Freemasonry and the Nazi’s

Among the many different types of victims of the Holocaust, there were many non-Jewish people that met their demise. Among them were many Freemasons. Why were the Freemasons a target of the Nazi’s? It comes down to bizarre conspiracy theories. Hitler believed that the Jews and the Freemasons owned the media and were plotting against him. Hitler also thought that Masons were secretly training men to be “Jews”. The Nazi’s used the book, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as propaganda and as supposed proof of the Jewish plot to conquer the world. This work has been proven time and time again to be a hoax, but it is still being propagated by antisemitic groups to this very day. Freemasons were rounded up and put into concentration camps. They were tagged with an inverted red triangle  , the Nazi symbol for “political enemy”, which was also bestowed upon social democrats, socialists, trade unionists, communists, and anarchists.  In the linked article from The Laudable Pursuit, the history of this persecution is examined. Many good men were murdered for simply taking part in a fraternal organization. This is a tragedy that not many are aware of. Make sure to read some of the other great articles that The Laudable Pursuit has to offer as well.

Freemasonry and the Holocaust


inverted red triange freemason holocaust

Freemasonry and Youtube

As most of you probably know, searching on Youtube for esoteric related videos can be quite the adventure. Especially when it comes to searching for Freemasonry.

A typical Youtube search for keyword “Freemasonry” or “Freemason” comes up with a bevvy of garbage. You can fall into the dark recesses of Youtube within a matter of minutes if you start watching the video links that come up. Before you know it, you are learning that Freemasons are reptilian aliens from Saturn that have infected the mind of humanity through brainwashing with their symbolism, and run everything from the film and entertainment industries, to our monetary systems and of course, all of the powerful governments of the world. You will also learn that Masons are Satanists and pedophiles and that they eat babies.

Anyone in their right mind, especially those who have studied any occult philosophies will see that these are the blind delusions of the horribly misinformed and under-educated. The sad part is, many people believe these theories and it has caused lasting damage to The Craft. Many prospective Masons may never join if they start their search by watching these videos.

This being said, I thought that I would list a few Youtube channels and videos that are actually truthful and well-made. These are primarily made by actual Masons who know and understand Freemasonry’s true meaning.

“Seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be opened unto you…”


Three Distinct Knocks

Masonic Books



Masonic Roundtable


The following are not strictly Masonic channels, but contain a lot of Masonic content and their producers are Brother Masons.

Occult of Personality

The Hermetic Hour




Taking the “Con” out of Conspiracy


What is really going on in the world? As we all know, there are some crazy events going on in the world right now. Bombings, paranoia of terrorism, zombie apocalypses, loss of constitutional rights, chemtrails, the list goes on and on. All of the worries that an individual takes on in daily life is astronomical. Fear is the enemy of freedom and will perpetually keep us from the truth. We must cut through the muck of the various conspiracies and get to the truth within.

There is a bizarre dual-edged sword dividing two different factions of conspiracy theorists. On one side of the coin you have the religious fundamentalists, who think that anything outside of their small church community bubble is evil and sinful. Then, you have the freedom fighting, liberal contingent attempting to stand up to the evils of society. Both groups have their pros and cons and hold pertinent belief systems in one way or the other.

Though I would definitely describe myself as one of the free thinking types, I can see the points of some of the religious extremists as well. With these two sides of the coin, there is also an edge. On this edge lies the truth elements that are held within these belief systems. What that leaves is the two broad sides of the coin which hold the bulk of these systems. It is up to us as individual truth-seekers, to see through the extremist beliefs and find the truth in all of this. As a Freemason and activist, I am caught up in the undertow of the conspiracy theory. On one hand, the fundamentalist Christian sees me as a Satan-worshiping heretic. On the other, the freedom movement sees me as a part of the evil, Illuminati-fed, world domination machine.

All of this aside, I joined the Masonic fraternity out of curiosity and my hunger for the truth. I myself used to believe that Freemasonry was evil and that Masons were the scourge of the earth. However, as I grew older and wiser, I learned that to see the whole picture you must experience things. It was a leap of faith that I had to take. In Masonry, I have found a new drive to connect with my spiritual side. In seeking the Mysteries, I have found a path to truth. This is a feeling that I have never experienced before. I have realized that my place in the universe was as important as it is insignificant. I learned that the only way to find the answer is to seek it out.

