The Coming Age of Spiritual Science

Just around the corner lies a new horizon. A horizon that will change the way that we see everything and everyone. A massive paradigm shift is about to occur. As science finally begins to catch up with sacred knowledge, we are seeing amazing discoveries and advancements. As we learn more about our amazing universe, the more we can see the interconnectedness of all things. In addition to this, we begin to realize that the universe is filled with a majestic order, that leaves one contemplating the Great Creator. This amazing geometric order to the universe is anything, but random. It is apparent on all scales as well. Basically, the entire universe is mirrored in everyone and everything we see.

Scientists on the cutting edge of technology and physics are discovering that this order to the universe is anything but an accident. How could something so geometrically perfect explode out of nothingness? Wouldn’t an explosion result in disorder and chaos? Apparently not, when everything is linked together in a holographic, geometric web of existence.

When NASA sent the Hubble telescope on it’s mission into deep space, they were hoping to photograph parts of the universe that had never before been seen. As the craft went further and further out, it started to become apparent that space is never-ending, and that elements that exist in our plane of reality are the same throughout the galaxy and beyond. As the Hubble went further along on it’s journey, one of the things that it photographed was the famous “hourglass nebula”.HourglassNebula2 Discovered by Annie Jump Cannon and Margaret W. Mayall, it had long been seen as a random planetary nebula. It wasn’t until the Hubble telescope was able to focus in on it and get some clearer images that we were able to see the sophistication and the beauty of it. What seemed to be the insignificant remains of a supernova, was actually a complex geometric vesica piscis with what appears to be an eye in the center looking directly at us. In fact, the eye is so detailed that it even has a twinkle of light in it that shows a clearly defined 3 dimensional object. How is it possible that an exploding star could create such beautiful, sacred geometry?

It becomes more apparent by the day that there is no chance happening in the world. Everything is organized on multiple levels in a fractal array. From the most minute speck of existence, up to the size of a galaxy and beyond. The whole of existence is intimately connected. If all things are reflected in one another, then a proton contains all of the information that is contained in the rest of the universe. The vacuum, or space that surrounds us is not empty, but full of energy. People who are are said to become clairvoyant can see the auras of energy surrounding each being. The shape created by the vacuum of space expanding and collapsing is a double torus shape. In the center of the vacuum lies a point in which everything goes infinitely inward. It is a black hole. A point in which the spiraling universe reaches pure stillness. This concept is most eloquently portrayed by physicist Nassim Haramein in his work. This internal singularity, or point of stillness is what all spiritual seekers are going toward. When Jesus said “the Kingdom of God is within you.”(Luke 17:21) he wasn’t kidding! This is what is meant when the spiritual seeker is told to look inward. Since it is difficult for us to comprehend the vastness of the universe itself, we can learn to connect with our divine center by going inward. This idea of looking inward, which was propagated by all mysticism, is now being looked at as a way to understand the universe as a whole. The idea that the infinite is described in the finite is an idea being used by some modern researchers. This very same idea was portrayed in the Emerald Tablet, thought to be at least around a thousand years old, if not even older. What all of this is showing us is that modern science is finally proving what all of the ancients knew to be true about the universe. These truths were passed down through the Mystery Schools of antiquity in coded and allegorical fashion. They were kept veiled to the general public because these truths were so powerful that they could have decimated the religious dogma of the day. They are being brought to light now by scientists rather than ascended masters. They are being brought to light by individuals that set out to find new scientific truths, only to find that these truths have been known about for thousands of years. As humanity moves forward in time and space, it is inevitable that our understanding of things will also move forward. As humanity as a whole develops scientifically it will become imperative that it embrace the order and symmetry of the universe. Spirituality will have to embrace science and science will have to embrace spirituality. The two are entwined, no matter what any of the skeptics out there might say. Einstein himself said it best when he said “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”