Overcoming Fear-The first hurdle of many

As our freedoms are being ripped away from us, one by one by a ruthless, fascism-driven new administration, it’s easy to find yourself living in constant fear. There is an extra layer of fear that is being applied by this administration that we must rise above and defeat. That layer of fear is made out of the lies that we are being fed about Muslims all being terrorists, immigrants stealing our jobs, the state of our country in regards to lack of jobs and crime, etc. These are blatant lies told to us in hopes of dividing us further and to make more accepting of our rights being taken away.

This old-world view of racism and xenophobia is seeing a resurgence, but it is ultimately going to fail. The masses that are clinging to this way of thinking are falling more deeply under its spell, while the rest of us, who refuse to buy into the fear are the ones who are going to be ready for the new paradigm that is unfolding. Trump has done his best to reignite the fires of hatred and ignorance of this old-world view, but this fire will only burn temporarily and will be snuffed due to lack of oxygen.  This constant feeding of fear from this administration may cause many to buy into the hatred even more than they already have, but luckily, there are many out there who refuse to buy into this and will be on the front lines of the resistance.

The conquest that the current administration is using to divide and conquer, I believe, will ultimately unite those who would have otherwise remained at a distance from one another. The administration believes that what they are pursuing, is what America really wants. This “America” is only, in reality, a very small percentage of the whole. It is up to us, as the outliers of this group, to unite and join forces in bringing this fascism to it’s knees.

I challenge each of you individuals who stand against this current administration and its wave of fascism to unite with your fellow American. Reach out a hand of friendship to an immigrant or a refugee. Reach out to a Muslim. Help in any way you can with anyone that you know, who will be targeted by hatred. Let them know that you are on their side and that you will not let them be victimized. Every little action makes a difference. Sign petitions, call your local politicians, attend rallies and put your money into companies and charities that oppose this new administration. The most powerful protest of all to these elites is loss of profit. Rising above this fear-based campaign is our first hurdle as dissenters. It is a big task, but it will be overcome.




Fear-Based Propaganda: The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Everyday, we are being bombarded from all sides with fear propaganda. The media does it with top-loading their content with shootings, crime, and acts of terror. Even the television that we watch for recreation and entertainment is rife with fear propaganda and hidden agendas. The medical and pharmaceutical industries have worked their way into everyday media and have done their fare share of fear-based brain washing. They certainly have their own agenda.

As you sit and watch whatever slick new reality show that you choose, you are being fed a giant spoonful of bad medicine. The medical and pharmaceutical industry is being shoved down our throats like the bitter pill that it is. I can remember a time when there was no such thing as a “drug commercial” on tv. These sort of things were taboo and considered to be under strict control by the medical industry. They were to be provided only for necessary use, and therefore no advertising was necessary. This has all changed. I remember the first time I saw a drug commercial on television, I was completely taken aback. The thing that shocked me the most was not that prescription drugs were being exposed to the knowledge of the general public, but that it was promoting people’s fears. Fears of their own “symptoms of illness” that they think that they might have. Over time, this has become even more bizarre. Drug companies are actually inventing diseases and syndromes in order to get people to buy their product! This is the age of the vanity drug. Shows like Dr. Oz and Mystery Diagnosis feed the fear of the individual by tricking them into thinking that something is wrong with them and that they should seek medical advice. They can’t even begin to see that this is simply playing straight into the hands and pockets of the medical and pharmaceutical industires in the way of HUGE PROFITS !

As we all know, the way to control the masses is with fear. If we all live in fear on a daily basis, we won’t think to try and act out or speak our minds. Instead, we will be sitting in the dark, contemplating our mortality and trying to decide what kind of drug we are going to ask our doctors to prescribe for us. This is exactly what those industries want. It is all a complete sham! Now don’t get me wrong. I know that the medical industry and drugs do some good in the world. I know that we need medically trained individuals to help us when we need them. The thing is, we don’t need them as often as they want us to think that we do. They want us to be at their mercy. The medical and pharmaceutical industries are basically corporations and driven by profits over people. They will stop at nothing to get our money. Even brainwashing trickery!