This is not to say that all things about the Craft are perfect. There are and have been bad people involved in Masonry, along with all other walks of life. The Craft is not today, what it was originally intended to be. It has been watered down like all other paths to truth. This is done to turn off would-be truth seekers. This is the case with most great paths to spirituality and enlightenment. This is a defense mechanism used to ward off those who don’t have the drive to find out for themselves what is really going on. The biblical lessons taught in church are done with dry, emotionless, and dogmatic overtones. This is done to take the life out of truly inspired teachings. These teachings that were meant to liberate and show the path to peace are portrayed as rules that are enforced by a vengeful God. This is all part of the War on Human Consciousness that is taking place and has been taking place ever since the rise of the European nations and their quest for power. All of this aside, you can learn to see through the lies by gaining first-hand experience and by taking chances.

Conspiracy theories exist for a reason. They exist because there are many unanswered questions that we deal with everyday. Trusting our government gets harder to do by the day. Why are so many people out there suffering while the corporations keep raking in the bucks? Why is our economy in shambles, yet we keep going to war over and over and over again? Why is our food being tampered with? Why are our rights being taken away every single day? I don’t have the answers for these questions. No one really does. All that we can do is continue to listen to different points of view, read books, and try to avoid buying the lies. We can continue to seek the real answers. There is a “con” in every conspiracy, but there is also truth. It is up to us as truth-seekers to find our own answers. The answer is within and without everyone and everything.

Stop Supporting Hatred and Fear

There are bad people out there. They are everywhere. At work, at school, in government, in religion, in secret societies. In every nook and cranny of every tiny crevice you can find. They are there. I am a Freemason and I am fighting for the power of good. Earlier in life, I would have NEVER DREAMED that I would some day become a Mason. I hated them with every bit of my being. I hated them because of what I thought they stood for. For what I had heard that they stood for. I really didn’t know the first thing about them, really. I only knew what I thought that I knew.

My curiosity grew over the years to the point where I just had to find out what was really going on. I decided to go out on a limb and find out first-hand. It was scary, quite frankly, but I had to know. What I am finding now in my life is a path that I never knew I was supposed to go on. One of spiritual awakening. My mind is hungering for knowledge. I am reading more books that I ever thought I would. I am trying new things that I would have previously written off. Frankly, this is the most exciting time in my entire life. Is it all because of becoming a Mason? Absolutely not. I may have very well found this path a different way, but it was the spark that started this fire.

The truth of the matter is, it’s the occult (from the Latin word occultare, which means to hide or conceal) knowledge that is passed on through the mystery schools that leads one to an awakening. The teachings of Masonry are not bad in any way. Just as occult knowledge is not a bad thing. It can be used for light or for darkness. We have been lead to believe that it is evil, but it’s just knowledge. Knowledge is never evil, inherently. It’s how that knowledge is used that can be an evil thing. I am not going to say that there aren’t bad people in Freemasonry, because I would be lying if I did. There are, however, many good people involved in it as well. And no, it’s not that lower level Masons are the good ones and the more advanced Masons are the evil ones. It’s how they choose to use the knowledge. If they horde it and use it as power over others, it is bad. If it is used to help enlighten those who are ready for the information, it is good.

I see conspiracy theory stories everyday blaming various groups for the worlds ills. I have myself, been a conspiracy theorist before and still question many of the stories that we are being told by the media. However, most of these conspiracy-based stories do nothing more than feed the fear and hatred that is plaguing our world. We are taught to fear the unknown and to hate the differences between each other. The people that post these stories are usually ones that claim that they are simply trying to inform the masses so that they will know why the world is in the state that it’s in, but in reality, they are feeding the hatred. Most often, these conspiracies are based solely on pieced together information with little real continuity.

Stop buying into this. The only way to change the problems of the world is to look within and work on changing ourselves. I am not trying to say that we should stop listening to what the alternative media has to say, just that we should remember that fear is something we must break away from. Even when the ones who are feeding the fear have good intentions. It’s the easy thing to do to blame someone else for our troubles, but the easiest path is never the path to wisdom.