The Hermetic Principles and Changing the Ruling Paradigm

I consider myself to be an initiate of the Mystery Schools and know in my heart of hearts that these teachings hold the key to unlocking the true potential of the human race. Religions of all different types around the world will espouse that their way is the only way and that the others are deceived and doomed.  While I believe that some of this bias comes from ignorance, I also believe that some of it is by design. If we all live in one collective consciousness and all derive from the same Mind of the Creator, how can one group be right, while the other is wrong? The truth is is that there is no one correct path. The idea that there is only one path is one of the most damning and dangerous falsehood ever concocted that has already caused so much pain, death and despair. We have all seen the effect of religious wars over time, and still feel their effects to this very day.

Being an initiate of a Mystery School has always required taking a solemn oath to not divulge the secrets of the order. While I believe that this is mostly symbolic, it is meant to test the will of the initiate, but it may serve an even deeper purpose.  I believe that the secrets (which are usually deeply veiled) that an order holds must be pondered upon at great lengths to understand. These teachings hold great truths that are inherent to unlocking our true potential.  They hold truths about the nature of our reality that science is constantly confirming (albeit hundreds, if not thousands of years later). They hold truths about the nature of our minds and of consciousness itself, which the initiate will come to understand IS reality. These teachings hold the sublime truth that we are all part of the One and that we always have been and always will be. They hold the truth that we are Spirit that has descended into Matter, but are capable of reattaining that Spirit by living within a moral code that inspires us to help the destitute and downtrodden.  I also believe that these teachings hold the key to saving the world from this dark path that we are currently on.

The modern church system has taken the lessons of Christ at face value and has presented them to the public in a watered down, non-symbolic manner. Whether this has been done out of ignorance, or by design, has stripped the true meaning from the Word and has drawn the veil over it’s power. The modern Christian teachings have also taught us that we are sinners and flawed and the only way to be saved it to accept Christ as our personal savior. This teaching is flawed and is used to demean the individual. I truly believe that these teachings were intended to control people and keep us locked in fear and servitude. As we all derive from God, and are a part of God, how can we be eternally flawed? At one point in time, Hermeticism was considered on-par with Christianity until it was squashed, along with other non-Christian religions during the late reign of Constantine the Great. This continued on, with brief periods of time where paganism was tolerated, until the reign of Theodosius, when paganism was wholeheartedly banned and pagans were persecuted, temples were destroyed and there was an attempt to destroy all remnants of pre-Christian religion.  It is imperative that we look at religions in a different light, and approach them with equal attention. We must also look at them allegorically, as opposed to treating them as historic fact and understand that each tradition holds important moral lessons for humanity.

The Hermetic teachings as presented in the Kybalion present a very different way of looking at our bodies, our minds, and our souls than contemporary Christianity. As I have previously discussed in my series on the Seven Hermetic Principles, these seven immutable laws govern the natural and supernatural world as we know it. The seven principles in and of themselves have an exoteric and esoteric meaning, and like the mystery schools of antiquity can be understood on multiple levels. One of the most striking revelations that an individual can take away from studying them is the concept of all things existing within a singular mind, or consciousness.  Science is confirming the concept of “infinite, living mind” as it uncovers the science of consciousness and the true nature of our existence. We all derive our being from vibrations and atoms that science has yet to fully understand, but we do know that we all come from the same origin. Not only every human, but all life as we know it (and some that we don’t currently think of as life, but will in time). In coming to terms with this concept the Hermetic student realizes that despite our subtle differences in appearance and belief system, we are all truly “One”. The Principle of Polarity teaches us that though things may seem opposed, they are truly just varying degrees of one another. Applying this to our thought process can help dismantle the “us versus them” mentality. It can help us understand our adversaries and can help them understand us as well. The Principle of Mentalism informs us that we are all created by and have our being within the infinite living mind that is the Universal Mind, therefore, as we are all made of and by the same substance we are all technically one.

Living our lives with the Hermetic Principles in mind can change the way we look at other people and their belief systems. It can help us overcome the prejudices that we have lived with our whole lives and help us see the greater picture. It can help us see that we are in-fact part of God and  In a time where we are all divided, we need these Hermetic Principles now more than ever.


