The Point of a Sharp Instrument-Top 10

Number 5

In this installment, I discuss the sacred geometric structure of the vacuum of space and how these mysterious patterns and geometric configurations have been closely guarded through the teachings of the mystery schools of antiquity. Modern science is validating these ideas more and more each day. In what ways did ancient traditions choose to veil these mysterious symbols?

The Structure of the Vacuum-Is this what the Mystery Traditions were trying to teach us?




The Point of a Sharp Instrument-Top 10

Number 6

In this post, I discuss how Sacred Geometry has been suppressed by modern religion and the powerful elite throughout history. It is my belief that before the before the Roman Catholic Church did everything in their power to crack down on other religious traditions, Sacred Geometry was known and revered. Elements of it can be seen in ancient cathedrals and symbolism. Some symbolism even made it through to Christian symbolism, though it has been obscured through time.

Sacred Geometry, Modern Religion and the Mystery Traditions


Spirit Science – pt. 6

In our sixth edition of Spirit Science, we will look at an episode that discusses the connection between all things. Many spiritual practices around the world tell us that everything is connected, but don’t go into details to explain this idea. In this episode of Spirit Science, our friend Patch does a great job explaining our cosmic connections. Enjoy!!!

The Structure of the Vacuum-Is this what Mystery Traditions were trying to teach us?

As science evolves and edges closer to the side of spirituality, it is becoming clear that all things are truly connected. This is what the ancient mystics were constantly saying in all of their allegorical writings. The concept of finding balance within ourselves and moving towards a “center point” are prevalent not only in the teachings of the East, but also in their more esoteric counterparts in the West. These concepts of a “center point” and “balance” are essential to understanding the nature of the universe.

So what is the thing that connects all things? Physicist Nassim Haramein may have discovered the answer to this age-old question. The thing that connects everything around us is space. It’s everywhere. It’s within matter and all around us. It is the common denominator in all things. His concept is that at the center of a proton is a black hole. This may be the point of singularity. Matter and space appear to move inward toward infinity. This “singularity”, or black hole concept is mirrored everywhere in the universe. At the center of every galaxy is a black hole. There may even be a giant black hole in the center of the universe itself. Everything outside of the black hole is space. There is abundantly more space than matter everywhere in the universe. Space is within matter itself, for that matter. Various scientists have discovered that this so-called emptiness of space may be the exact opposite of empty. Calculations by various scientists, Haramein included, show that the space is infinitely full of energy,much more full than matter is. Perhaps our current paradigm is about to be turned on it’s head. Space may be the thing that we are all missing the point on. Since space is dense and infinitely full, it eclipses matter in it’s grandness. Even though we think of space as nothingness, it is the exact opposite. We just cannot see it’s contents with the naked eye and therefore we deem it as unimportant. This so-called empty space seems to have a distinct geometric pattern. Haramein believes that he may have discovered the structure of this space, or vacuum. Generated by the tetrahedron (the most simplistic, but yet most structurally sound Platonic solid) in a polarized spin, (creating an inverted, second tetrahedron) we have the first building block of this space. These polarized tetrahedron combinations called “star tetrahedrons”, consist of an upward facing and a downward facing tetrahedron that are interlocked together creating symmetry and balance. This is the perfect balanced geometry necessary to create a sphere. The balance created by this geometry is in complete equilibrium in e every aspect.

It is here, that the ancient mysteries start to come into the play in this equation. The shape that is created by the interlocked, polarized, spinning Star Tetrahedrons when looked at in two dimensions, is a hexagram or six pointed star. This symbol is one of the most ancient mystical symbols that we have. We find it represented as the Seal of Solomon and the Star of David in the Hebrew tradition. It is used in the Hermetic teachings. We find it used in various occult traditions as well. It is shown to represent the concept of Heaven and Earth (the triangle pointing toward Heaven, the other pointing down toward Earth). This symbol most often is meant to represent balance of differing polarities. It is used to represent the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine (the upward pointing triangle, phallic-like, the downward pointing triangle, vaginal in nature).

