The Hermetic Principles and Changing the Ruling Paradigm

I consider myself to be an initiate of the Mystery Schools and know in my heart of hearts that these teachings hold the key to unlocking the true potential of the human race. Religions of all different types around the world will espouse that their way is the only way and that the others are deceived and doomed.  While I believe that some of this bias comes from ignorance, I also believe that some of it is by design. If we all live in one collective consciousness and all derive from the same Mind of the Creator, how can one group be right, while the other is wrong? The truth is is that there is no one correct path. The idea that there is only one path is one of the most damning and dangerous falsehood ever concocted that has already caused so much pain, death and despair. We have all seen the effect of religious wars over time, and still feel their effects to this very day.

Being an initiate of a Mystery School has always required taking a solemn oath to not divulge the secrets of the order. While I believe that this is mostly symbolic, it is meant to test the will of the initiate, but it may serve an even deeper purpose.  I believe that the secrets (which are usually deeply veiled) that an order holds must be pondered upon at great lengths to understand. These teachings hold great truths that are inherent to unlocking our true potential.  They hold truths about the nature of our reality that science is constantly confirming (albeit hundreds, if not thousands of years later). They hold truths about the nature of our minds and of consciousness itself, which the initiate will come to understand IS reality. These teachings hold the sublime truth that we are all part of the One and that we always have been and always will be. They hold the truth that we are Spirit that has descended into Matter, but are capable of reattaining that Spirit by living within a moral code that inspires us to help the destitute and downtrodden.  I also believe that these teachings hold the key to saving the world from this dark path that we are currently on.

The modern church system has taken the lessons of Christ at face value and has presented them to the public in a watered down, non-symbolic manner. Whether this has been done out of ignorance, or by design, has stripped the true meaning from the Word and has drawn the veil over it’s power. The modern Christian teachings have also taught us that we are sinners and flawed and the only way to be saved it to accept Christ as our personal savior. This teaching is flawed and is used to demean the individual. I truly believe that these teachings were intended to control people and keep us locked in fear and servitude. As we all derive from God, and are a part of God, how can we be eternally flawed? At one point in time, Hermeticism was considered on-par with Christianity until it was squashed, along with other non-Christian religions during the late reign of Constantine the Great. This continued on, with brief periods of time where paganism was tolerated, until the reign of Theodosius, when paganism was wholeheartedly banned and pagans were persecuted, temples were destroyed and there was an attempt to destroy all remnants of pre-Christian religion.  It is imperative that we look at religions in a different light, and approach them with equal attention. We must also look at them allegorically, as opposed to treating them as historic fact and understand that each tradition holds important moral lessons for humanity.

The Hermetic teachings as presented in the Kybalion present a very different way of looking at our bodies, our minds, and our souls than contemporary Christianity. As I have previously discussed in my series on the Seven Hermetic Principles, these seven immutable laws govern the natural and supernatural world as we know it. The seven principles in and of themselves have an exoteric and esoteric meaning, and like the mystery schools of antiquity can be understood on multiple levels. One of the most striking revelations that an individual can take away from studying them is the concept of all things existing within a singular mind, or consciousness.  Science is confirming the concept of “infinite, living mind” as it uncovers the science of consciousness and the true nature of our existence. We all derive our being from vibrations and atoms that science has yet to fully understand, but we do know that we all come from the same origin. Not only every human, but all life as we know it (and some that we don’t currently think of as life, but will in time). In coming to terms with this concept the Hermetic student realizes that despite our subtle differences in appearance and belief system, we are all truly “One”. The Principle of Polarity teaches us that though things may seem opposed, they are truly just varying degrees of one another. Applying this to our thought process can help dismantle the “us versus them” mentality. It can help us understand our adversaries and can help them understand us as well. The Principle of Mentalism informs us that we are all created by and have our being within the infinite living mind that is the Universal Mind, therefore, as we are all made of and by the same substance we are all technically one.

Living our lives with the Hermetic Principles in mind can change the way we look at other people and their belief systems. It can help us overcome the prejudices that we have lived with our whole lives and help us see the greater picture. It can help us see that we are in-fact part of God and  In a time where we are all divided, we need these Hermetic Principles now more than ever.


The Point of a Sharp Instrument-Top 10

Number 1

This is the moment you’ve all be waiting for, right? Many of you may already know which one I am going to choose as the number one post on this blog. I have linked to it multiple times as a kind of over-arching theme and though my studies have revealed some holes in my original ideas, I still stand by it. Hope you all enjoy this one and are enjoying your own journeys as much as I am enjoying mine. Thanks for reading and keep an eye open for new exciting articles coming soon to The Point of a Sharp Instrument!