The Point of a Sharp Instrument-Top 10

Number 1

This is the moment you’ve all be waiting for, right? Many of you may already know which one I am going to choose as the number one post on this blog. I have linked to it multiple times as a kind of over-arching theme and though my studies have revealed some holes in my original ideas, I still stand by it. Hope you all enjoy this one and are enjoying your own journeys as much as I am enjoying mine. Thanks for reading and keep an eye open for new exciting articles coming soon to The Point of a Sharp Instrument!

The War on Human Consciousness

Helix_Nebula consciousness

Consciousness Rising

Despite the seemingly bleak situation in America after the surprising victory by reality television icon, Donald Trump. Our collective consciousness is rising. Throughout Trump’s entire campaign, he made no secret of his bigotry, sexism, racism, and xenophobia. There is a contingent of Americans that unfortunately ate this up and found him fit to vote for. In an election year where there really were no good or viable candidates, the worst outcome was inevitable. The mass consensus was that everyone wanted change and wanted someone who didn’t have political baggage. They also wanted someone who was not a Washington insider. Disillusioned by the supposed “liberal” Democratic party and it’s failure to address many of the real problems that America faced, a lot of voters turned toward the outsider.

The great awakening of human consciousness has been happening for a couple of years now, but is really ramping up. People are hitting the streets and standing up for equality in the face of adversity and are finding a connection to the divine by supporting love in the face of hatred. The consensus is that people are not happy with the state of our world. Some are voicing their displeasure by rallying behind those that are being made victims of this horrifying presidential choice. They are standing in solidarity with the groups of people that have been targeted by Trump’s hateful rhetoric. Others, are choosing to celebrate in their own hatred, and are bringing their hatred out into the public eye. This, despite it’s horrific appearance, may actually be a blessing in disguise. It is much easier to fix the problem when it becomes visible and is no longer veiled from public scrutiny.  As humanity accelerates into this new age of Aquarius, there are bound to be some growing pains.

This shift into a new Golden Age will see an end of our old way of life and the beginning of a new way of life. One that promises great change in our world. It is up to the individual if they want to come along for the ride and embrace change, or if they want to stay trapped in their old-world way of thinking. Those who have decided to embrace positive change and are working to spread love in the world have ascended up the vibratory scale and are now dwelling on the cusp of a spiritual and humanitarian breakthrough. These individuals are still somewhat residing in their animal-nature, but are on the cusp of rising above it into spirit. This vibratory shift is the step in ascension right before the lid comes off and we enter the spiritual-based half of our consciousness. These individuals who are working to spread love in this time of chaos and hatred will not be left behind when the sweeping wave of ascension comes. On the flip side of this coin, however,  you have fear-based consciousness that this election and the state of the world have really brought into the light of day. Individuals who choose to embrace this way of thinking will remain stuck in their animal-nature, with little possibility of rising above it. They are in threat to be left behind and are will continue falling further into material consciousness and suffering. With their hatred and bigotry they are promoting materialism, and animal-passion that threatens to drag others down with them. They are being driven by ignorance and are powered only by their fear and a fight-or-flight mindset. This has created a great spiritual imbalance in our world.

All of the great Mystery Traditions teach the process of overcoming the lower-self and our animal nature, and embrace a return to our Divine Nature. Religious and mystical teachings allude to the fall of humankind from a divine, spirit-balanced nature to an earthly, material-based imbalanced nature, and the need for us to raise our collective vibration back up. By doing this, we can reunite with our spirit-balanced nature that we have lost touch with. The goal of the Mysteries and of all true religious teachings is to overcome this imbalance and to live in a way that is in harmony with natural law and is driven by love. This can be done with betterment of the self through self-mastery and taming of our animal nature. This is known as “The Great Work”.  Though it is easy for many of us to become angry and frustrated with the state of our world and those who promote hatred, we must overcome these emotions and counteract them with love and mutual acceptance of all types of people. We must cast out our judgement on others and know that everyone walks a hard road in life. The Hermetic Principle of Polarity states that everything is dual and is polarized. To counter-act the strong polarization of the animal-self that our global consciousness is pulling toward right now, we must put forth our Divine Selves. Anything we can do to help our fellow creatures and the less fortunate is a great first step. We must stand in solidarity with love and equality so that we don’t all get washed away in the coming wave of ascension!