If looked at 3 dimensionly, with the upward pointing triangle and downward pointing triangle rotating on one another, we find another interesting symbol. What we have is what early Jewish Mysticism called the Merkabah. Merkabah, which means “chariot” is often depicted as the transporter of the soul from one world to another. It could be looked at as the transportation vehicle between the physical and spiritual realms. This Merkabah, is sometimes depicted as a wheel or chariot, but in most instances, is depicted as two interlocked tetrahedrons that are rotating. A Merkabah field is thought to exist around our bodies and is laying dormant and ready to be activated to elevate our consciousness, and to transport us to higher heights.

Being that we see this hexagram everywhere in various religious traditions from all over the world. This cannot be a coincidence. Furthermore, Haramein states that an assembly of these Star Tetrahedrons forms what he refers to as the 64 Tetrahedron Grid, which he claims is true structure of the vacuum. This geometric array includes completely equal vectors in it’s construction and is complete symmetrical. This geometry is not only complete in it’s equilibrium, but when constructed of the 64 interlocked upright and downward facing tetrahedrons matches up perfectly with another ancient symbol. This symbol is called the Flower of Life and again is seen depicted in various ancient religious imagery from around the world. We see this image in Asian sculpture. It is in Ancient Egyptian art as well. This 64 Tetrahedron grid lines up perfectly!

Since we see so many of these examples of the depiction of the structure of the vacuum and creation through time in our religious traditions and in the ancient mystery schools, it simply cannot be a coincidence. These ancient teachings were showing us the fundamental pattern needed to understand the building blocks of our universe. These patterns have been largely ignored by modern religion and education. It is time for us to go out into this big universe and connect the dots; or tetrahedrons, in this case to see what the mysteries have been showing those with “eyes” to see since time immemorial.


Sacred Geometry-The Key to it All

Sacred Geometry is the study of the geometric configurations of the genesis of all life and matter. Great architects and artists have used this geometry in their works to encapsulate the great mysteries of the universe. It was revered by early scientists and thinkers, but it has been obscured in modern times. It is nowhere to be found in modern curriculums. This is done intentionally to keep humanity down in a low level of consciousness. The understanding of Sacred Geometry is very liberating because it teaches us to perceive the connections in all things, rather than concentrate on the differences. This disconnection is a tactic used to keep us from coming together in a unity consciousness. A tactic to keep us from appreciating our connection to all things. The time is now that we take another look at this sacred science. The following videos give a brief overview of Sacred Geometry. Hope you enjoy!

What the Ancients Knew

What did the Ancients know, and what could this knowledge do for us?

Our modern society has made great advances in technology, medicine, and space exploration. However, we are still, in my opinion, far behind the great minds of antiquity. The Ancients knew how to tap into a part of the human mind that we have long since lost touch with. They understood that our spirit was more important than our physical being.

It is a known fact that the human mind has more potential than is used. Part of this potential is the inherent understanding of the inter-connectedness of the universe. Our modern education system has been designed to create a disharmony within the mind. A disharmony that leads to a dualistic approach to life. The average person feels no real connection to their environment or those around them. It’s every man for himself. This is a toxic belief system that has lead us into the chaos that we now find ourselves in.

The Ancients knew that everything and everyone were part of a larger whole. They understood that all actions had an equal reaction and that this should effect the decisions that we make. This concept has been sadly lost in modern society. The way we treat the planet is an excellent example of this. We let financial profit rule our decisions, despite the fact that we are witnessing the catastrophic effects of this lifestyle daily. By damaging our environment, we are hurting ourselves. The ancients would have easily understood this, yet we are in extreme denial of it.

Sacred geometry is a window into the unseen world, a logical explanation of the mysteries of nature and the cosmos, yet completely and intentionally left out of our modern curriculum. The Fibonacci sequence mathematically describes the genesis of nature, yet it is nowhere to be found in our school’s science textbooks. These concepts were understood and embraced by the ancient. These omitions cause the individual in modern society to feel further disconnected from the whole. This is the problem.

The powers-that-be want to keep us in unbalance. They don’t want us to feel connected. The understanding of our connection to the whole is our birthright. We deserve to be taught what the ancients knew. Our progression as a species is dependent upon us looking to the past for answers. The ancients clearly knew this. Why don’t we?