The War on Human Consciousness

Helix_Nebula consciousness

The Point of a Sharp Instrument-Top 10

Wow! I have been busy lately. Sorry for the lack of posts and articles. Between work and raising a child, I haven’t had time for much else. Anyway, I would now like to present you with my top 10 personal favorite articles/posts that have been presented on The Point of a Sharp Instrument. In the meantime, I am going to keep researching so that I can present some new and exciting articles in the very near future. Thanks for reading!

Number 10:

In this installment, I describe the symbol of the spiral as it relates to the universal pattern and to Masonic symbolism.

Spiral Symbolism in Freemasonry-The Shape of Genesis


Anti-Masonry. Where did it come from?

Secret societies have a way of falling under public scrutiny. Why would the activities of a society be secret from the public unless it was doing something sinister, right? This way of thinking is usually the general consensus. People tend to feel that when something is kept from public knowledge that there must be something dark and possibly even evil going on. While that might be the case for some groups (C.I.A., I’m looking in your direction…), it isn’t the case for all groups.

What people fail to understand about the secrecy within secret societies is that it serves a deeper purpose. Freemasonry, among other secret societies is the care-taker of the Ancient Mysteries. These mysteries have been passed on through various traditions since very ancient times, and have always been passed on from lip to ear. They have always included taking obligations, or oaths of secrecy.

This is due to various reasons. In more ancient times, it was done because the Church ruled with an iron fist and anything done outside of the orthodox method was considered blasphemous and punishable by torture, if not even death. Secrecy was also used to protect trade secrets.Since Freemasonry evolved from the original stonemason guilds, trade secrets were kept so that stonemasons could teach other apprentices their craft without divulging their secret methods of stone cutting and construction. Many trade secrets are still used within various labor unions to the present day. Secrecy was also used as a method of testing the initiates will power and trustworthiness. In order for someone to be trustworthy of receiving the Ancient Mysteries, they had to prove to be trustworthy with powerful knowledge.

Despite the countless sources of good information on Freemasonry, it is still considered by many to be deeply rooted in the evils of society. Anti-Masonry sprung up early and often and still exists to the present day. With the advent of the internet, the conspiracies have grown ten-fold. In the following article, the veil is lifted on these anti-masonic conspiracies and the truth can be laid to rest once and for all. Read this with an open mind and know that Freemasonry has had it’s name dragged through the mud for millennia. Know that knowledge is Light, which is what Freemasonry is providing through it’s teachings. It is a tool for good, not for evil.


An Inquiry into the Accusations of Luciferianism which present day, Continually Affront the Fraternity of Freemasons




More News on Anti-Masonry 

Anti-Masonry loses long time supporter

It appears that a long-time anti-masonry supporter has passed away. Jack Chick was an evangelical Christian from California who wrote multiple mini anti-masonic comic books among other blatantly misguided pamphlets. He was responsible for perpetuating the whole Baphomet/Satan/Freemasonry connection that haunts the Craft to this day. It’s sad to know that any religious person could put so much effort into spreading hatred and misinformation to the masses.

Jack Chick passes away


The Structure of the Vacuum-Is this what Mystery Traditions were trying to teach us?

As science evolves and edges closer to the side of spirituality, it is becoming clear that all things are truly connected. This is what the ancient mystics were constantly saying in all of their allegorical writings. The concept of finding balance within ourselves and moving towards a “center point” are prevalent not only in the teachings of the East, but also in their more esoteric counterparts in the West. These concepts of a “center point” and “balance” are essential to understanding the nature of the universe.

So what is the thing that connects all things? Physicist Nassim Haramein may have discovered the answer to this age-old question. The thing that connects everything around us is space. It’s everywhere. It’s within matter and all around us. It is the common denominator in all things. His concept is that at the center of a proton is a black hole. This may be the point of singularity. Matter and space appear to move inward toward infinity. This “singularity”, or black hole concept is mirrored everywhere in the universe. At the center of every galaxy is a black hole. There may even be a giant black hole in the center of the universe itself. Everything outside of the black hole is space. There is abundantly more space than matter everywhere in the universe. Space is within matter itself, for that matter. Various scientists have discovered that this so-called emptiness of space may be the exact opposite of empty. Calculations by various scientists, Haramein included, show that the space is infinitely full of energy,much more full than matter is. Perhaps our current paradigm is about to be turned on it’s head. Space may be the thing that we are all missing the point on. Since space is dense and infinitely full, it eclipses matter in it’s grandness. Even though we think of space as nothingness, it is the exact opposite. We just cannot see it’s contents with the naked eye and therefore we deem it as unimportant. This so-called empty space seems to have a distinct geometric pattern. Haramein believes that he may have discovered the structure of this space, or vacuum. Generated by the tetrahedron (the most simplistic, but yet most structurally sound Platonic solid) in a polarized spin, (creating an inverted, second tetrahedron) we have the first building block of this space. These polarized tetrahedron combinations called “star tetrahedrons”, consist of an upward facing and a downward facing tetrahedron that are interlocked together creating symmetry and balance. This is the perfect balanced geometry necessary to create a sphere. The balance created by this geometry is in complete equilibrium in e every aspect.