The Seven Hermetic Principles-The Principle of Correspondence

The second of the seven Hermetic principles may be the most profound. Most readers will probably be familiar with the saying, “As Above, So Below” .  This often misunderstood phrase sums up the concept behind this principle, but what does it really mean?

Explaining it is no easy task. the easiest way to explain it is to say that there is a correspondence between all of the different levels of manifestation, both physical, mental, and spiritual. But what does this mean? It means that all of manifestation eminates from the same source and therefore, there are inherent correspondences within all aspects of being. These correspondences may be physical, mental or spiritual. Or they may be all of the above at the same time.  All matter in the universe is made up of atoms which have eminated from the ether. These atoms in turn manifest all of the varying forms of matter that we see.  It goes much deeper than this however.

Researcher/physicist Nassim Haramein has determined in his studies that the mass of the universe is present within the proton of an atom: 

All of the information of the whole is contained within the singular. This is saying that all of the information in the universe is present at the atomic level. A universe worth of information within something barely visible with our most advanced equipment? A miniature universe within a particle of the whole? Yes.  You may have heard the explanation that man (humankind) is a miniature of Deity, or that God is within each of us. This is actually a literal statement! We are miniature representations of the whole. The solar system is a living being with the sun and it’s planets as it’s heart, it’s organs, etc. Our bodies contain a solar system within as well. Our sun is our hearts circulating our life giving blood throughout or bodies, akin to the way our sun radiates life sustaining heat and nutrients to solar system. Within our solar system, each planet is also a living being that is interacting with the others around it.

This balance that exists between the several layers of manifestation in our solar system is true of all other aspects of the universal whole.  This is also true of the microcosm.  With our organs are smaller universes of cells. Within them universes of atoms, etc. Each level containing high levels of organization. All connected in this invisible web of Mind from the All.  All of these planes of correspondence in turn, effect one another on multiple levels and work together and are therefore, indispensable.

This concept is also true on the mental plane of being as well.  One’s concept of self-consciousness can be broken down into multiple levels as well.  There is the I, which is the self or mental understanding of ones being.  There is also the me (physical body), that stands apart from the I.  The I controls the me as mind over body.  However the me, is the outward manifestation of the I.  It is the representation of the individual self on the physical plane.  As above (the I), so below (the me).

Understanding this concept on the familiar plane that we exist in will help us to understand the concept throughout all levels of manifestation.  It shows us the interconnectedness of each aspect of existence from the tiny to the gargantuan. It unveils our connection to the whole in a most profound way.  I encourage everyone to explore this Hermetic Principle as deeply as you can and I can assure you that you will pierce the veils around us that keep these deep truths Hermetically sealed.  These principles are the keys to the many doors of life’s greatest mysteries.


The Beginning of Light: A Poem

The beginning of light starts from a spark of interest

You may not know from whence it came, but if you look into it it will overcome you

As your eyes are covered and your other senses take over a world of wonderment leads you on

Your faith will guide you and you should have no fear

As you travel the path to wisdom you will make several circumambulations

This will show you the path of your body and the cosmos

When you finally come to rest, the truths of the ages will be submitted for your taking

You took an obligation as a way to show your worthiness of receiving great knowledge and as you do you should feel your consciousness lift up off the floor

When the lights came up and all your senses are returned to you you discover the order of the universe

This is the first step in climbing the ladder to that Celestial Lodge

Keep climbing and you will reach it


Sacred Geometry-The Key to it All

Sacred Geometry is the study of the geometric configurations of the genesis of all life and matter. Great architects and artists have used this geometry in their works to encapsulate the great mysteries of the universe. It was revered by early scientists and thinkers, but it has been obscured in modern times. It is nowhere to be found in modern curriculums. This is done intentionally to keep humanity down in a low level of consciousness. The understanding of Sacred Geometry is very liberating because it teaches us to perceive the connections in all things, rather than concentrate on the differences. This disconnection is a tactic used to keep us from coming together in a unity consciousness. A tactic to keep us from appreciating our connection to all things. The time is now that we take another look at this sacred science. The following videos give a brief overview of Sacred Geometry. Hope you enjoy!

