Greatly misunderstood symbols: The Pentacle and Pentagram

The pentacle (five pointed star enclosed within a circle) was a sacred symbol for many, many years. It could be found in Greek society as a representation of the Golden Ratio and carried on into early Christian and Catholic cathedrals and art. It wasn’t until the Church of Satan incorporated an inverted version (derived from the writings of Eliphas Levi) of it into their symbolism that it became known as an evil symbol. Occultists will explain that a pentacle with the point facing upwards indicates Spirit elevated, whereas an inverted pentacle shows Spirit as connected to the earthly or material plane (a similar concept to the points of the hexagram as covered in my previous blogs The Inverted Triangle  and The Structure of the Vacuum-Is this what the Mystery Traditions are Trying to Teach Us?) In this short, but informative video, the topic is examined further:



Also, check out this cool Disney video with references to the pentagram and Sacred Geometry: