The Point of a Sharp Instrument-Top 10

Number 6

In this post, I discuss how Sacred Geometry has been suppressed by modern religion and the powerful elite throughout history. It is my belief that before the before the Roman Catholic Church did everything in their power to crack down on other religious traditions, Sacred Geometry was known and revered. Elements of it can be seen in ancient cathedrals and symbolism. Some symbolism even made it through to Christian symbolism, though it has been obscured through time.

Sacred Geometry, Modern Religion and the Mystery Traditions



Sacred Geometry, What a Site to See!

I don’t typically like to base posts upon the mere promotion of another website, but when I came across this amazing site I had to make an exception. Covering everything from Sacred Geometry and it’s connection to quantum physics, to sacred stones, geomancy, to ancient cultures and their symbolism, this site has it all. Various extremely well written and researched articles are presented containing helpful illustrations and links. I hope you it will enrich your life as much as it has mine. Enjoy!


Geometria Sagrada

Spirit Science-Pt. 2

In our latest edition of Spirit Science, our cartoon friend; Patch, discusses the Flower of Life and how it is the source of creation. Hope you all enjoy!


Metatron’s Cube

One of the great mysteries of sacred geometry is Metatron’s Cube. What great secrets are held within this mystical geometric configuration? Sacred Geometric artist, Charles Gilchrist gives us an explanation of his understanding of it. Hope you enjoy!