It is here, that the ancient mysteries start to come into the play in this equation. The shape that is created by the interlocked, polarized, spinning Star Tetrahedrons when looked at in two dimensions, is a hexagram or six pointed star. This symbol is one of the most ancient mystical symbols that we have. We find it represented as the Seal of Solomon and the Star of David in the Hebrew tradition. It is used in the Hermetic teachings. We find it used in various occult traditions as well. It is shown to represent the concept of Heaven and Earth (the triangle pointing toward Heaven, the other pointing down toward Earth). This symbol most often is meant to represent balance of differing polarities. It is used to represent the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine (the upward pointing triangle, phallic-like, the downward pointing triangle, vaginal in nature).

If looked at 3 dimensionly, with the upward pointing triangle and downward pointing triangle rotating on one another, we find another interesting symbol. What we have is what early Jewish Mysticism called the Merkabah. Merkabah, which means “chariot” is often depicted as the transporter of the soul from one world to another. It could be looked at as the transportation vehicle between the physical and spiritual realms. This Merkabah, is sometimes depicted as a wheel or chariot, but in most instances, is depicted as two interlocked tetrahedrons that are rotating. A Merkabah field is thought to exist around our bodies and is laying dormant and ready to be activated to elevate our consciousness, and to transport us to higher heights.

Being that we see this hexagram everywhere in various religious traditions from all over the world. This cannot be a coincidence. Furthermore, Haramein states that an assembly of these Star Tetrahedrons forms what he refers to as the 64 Tetrahedron Grid, which he claims is true structure of the vacuum. This geometric array includes completely equal vectors in it’s construction and is complete symmetrical. This geometry is not only complete in it’s equilibrium, but when constructed of the 64 interlocked upright and downward facing tetrahedrons matches up perfectly with another ancient symbol. This symbol is called the Flower of Life and again is seen depicted in various ancient religious imagery from around the world. We see this image in Asian sculpture. It is in Ancient Egyptian art as well. This 64 Tetrahedron grid lines up perfectly!

Since we see so many of these examples of the depiction of the structure of the vacuum and creation through time in our religious traditions and in the ancient mystery schools, it simply cannot be a coincidence. These ancient teachings were showing us the fundamental pattern needed to understand the building blocks of our universe. These patterns have been largely ignored by modern religion and education. It is time for us to go out into this big universe and connect the dots; or tetrahedrons, in this case to see what the mysteries have been showing those with “eyes” to see since time immemorial.


The Truth about Masonic Secrecy

Masonic secrecy is troubling to most outsiders and is the cause of much consternation to conspiracy theorists and the public alike. What is not understood is the reason for this secrecy or what it is used for.

Historically, Masonry had to keep secret it’s work because of the tyrannical powers of the Church and the government. Persecution for promoting religious freedom and radical scientific ideas was the norm. The early operative stonemasons had to keep their trade secrets. This concept carried over in a symbolic manner into Speculative Masonry. Freemasonry was kept secret for it’s mere survival. In todays world, this is no longer necessary. So why is there still secrecy involved, you may ask? The answer is simple. Secrecy is a test of character and of integrity.

When an individual becomes a Mason, they are entrusted with keys to the ancient mysteries. In fact, Masonry is the caretaker of the ancient mysteries. Mystery schools through antiquity were a means of teaching individuals an understanding of the esoteric aspects of life and of the universe. The individual receiving these truths had to be willing to undergo hardships and trials. They also had to be willing to keep secret the knowledge that they gained. This knowledge was in-fact, quite challenging to the narrow view held by society at the time. If this knowledge got into the wrong hands, it could be used for power-mongering. What is not understood about this knowledge is that it is not secret at all. Anyone who wants to learn the Masonic secrets need only look them up online, or in an expose book. The secrets are out there in the public domain. However, the truth is that these secrets mean nothing to the uninitiated and don’t seem to hold anything special. This is because it’s not about the words or handshakes, it’s about what keeping a secret does for the individual.

Secrecy is a psychological tactic used by the mystery schools to hold the individual accountable. Not accountable for any great secret truth, but accountable for their integrity and self control. The act of keeping a secret is an act of self control. A test of one’s will. This is the point of the secrecy. It is also a form of self-empowerment. The act of being able to keep a secret and overcoming temptation, gives the individual strength to overcome other vices in their life. The secret itself is not what’s important, it’s the effect that secrecy has on the psyche. This secrecy is what makes people on the outside view Masonry with contempt, but as you can see, the secrets themselves are not important.

