What the Ancients Knew

What did the Ancients know, and what could this knowledge do for us?

Our modern society has made great advances in technology, medicine, and space exploration. However, we are still, in my opinion, far behind the great minds of antiquity. The Ancients knew how to tap into a part of the human mind that we have long since lost touch with. They understood that our spirit was more important than our physical being.

It is a known fact that the human mind has more potential than is used. Part of this potential is the inherent understanding of the inter-connectedness of the universe. Our modern education system has been designed to create a disharmony within the mind. A disharmony that leads to a dualistic approach to life. The average person feels no real connection to their environment or those around them. It’s every man for himself. This is a toxic belief system that has lead us into the chaos that we now find ourselves in.

The Ancients knew that everything and everyone were part of a larger whole. They understood that all actions had an equal reaction and that this should effect the decisions that we make. This concept has been sadly lost in modern society. The way we treat the planet is an excellent example of this. We let financial profit rule our decisions, despite the fact that we are witnessing the catastrophic effects of this lifestyle daily. By damaging our environment, we are hurting ourselves. The ancients would have easily understood this, yet we are in extreme denial of it.

Sacred geometry is a window into the unseen world, a logical explanation of the mysteries of nature and the cosmos, yet completely and intentionally left out of our modern curriculum. The Fibonacci sequence mathematically describes the genesis of nature, yet it is nowhere to be found in our school’s science textbooks. These concepts were understood and embraced by the ancient. These omitions cause the individual in modern society to feel further disconnected from the whole. This is the problem.

The powers-that-be want to keep us in unbalance. They don’t want us to feel connected. The understanding of our connection to the whole is our birthright. We deserve to be taught what the ancients knew. Our progression as a species is dependent upon us looking to the past for answers. The ancients clearly knew this. Why don’t we?