Esoteric Christianity-The Real Teachings of Christ were Hijacked!

Most Christians have no idea that the teachings of Christ contain deep mystical and philosophical teachings that are in line with the lineage of Mystery Schools.  When Christianity was made the state religion in Rome, all other religions that were around the area at the time were either wiped out entirely, or had to go underground.  Anything that contradicted what the ruling monarchy wanted their version of Christianity to represent, was criminalized and violently persecuted. The teaching were twisted into dogmas and used to control, rather than liberate. Many of the original books of the Bible were taken out because they contradicted what Constantine wanted and an attempt was made to destroy them.  Luckily, some of them survived and when studied, paint a very different picture.  In this fantastic article on Esoteric Christianity, you will see how the original teachings of Christ mirror those of other Mystery Traditions. Please check out all of the great articles on this site as well.


Esoteric Christianity


The Western Mystery Traditions: Gnosticism

Gnosticism is another mystery tradition that involves the individual going within themselves to find the divine within. The individual seeks to find the path to wisdom by living a divine life. The original teachings of Christ were gnostic teachings and gnosticism itself is primarily a Christian belief system. They were suppressed along with many of the other mystery traditions in hopes that mass-control of the people would be more possible. Hopefully this short documentary will shed light on this misunderstood tradition.