Manly P. Hall-The Ultimate Modern Mystic pt 4

In the fourth and final installment in the Manly P. Hall series, a lecture on Hermeticism, Gnosticism and Neoplatonism is explored. Yet again, we see Manly’s ability to take complex topics and lay them out in a comprehensive manner to be easily understood. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained by listening to his lectures, and I encourage anyone interested in religion, philosophy, or the esoteric to take the time to listen to them. Hope you enjoy!

Manly P. Hall-The Ultimate Modern Mystic pt. 3

In the latest installment, we learn that Hall was not only a scholar of European based mysticism and mythology, but he also had a great understanding of the Native religions of the Americas. Not a lot is known by most Americans of European descent about Native American spirituality and religion, but the culture is rich. Hall explores the rituals and ceremonies of the American Indian.

Manly P. Hall-The Ultimate Modern Mystic pt. 2

Manly spent the good part of his life giving lectures while seated in a large, throne-like chair. He himself, was large. Very tall, and indeed, larger than life. Many of his great lectures were captured to tape and live on today as great teaching tools of the mysteries. He simply understood the esoteric so naturally, that he was able to convey the myths and legends in a way that could be understood by the masses. Truly a craftsmen of truth, we will look at another one of his great speeches. This one covering esoteric alchemy.

Manly P. Hall-The Ultimate Modern Mystic pt. 1

There have been many great minds and geniuses involved with the different esoteric orders of antiquity, but none greater and more accomplished than Manly Palmer Hall. Hall (1901-1990) was a Canadian by birth but later moved to Los Angeles,CA, where he did the bulk of his work and went on to set up the Philosophical Research Society. The Society offered lectures and a grandiose library dedicated to furthering the studies of esotericism, mysticism, hermeticism, and all ancient mythologies and religions. In his twenties, Hall went on to write the exceptional work of esoteric philosophy, “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”. In this work, Hall describes and expounds upon all of the great mystery traditions. It remains to this day, a virtual bible of the esoteric and is considered a modern day classic. Hall gave an extensive series of lectures at the Philosophical Research Society, until his untimely and somewhat mysterious death in 1990

In the following video series, we will explore some of Hall’s lectures on various aspects of the esoteric. Hope you enjoy!

The Epic Struggle of Life-A Self-Guided Initiation into the Mysteries

Let’s face it, life is a struggle and it is up to us to power through it. On the path to enlightenment and freedom, there are many obstacles that will try to keep us from getting through. Our modern society is detached, lacking in love and compassion. Technology has disconnected us more than it has connected us. We are being desensitized and programmed to be zombies. This is the goal of the dark powers out there. It can be debilitating if you let it be.

Just when I feel like I am making great strides to live the lifestyle that I have always dreamed of, I get sucked back into old bad habits. My life’s quest is to spread love and to radiate positive energy into the universe. I am striving to live by the moral code set forth by true spiritual seekers. To find Christ-Consciousness. This means living with love in my heart, taking care of all fellow creatures, and being conscientious. This being said, I am human and fail just like everyone else. In times like these, we must take a step back and remember the reason we got on this path to begin with.

The ancient mystery traditions used initiations filled with struggles and strife to teach important moral lessons. In the “Initiation of Plato”, as written about by Manly P. Hall, Plato was initiated into the ancient mysteries in Egypt and was said to undergo great trials and tests of his will. In doing so, his soul was liberated from worldly passions and his understanding of the Truth grew into true knowledge. Sometimes life has it’s own built-in initiations through trials and tribulations. It is up to us to spin these into a positive and let them make us stronger. We must use our spiritual insight to see the syncromysticism that exists in everyday actions and reactions. The Hermetic Principle of “cause and effect” is in effect every minute of every day. If we can use these everyday trials as a springboard for better understanding the Truths in life we can overcome the passions of worldliness. It it through these trials or “life initiations” that we can become truly enlightened.