Freemasonry and Youtube

As most of you probably know, searching on Youtube for esoteric related videos can be quite the adventure. Especially when it comes to searching for Freemasonry.

A typical Youtube search for keyword “Freemasonry” or “Freemason” comes up with a bevvy of garbage. You can fall into the dark recesses of Youtube within a matter of minutes if you start watching the video links that come up. Before you know it, you are learning that Freemasons are reptilian aliens from Saturn that have infected the mind of humanity through brainwashing with their symbolism, and run everything from the film and entertainment industries, to our monetary systems and of course, all of the powerful governments of the world. You will also learn that Masons are Satanists and pedophiles and that they eat babies.

Anyone in their right mind, especially those who have studied any occult philosophies will see that these are the blind delusions of the horribly misinformed and under-educated. The sad part is, many people believe these theories and it has caused lasting damage to The Craft. Many prospective Masons may never join if they start their search by watching these videos.

This being said, I thought that I would list a few Youtube channels and videos that are actually truthful and well-made. These are primarily made by actual Masons who know and understand Freemasonry’s true meaning.

“Seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be opened unto you…”


Three Distinct Knocks

Masonic Books



Masonic Roundtable


The following are not strictly Masonic channels, but contain a lot of Masonic content and their producers are Brother Masons.

Occult of Personality

The Hermetic Hour




Manly P. Hall-The Ultimate Modern Mystic pt 4

In the fourth and final installment in the Manly P. Hall series, a lecture on Hermeticism, Gnosticism and Neoplatonism is explored. Yet again, we see Manly’s ability to take complex topics and lay them out in a comprehensive manner to be easily understood. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained by listening to his lectures, and I encourage anyone interested in religion, philosophy, or the esoteric to take the time to listen to them. Hope you enjoy!

The Western Mystery Traditions: Kabbalah

The second Western Mystery Tradition that will be presented is the Kabbalah. The basic structure of the tradition centers around The Tree of Life. The tree consists of ten emanations or Sefirot. These Sefirot correspond with aspects of the self, the Chakras, and consciousness. Within it’s esoteric teachings are explanations of the great mysteries of the universe. It has it’s roots in Judaism, but is not a religion. Hopefully this video will help shine light on this mysterious tradition.

The Western Mystery Traditions: The Rosicrucians

The Western Mystery Traditions are series of methods of teaching natural laws, spiritual awakening, understanding the soul, and unlocking the divine potential within. The first tradition that I will present is The Rosicrucians. A mysterious fraternity that came seemingly out of nowhere and had a great impact in it’s day. They pushed for individual rights and pursued an inner-alchemy that was to help the individual to awaken spiritually by working upon the self. Here is a short video documentary on the fraternity. Hopefully it sheds light on this order.