Hopefully this brings some clarity to this controversial topic. The Masons aren’t trying to take over the world and their meetings are not springboards for political advancement. The secrets that everyone thinks that they have are unrealistic and are based purely in speculation. Some things should never be kept secret, like tyrannical moves by the government. However, secrecy that is used for gaining self control and integrity can be very beneficial. altar1902

The Western Mystery Traditions: Freemasonry

I searched high and low for a video that would do justice to this 6th and final presentation of the Western Mystery Traditions. However, anyone who has ever done an internet search on the word Freemason, knows what they will get. Accusations of Satanism, Luciferianism, and general malaise. Freemasonry is often accused of World domination and sun worship. These are just some of the ridiculous accusations leveled toward The Craft. Being an advance initiate of this fraternity, I know what Freemasonry is about and would rather just tell you about it myself. Granted, there are some bad people who are involved and have been involved in Freemasonry now, and in the past, but there are bad people involved in every organization in the world. There are plenty of great people involved as well. Freemasonry is incredibly misunderstood. Hopefully the following will shed some light on this fraternity.
The worlds oldest fraternal organization, Freemasonry has ancient roots. The actual date of the organization is debatable, but some think it goes all the way back to ancient Greece and Egypt. Historians aren’t for sure. We know that the most likely roots are of the medieval stone mason guilds in Europe. These guilds were democratic in structure and consisted of Apprentices, Fellowcrafts, and Masters of the work. The apprentice did the leg work while being taught by the fellowcrafts and after perfecting their work, they would move on to be fellows themselves. After serving as a teacher for some time, they would take over as masters and designers of the building projects. They lived by a moral code and none, but provenly good men were allowed to join the guilds. They prided themselves in learning and had progressive ideas. Many of these ideals had to be kept secret from the ruling monarchies and the Church as these ideas were considered too liberal and a threat to the status quo of rulership. Because of this, they had to keep many of their teachings secret to avoid persecutions. They used complex sacred geometry to build magnificent cathedrals all throughout Europe. They seemed to have a magical grasp on the connection of earth and the heavens.
In one of the more astonishing convergences in history, the guilds began allowing non-stone masons into the group. These men were referred to as Speculative Masons, their involvement being solely based in the spiritual and moral teachings. The men that they allowed in were intellectuals with strongly spiritual and scientific ideas.
Gradually, the Speculative part of the Craft began to replace the Operative and it grew into the organization that it is today. Rituals were developed that had strong moral and spiritual teachings embedded within. Elements of occulted teachings like Alchemy, Hermeticism, Astrology, and Cosmology worked their way into the ritual. The ritual was kept secretive out of necessity, but also to make the work more impacting on it’s initiates. Masonry has become the modern vehicle for and care-taker of these mystery traditions.

Masonry has claimed many famous people among it’s ranks and has had a part in countless historical events that have shaped the modern world. It’s strong beliefs in religious tolerance and democratic system have made it attractive to progressive thinkers and infamous to the early church system.
Due to various hoaxes and a few legitimate events, Masonry has been vilified by society. Many believe that at some point, the infamous Bavarian Illuminati infiltrated the fraternity and have been using it as a tool for world domination ever since. The fact that countless politicians have been promoters of the Craft and it’s ceremonies are secretive has caused many a raised-eyebrow in the general public.
What’s not understood is that the ceremonies are not secret because they contain any information that needs to be kept from the masses, but that the secretive element helps the initiate reflect upon their own character. The psychology of secrecy is used as a test upon the individuals self control. The moral teachings held within the rituals promote integrity, education, virtue, and tolerance. They use the allegory of the building of King Solomon’s temple from the Old Testament as a backdrop. The fraternity promotes kinship, charity, and strength of character to it’s members.
Freemasonry is vastly misunderstood, but it’s true intentions are good. It’s one of the only remaining mystery schools of the ancient world. It deserves to be looked at again. It has helped me to find a path to truth and if used as originally intended can help one to perfect themselves and become a more compassionate individual.

The Western Mystery Traditions: The Rosicrucians

The Western Mystery Traditions are series of methods of teaching natural laws, spiritual awakening, understanding the soul, and unlocking the divine potential within. The first tradition that I will present is The Rosicrucians. A mysterious fraternity that came seemingly out of nowhere and had a great impact in it’s day. They pushed for individual rights and pursued an inner-alchemy that was to help the individual to awaken spiritually by working upon the self. Here is a short video documentary on the fraternity. Hopefully it sheds light on this order.