Manly P. Hall-The Ultimate Modern Mystic pt. 2

Manly spent the good part of his life giving lectures while seated in a large, throne-like chair. He himself, was large. Very tall, and indeed, larger than life. Many of his great lectures were captured to tape and live on today as great teaching tools of the mysteries. He simply understood the esoteric so naturally, that he was able to convey the myths and legends in a way that could be understood by the masses. Truly a craftsmen of truth, we will look at another one of his great speeches. This one covering esoteric alchemy.

The Western Mystery Traditions: Alchemy

Alchemy is a very misunderstood tradition. It is most well known for the being the precursor for our modern chemistry, but there is so much more to it. In ancient times, it was attempted by many in hopes of turning base metals into gold. Although this may have been one of the possible products of the alchemical process, it was not it’s true, intended purpose. In alchemy, a substance is put through a system of processes in order to produce a metamorphosis and theoretically become a more pure substance. This idea is reflected through the esoteric alchemical teachings. Like other mystery schools, alchemy teaches a system of personal improvement through introspective work on the self. It has been passed on through various other Western Traditions. Like Hermeticism, it emphasizes the interconnectedness of the universe. Hopefully this video will bring greater understanding of this mysterious tradition