purpose. Freemasonry, among other secret societies is the care-taker of the Ancient Mysteries. These mysteries have been passed on through various traditions since very ancient times, and have always been passed on from lip to ear. They have always included taking obligations, or oaths of secrecy.

This is due to various reasons. In more ancient times, it was done because the Church ruled with an iron fist and anything done outside of the orthodox method was considered blasphemous and punishable by torture, if not even death. Secrecy was also used to protect trade secrets.Since Freemasonry evolved from the original stonemason guilds, trade secrets were kept so that stonemasons could teach other apprentices their craft without divulging their secret methods of stone cutting and construction. Many trade secrets are still used within various labor unions to the present day. Secrecy was also used as a method of testing the initiates will power and trustworthiness. In order for someone to be trustworthy of receiving the Ancient Mysteries, they had to prove to be trustworthy with powerful knowledge.

Despite the countless sources of good information on Freemasonry, it is still considered by many to be deeply rooted in the evils of society. Anti-Masonry sprung up early and often and still exists to the present day. With the advent of the internet, the conspiracies have grown ten-fold. In the following article, the veil is lifted on these anti-masonic conspiracies and the truth can be laid to rest once and for all. Read this with an open mind and know that Freemasonry has had it’s name dragged through the mud for millennia. Know that knowledge is Light, which is what Freemasonry is providing through it’s teachings. It is a tool for good, not for evil.


An Inquiry into the Accusations of Luciferianism which present day, Continually Affront the Fraternity of Freemasons




More News on Anti-Masonry 

Anti-Masonry loses long time supporter

It appears that a long-time anti-masonry supporter has passed away. Jack Chick was an evangelical Christian from California who wrote multiple mini anti-masonic comic books among other blatantly misguided pamphlets. He was responsible for perpetuating the whole Baphomet/Satan/Freemasonry connection that haunts the Craft to this day. It’s sad to know that any religious person could put so much effort into spreading hatred and misinformation to the masses.

Jack Chick passes away


The Truth about Masonic Secrecy

Masonic secrecy is troubling to most outsiders and is the cause of much consternation to conspiracy theorists and the public alike. What is not understood is the reason for this secrecy or what it is used for.

Historically, Masonry had to keep secret it’s work because of the tyrannical powers of the Church and the government. Persecution for promoting religious freedom and radical scientific ideas was the norm. The early operative stonemasons had to keep their trade secrets. This concept carried over in a symbolic manner into Speculative Masonry. Freemasonry was kept secret for it’s mere survival. In todays world, this is no longer necessary. So why is there still secrecy involved, you may ask? The answer is simple. Secrecy is a test of character and of integrity.

When an individual becomes a Mason, they are entrusted with keys to the ancient mysteries. In fact, Masonry is the caretaker of the ancient mysteries. Mystery schools through antiquity were a means of teaching individuals an understanding of the esoteric aspects of life and of the universe. The individual receiving these truths had to be willing to undergo hardships and trials. They also had to be willing to keep secret the knowledge that they gained. This knowledge was in-fact, quite challenging to the narrow view held by society at the time. If this knowledge got into the wrong hands, it could be used for power-mongering. What is not understood about this knowledge is that it is not secret at all. Anyone who wants to learn the Masonic secrets need only look them up online, or in an expose book. The secrets are out there in the public domain. However, the truth is that these secrets mean nothing to the uninitiated and don’t seem to hold anything special. This is because it’s not about the words or handshakes, it’s about what keeping a secret does for the individual.

Secrecy is a psychological tactic used by the mystery schools to hold the individual accountable. Not accountable for any great secret truth, but accountable for their integrity and self control. The act of keeping a secret is an act of self control. A test of one’s will. This is the point of the secrecy. It is also a form of self-empowerment. The act of being able to keep a secret and overcoming temptation, gives the individual strength to overcome other vices in their life. The secret itself is not what’s important, it’s the effect that secrecy has on the psyche. This secrecy is what makes people on the outside view Masonry with contempt, but as you can see, the secrets themselves are not important.

Hopefully this brings some clarity to this controversial topic. The Masons aren’t trying to take over the world and their meetings are not springboards for political advancement. The secrets that everyone thinks that they have are unrealistic and are based purely in speculation. Some things should never be kept secret, like tyrannical moves by the government. However, secrecy that is used for gaining self control and integrity can be very beneficial. altar1902