YHVH- The “Tetragrammaton”-What is it?


The Bible is full of coded information that is meant to lead the seeker to enlightenment. There are mathematical formulas as in the dimensions of King Solomon’s Temple from 1 Kings 6:2. There are the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant. The numbers given as the dimensions of the objects hold many hidden messages about the universe all around us. By far one of the most interesting and perplexing codes depicted in the bible is the sacred name of God from the Old Testament. The Tetragrammaton is the unpronounceable name of Deity. It is made of up four consonants and no vowels, making it virtually impossible to pronounce, and just as difficult to comprehend.

The Tetragrammaton consists of the letters YHVH (or JHVH, IHVH, etc., depending on the translation) and can be looked at on many levels. It was given to Moses at the burning bush and was not to be spoken. It was a code to explain our existence and our consciousness. The fact that the Tetragrammaton has four letters is indication of a four-fold meaning. You could look at it as representing the four basic elements, with the non-existent vowels representing the 5th element of spirit, since spirit cannot be perceived by the five senses. You could look at it as numerological code or a veiled reference to Pi. The Hebrew letters that make up the Tetragrammaton are pronounced Yod (10), Heh (5), Vov(6), Heh(5) and have numerical values of 26 when added together. This could be further broken down to equal 8 if the two numbers are added together. Eight when turned on it’s side becomes the symbol of infinity. God is infinite. Just as the universe is infinite. It is also sometimes deciphered as “He Who Is, Who Was, and Shall Be.” Yet again, giving us a feeling of infinity and unification.

Regardless of how profound and wonderful the aforementioned ideas are, the most intriguiging idea to date on the Tetragrammaton is given by Nassim Haramein in his Crossing the Event Horizon video series. In part 4 of the series, Nassim discusses the idea that the Tetragrammaton and the tetrahedron are one in the same. He goes on to demonstrate how the star tetrahedron is comprised of two interlocked tetrahedrons, one facing up, the other down. This interlocked structure, he believes to be the essence of creation at the sub-atomic level. When laid out in two-dimensions, we see that the star tetrahedron is The Star of David, or the Seal of Solomon. This same symbol having been used for thousands of years in all different regions of the world. It is Haramein’s theory that the Tetragrammaton and the four letters of God only create half of the polarity needed for our polarized existence and that to obtain the answer of Creation, and the mystery of the Tetragrammaton, we must find this missing half. He claims that the Tetragrammaton from the Bible is the male half of the deity and will not be complete until we discover the polarized missing element. This is the Divine Feminine! This is the union that makes the whole. Just as our likeness is echoed in the galaxies as well as the minute structures of the microcosm. This is the missing piece. The ancient mysteries spoke of a Divine Feminine and this concept is perpetuated to this day. It is the exact element that has put these societies at odds with popular religion since their inception.

As we move into this New Age of the Zodiac and on to greater understanding, we must look back at the power tools that we have been given. As we crack these codes, the answer will become clearer by the day. We must search and become pilgrims on a journey for truth and understanding. Though these symbols are misunderstood and dismissed as nonsense by most of society, it is up to us to find this missing piece to the Tetragrammaton. The Bible has presented us with this powerful piece information and once we have ascended to higher consciousness, the answer will become clear. It is up to us to solve this mystery, for the good of humanity!

Esoteric Wisdom and the Birth of Modern Science

Our modern science owes a great bit of gratitude to Freemasonry and the Hermetic Arts. It was common throughout history, for any new scientific ideas to be censored or destroyed by the mainstream. We know today that this type of research is necessary for our advancement as a culture, but in ancient times it was frowned upon by the clergy and the monarchy. Organized Societies that had an interest in alchemical practices and the Hermetic Arts acted as safe havens for people with progressive ideas. Groups such as the Rosicrucian’s and the Royal Society were among these champions of science. People within these groups were experimenting with astronomy, physics, and alchemy, which was to become the basis for our modern chemistry. They allowed these people to express new ideas without the fear of being burnt at the stake!

