The Point of a Sharp Instrument-Top 10

Number 5

In this installment, I discuss the sacred geometric structure of the vacuum of space and how these mysterious patterns and geometric configurations have been closely guarded through the teachings of the mystery schools of antiquity. Modern science is validating these ideas more and more each day. In what ways did ancient traditions choose to veil these mysterious symbols?

The Structure of the Vacuum-Is this what the Mystery Traditions were trying to teach us?



The Censorship of the Internet?

In a new series of blogs, I will discuss what I believe is the usurping of, and attempted control of information on the Internet.

The internet may be one the last platforms for free speech left. But is it really free? Many alternative and radical ideas do seem to gain steam online where a financial publisher is not needed, so at first glance it seems free. The enemy of free speech is censorship and it seems to be rampant on the internet right now. This censorship; or manipulation may be a more appropriate term, is veiled and not easily noticeable unless you know what to look for. It comes in the annoying form of “debunking”, deleting and the control of what content gets released.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss one particular website; Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia service that has information about just about any topic imaginable. I believe that the proprietors of Wikipedia, are paid by (or forced by) the government or by corporations to distort or censor information on the Internet. I will present several examples of this. Again, it seems that cutting-edge political and esoteric knowledge is under attack.

Physicist, Nassim Haramein is a prime example of this censorship that I’m talking about. If you don’t already know about Nassim Haramein you must certainly check out his work. His website and foundation is called The Resonance Project. He has made some groundbreaking discoveries in the world of quantum physics and is presenting his ideas on his website and on various videos on YouTube which I have posted on my blog in the past. Apparently, he doesn’t live up to the “standards” that Wikipedia has for it’s entries. His Wiki page has been taken down several times already. (Keep in mind, that these entries can be made by anyone and submitted to Wikipedia for approval). This is what is listed for him instead of a Wiki page: Rational Wikipedia. What a smear campaign! (RationalWiki is not affiliated with Wikipedia by-the-way .)

Nassim is not the only one getting shut out by Wiki. Radical journalist, Abby Martin spoke out recently about her Wiki page censorship.

It seems that powers in high places don’t want us to have access to powerful alternative information like Martin and Haramein have to offer. Wikipedia tries to play these things off by stating that the individuals are not reputable enough. As if a lot of the horribly incorrect information that gets posted on there is credible or reputable!

Another example of Wikipedia’s stranglehold on its information is represented by this quote from researcher Jim Fetzer

“Wikipedia: What it Doesn’t Say:
I have just spent several frustrating hours trying to revise and improve the entry on “Scholars for 9/11 Truth”, only to discover that my rewrites were being over-ridden by someone at Wikipedia. I find that offensive. The present entry has a warning label stating, “The neutrality of this article is disputed.” From what I can discern from reviewing the “Talk Page”, persons with scant or biased knowledge of the society appear to be determining the contents. So I agree with the warning but not for the reasons that may have motivated it. ”

James H. Fetzer
Founder and Co-Chair
Scholars for 9/11 Truth

All of this, along with the fact that every page dealing with an esoteric topic, such as Sacred Geometry, Hermeticism, The Emerald Tablet, etc. are made to look foolish or presented as a purely speculation.
So, it appears that these deceptions and deletions are rampant. It becomes quickly obvious that Wikipedia is being controlled. Whether by corporate interests or the government, it’s hard to say. In any event, it is up to us as citizens seeking truth and freedom to speak out against hypocrisy like this and help keep the internet a free platform for all types of information!

Spirit Science-pt. 7

In our seventh and Final episode of Spirit Science, we present a video about the vacuum. I have posted several articles including this one already on the structure of, and importance of the vacuum and it’s structure. Ancient civilizations knew of the vacuum and it’s structure and have been passing it along for eons veiled in religious and mystery traditions. Hope you have enjoyed our presentation of Spirit Science. Subscribe to their station and check out all of their great shows!

The Structure of the Vacuum-Is this what Mystery Traditions were trying to teach us?

As science evolves and edges closer to the side of spirituality, it is becoming clear that all things are truly connected. This is what the ancient mystics were constantly saying in all of their allegorical writings. The concept of finding balance within ourselves and moving towards a “center point” are prevalent not only in the teachings of the East, but also in their more esoteric counterparts in the West. These concepts of a “center point” and “balance” are essential to understanding the nature of the universe.