Free Your Mind 2 Conference

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The War on Human Consciousness

The longest lasting war in the history of humankind is still being waged on us everyday. A war on our consciousness is cloaked and is virtually invisible to the untrained eye, but if one is awake, or in the process of awakening it can be seen. Our true journey in life is to gain knowledge and to grow spiritually. These elements are essential to a healthy consciousness. These are the elements of ourselves that are being shut down, or led astray. At first glance this is a bloodless war, but there should be no doubt that its casualties are countless. The most disturbing aspect of this war is that it is being waged by the seemingly innocent without them even realizing it. If we are to continue as a species and advance to a state of peace, love, and light we must awaken. The time is now.

Our consciousness is first under attack when we enter the education system. We are told lies about American History. Certain subjects are emphasized while others are downplayed. The balance of the brain is upset by this segregation. We are taught that science, mathematics, and that logic is far superior to music and art. This is perpetuated in our society by the drive for careers that will be “money makers”. Many right brain related subjects are being cut from our curriculum in favor of left brain subjects. This focus on left brain strengths causes an atrophy to the right brain that is damaging to the individual. The right brain holds our ability for creative thinking and for finding the beauty in the mundane. A true brain balance is key to the spiritual awakening of the consciousness.

Our food and water is under attack as well. Healthy food is essential to maintain life on earth. Our food and water are being tampered with and we have no real say on the matter. Our water is fluoridated without our consent. Fluoride is a poisonous substance that damages the brain by effecting the pineal gland. The pineal gland not only produces melatonin, but is the key to our spiritual awakening. The Nazi’s used fluoride in the water to prevent an uprising of the Jewish people. Depression and lethargy are just a few side effects of fluoride poisoning. I believe our local and state governments are fluoridating our water for the very same reason. The pineal gland becomes calcified and can no longer function. It is very difficult to have an awakening after having your brain attacked since birth! Our food is being manipulated and modified at a cellular level in hopes to make it pest and weed resistant, despite the fact that it is believed to be causing cancer. We have little say about this. Our food labels show no indication whether our food has been tampered with or not, despite the fact that it’s required by law in many other countries. This poisoning of our food detracts from our nutrition making our awakening that much more difficult.

Despite good intentions, the varying religions of the world are also partially at fault. This is caused by dogmas and doctrines that are enforced by various religions. These dogmas and doctrines confuse and mislead the individual from gaining enlightenment because they hold back rather than liberate. They keep people from uniting due to the disagreements that arise from these regulations. They also promote hatred and segregation of various cultures due to their differentials. All of these faiths are good at the core, and the enlightened individual can see this and appreciate the positivity that they promote.

Our monetary system has become a new dark religion of the masses and drives our entire society. This false religion is one based on animal instincts and a ruthless nature that is held within us all. It is made out as being necessary for our survival and is promoted as being the source or our happiness. This could not be further from the truth. As our monetary system is in shambles, fear is promoted in propagandizing the collapse or our world as we know it.

Lastly, the elements that are thrown out at us to lead us astray are preventing our conscious evolution. Certain words or teachings are treated as villainy in an attempt to keep people away. There are countless methods of expanding consciousness that have been systematically shut down so that we cannot get access to them. The teachings of the ancient mystery schools teach a way to finding inner divinity and for expanding consciousness, but have been portrayed as evil by society at large. Mysticism is looked at as blasphemous by many who have no idea of it’s original intentions. Teachers who have tried to promote these ways of thinking have been discredited and made to look crazy so that people will look the other way. This war on our consciousness is a tough battle, but one that we must fight every day if we hope to improve our situation. This is the only way. This is a war that we CAN win. We just have to be willing to look beyond what we think we see, to those truths that are literally right in front of our eyes.