In the excellent: The Shadow of Solomon by Laurence Gardner,the origins of Speculative, or symbolic Freemasonry are explored in detail. Where the rituals and practices used in modern Masonry originated from is still up to debate, but we know at some point, Masonry went from being an artisan trade group to being the philanthropic and philosophic society that it is today. Early Masonic and Hermetic luminaries in the scientific fields such as Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton were members of these societies. Gardner points out that the Royal Society, which was a scientific-based organization, was formed by early speculative Freemasons. One of which was the enigmatic Robert Boyle. Boyle, along with Christopher Wren helped found the Royal Society. Boyle was an alchemist who was searching for The Philosopher’s Stone (and just may have found it!). He is most well known for his scientific works of studying the volumes of gases and the elasticity of air. Boyle’s Law according the Wikipedia article, states that the absolute pressure and volume of a given mass of confined gas is inversely proportional, if the temperature remains the same. Boyle was able to discuss his findings with other members of the Royal Society and to advance his ideas.

Sir Isaac Newton was another Renaissance luminary that championed Freemasonry, and the Royal Society. Garnder points out that Newton was highly involved in alchemical and hermetic works. He was an early translator of the Hermetic Emerald Tablet that was the basis of Alchemy. He also became obsessed later in life, with the proportions and dimensions of Solomon’s Temple as referred to in the Bible and in Masonic ritual. In the scientific field, Newton explained the laws of gravitation and confirmed with Kepler’s beliefs that the Sun was the center of our solar system. These principles were to start a new scientific revolution.

These scientists were able to work and prosper, while being hidden from the almighty fist of the monarchy. We have these tolerant societies to thank for this. They understood the importance of this ancient wisdom, passed through time to us from the Mystery Schools. They knew that by looking back at the works of the great minds of antiquity, advances could be made in the current day. This is something that we have seemed to have lost a grasp of until very recently. We are slowly dissolving this amnesia of ancient wisdom, to make our own advances in science and technology today. Science wouldn’t be what it is today without these brave pioneers who kept up their work, even though it could have gotten them executed. They were Alchemists, Hermeticists, and Freemasons.

Tall Cedars of Vinland

Throughout the ages, the pine cone has been used as a symbol for the Pineal gland and an activated Third Eye Chakra. You see this in ancient art from all over the world. In the East, it is the pine cone shaped top of the head of the Buddha, or Krishna. In the West, you see it in the sculpture of the Vatican and in Rome. All of the important cathedrals of the middle ages used pine or cedar wood for their woodworking and doors. We see an example of this in the Bible in the story of the building of King Solomon’s Temple. Solomon made contact with God and asked for assistance with building the temple. Solomon was granted help from a friend. Hiram, King of Tyre was sent to help with the building. He brought with him cedar and cyprus wood from Lebanon for the construction. This wood was abundant in Jerusalem and the surrounding area. Pine trees are thought to have certain powers and are a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. The Masons have an appendant organization that is known as The Tall Cedars of Lebanon, which is a reference to this sacred wood. The Christmas tree that we use today was chosen because if this mystical association. A tree that retains it’s color no matter the season. A symbol of immortality.

The area that I live in is a beautiful valley, nestled in between two ranges of hills. It’s just up the hill a little ways from the historical, unincorporated town of Vinland, KS. Since living in the area, I have seen my spiritual enlightenment grow ten-fold. I feel more at one with the higher powers in the universe. More at one with God. This feeling has been growing by the day. Right outside of the back door of my house are two giant Eastern Red Cedar trees. These trees are considered invasive and are all over the area. To me, they are magic and are helping me find my way down the spiritual path. The two in the backyard, are a male and female tree, standing side by side through all of the inclenmecies of weather. They are like my wife and I. Growing stronger every day. They are The Tall Cedars of Vinland.