So what is the thing that connects all things? Physicist Nassim Haramein may have discovered the answer to this age-old question. The thing that connects everything around us is space. It’s everywhere. It’s within matter and all around us. It is the common denominator in all things. His concept is that at the center of a proton is a black hole. This may be the point of singularity. Matter and space appear to move inward toward infinity. This “singularity”, or black hole concept is mirrored everywhere in the universe. At the center of every galaxy is a black hole. There may even be a giant black hole in the center of the universe itself. Everything outside of the black hole is space. There is abundantly more space than matter everywhere in the universe. Space is within matter itself, for that matter. Various scientists have discovered that this so-called emptiness of space may be the exact opposite of empty. Calculations by various scientists, Haramein included, show that the space is infinitely full of energy,much more full than matter is. Perhaps our current paradigm is about to be turned on it’s head. Space may be the thing that we are all missing the point on. Since space is dense and infinitely full, it eclipses matter in it’s grandness. Even though we think of space as nothingness, it is the exact opposite. We just cannot see it’s contents with the naked eye and therefore we deem it as unimportant. This so-called empty space seems to have a distinct geometric pattern. Haramein believes that he may have discovered the structure of this space, or vacuum. Generated by the tetrahedron (the most simplistic, but yet most structurally sound Platonic solid) in a polarized spin, (creating an inverted, second tetrahedron) we have the first building block of this space. These polarized tetrahedron combinations called “star tetrahedrons”, consist of an upward facing and a downward facing tetrahedron that are interlocked together creating symmetry and balance. This is the perfect balanced geometry necessary to create a sphere. The balance created by this geometry is in complete equilibrium in e every aspect.

It is here, that the ancient mysteries start to come into the play in this equation. The shape that is created by the interlocked, polarized, spinning Star Tetrahedrons when looked at in two dimensions, is a hexagram or six pointed star. This symbol is one of the most ancient mystical symbols that we have. We find it represented as the Seal of Solomon and the Star of David in the Hebrew tradition. It is used in the Hermetic teachings. We find it used in various occult traditions as well. It is shown to represent the concept of Heaven and Earth (the triangle pointing toward Heaven, the other pointing down toward Earth). This symbol most often is meant to represent balance of differing polarities. It is used to represent the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine (the upward pointing triangle, phallic-like, the downward pointing triangle, vaginal in nature).

If looked at 3 dimensionly, with the upward pointing triangle and downward pointing triangle rotating on one another, we find another interesting symbol. What we have is what early Jewish Mysticism called the Merkabah. Merkabah, which means “chariot” is often depicted as the transporter of the soul from one world to another. It could be looked at as the transportation vehicle between the physical and spiritual realms. This Merkabah, is sometimes depicted as a wheel or chariot, but in most instances, is depicted as two interlocked tetrahedrons that are rotating. A Merkabah field is thought to exist around our bodies and is laying dormant and ready to be activated to elevate our consciousness, and to transport us to higher heights.

Being that we see this hexagram everywhere in various religious traditions from all over the world. This cannot be a coincidence. Furthermore, Haramein states that an assembly of these Star Tetrahedrons forms what he refers to as the 64 Tetrahedron Grid, which he claims is true structure of the vacuum. This geometric array includes completely equal vectors in it’s construction and is complete symmetrical. This geometry is not only complete in it’s equilibrium, but when constructed of the 64 interlocked upright and downward facing tetrahedrons matches up perfectly with another ancient symbol. This symbol is called the Flower of Life and again is seen depicted in various ancient religious imagery from around the world. We see this image in Asian sculpture. It is in Ancient Egyptian art as well. This 64 Tetrahedron grid lines up perfectly!

Since we see so many of these examples of the depiction of the structure of the vacuum and creation through time in our religious traditions and in the ancient mystery schools, it simply cannot be a coincidence. These ancient teachings were showing us the fundamental pattern needed to understand the building blocks of our universe. These patterns have been largely ignored by modern religion and education. It is time for us to go out into this big universe and connect the dots; or tetrahedrons, in this case to see what the mysteries have been showing those with “eyes” to see since time immemorial.


What Was the True Purpose of the Pyramids?

As we progress in our study of the great pyramids of the ancient world, old paradigms of belief are being dismantled. We have been taught that the Egyptians used primitive tools to carve and sculpt the massive stones used in the construction of the pyramids. Some of these stones weighing over 20 tons. We are also taught that these stones were raised from quarries many miles away from the site where the pyramids were constructed. We are taught that primitive man didn’t have the wheel to help in the transport of these stones. These stories simply don’t add up.

Ancient texts, including the Bible, allude to great miracles that were supposed to have taken place that defy common logic. Scientifically-minded skeptics like to look at these stories as purely allegorical and not meant to be looked at as facts. This is simply a way for modern science to dismiss what it cannot understand or rationally explain using our current understanding of the world. The problem with this paradigm is that it doesn’t take into account the immense improbability of these beliefs actually holding water!

With our modern machinery we have difficulty moving giant blocks of stone even a short distance, let alone miles and miles. When will the scientific community admit that these concepts of how the pyramids were constructed are incorrect? Nassim Haramein comments on the pyramids in many of his lectures. He believes, along with many others that the pyramids may not have been built by humans at all.

Others feel that the pyramids were built by humans, but that these people had been given access to great technologies from visitors to this planet. Call them Sun Gods, aliens, angels, whatever you like. These beings were thought to visit earth frequently in ancient times. Perhaps bolstering our evolution. If the pyramids were constructed by visitors from another world, or by people with access to technology beyond our current understanding, we must admit that their existence really is quite puzzling.

Egyptologists believe that the pyramids were built to be tombs for the Pharaohs, despite the fact that no actual mummies have been discovered in pyramids. The Great Pyramid at Giza has at it’s core, a sarcophagus that was sealed with a huge block of granite. When explorers were finally able to remove the lid to look inside, they found nothing. Just an empty sarcophagus. Their explanation of what had happened to the body of the Pharaoh? Grave robbers! The fact that these same explorers couldn’t find an entrance and had to use dynamite to blast their way into the pyramid does add up with the concept of grave robbers. How could they have possibly gotten into the pyramid and back out of it, put every stone back the way they found it and, be able to remove the giant granite block off of the sarcophagus and then to get it back on unscathed? This story doesn’t add up at all.

If the pyramids were in fact used as tombs for the dead Pharaohs, could they not have other more esoteric uses? As the building blocks of existence, the first Platonic solid to form a 3 dimensional object is a tetrahedron. Although, the pyramids in Egypt have one additional side, this may be a huge clue as to what kind of technology the “Sun Gods” may have had. As Nassim discusses in several of his lectures, the tetrahedron is at the core of creation. When the angular momentum of space is applied to the developing proton, it spins causing a second tetrahedron to be formed interlocked with the other. The shape that it forms is a 3 dimensional Star of David, or Sign of Solomon. It is a balanced system consisting of one tetrahedron pointing one way and the other, the opposite way. This is described through the symbolism of the ancient mystery schools and is being perpetuated even today.

It is thought that this may be the very essence of creation. The structure of the vacuum that hold everything together. In the ancient mysteries, it is taught that the upward pointing tetrahedron, or triangle, represents the masculine power or the power of the physical world, it being phallic-like in nature. The downward pointing triangle is symbolic of the feminine power, it being shaped like a vessel or container. When the two meet and combine, interlocking with one another, balance is obtained and creation has begun.

It has often been discussed that perhaps the pyramids were some kind of resonance chamber or power station. Perhaps they were used to transmit signals into space, or to other pyramids around the planet. The pyramid is a 3 dimensional upward pointing triangle. The male/earthly or animalistic-minded realm portion of the equation. What if, the “Sun Gods” had the other half of this polarized equation and when combined, allowed them to travel to and from the earth? There are several “vents” in the pyramid that seem to align perfectly with several stars in the Orion constellation. Could it be that these vents were used to direct or attract something out in space, or that they were used as energy conduits to extrude energy to something specific?

The Ark of the Covenant was used to transport some sort of powerful object. It was said to have moved large objects and to part the sea. It is theorized by Haramein that the Ark had at one time been with the Egyptians and maybe even used in the pyramids. This would lend credence to the idea of the pyramids being a transmitter and perhaps a source of transportation or a control center for travel. It may be that the “Sun Gods” or aliens may have understood the power of this formation of interlocked tetrahedrons or triangles and used it for a higher and more advanced purpose than we can understand. This is obviously a concept and nothing more at this point, but I thought it would be worth sharing. If the structure of the vacuum, and to creation itself lies in a spinning set of triangular shapes, it seems no coincidence that these great monoliths portray that very shape. Since they are missing their polar opposite they sit dormant on the surface of the earth. What would happen if their polar counterpart (whether it be physical, or merely energy based) should come into contact with them? Perhaps they are a keyhole waiting for their key. Maybe as we advance in consciousness, it will become clear. Only time will tell.


The Convergence of Science and Religion

Nassim Haramein is a physicist and researcher who is pioneering the true convergence of science and religion. His new version of unified field theory may just answer many of our outstanding questions about the nature of spirit and it’s connection within us all. In part one of Nassim’s lecture entitled “Crossing the Event Horizon” he discusses his own awakening process and the way that he came to look at our existence in a new way. He questions our long standing scientific practices and their unanswered enigmas. He also goes into some of the deeper esoteric meanings held within ancient teachings. I encourage everyone to watch this entire series. I hope you all enjoy it!

The Coming Age of Spiritual Science

Just around the corner lies a new horizon. A horizon that will change the way that we see everything and everyone. A massive paradigm shift is about to occur. As science finally begins to catch up with sacred knowledge, we are seeing amazing discoveries and advancements. As we learn more about our amazing universe, the more we can see the interconnectedness of all things. In addition to this, we begin to realize that the universe is filled with a majestic order, that leaves one contemplating the Great Creator. This amazing geometric order to the universe is anything, but random. It is apparent on all scales as well. Basically, the entire universe is mirrored in everyone and everything we see.

Scientists on the cutting edge of technology and physics are discovering that this order to the universe is anything but an accident. How could something so geometrically perfect explode out of nothingness? Wouldn’t an explosion result in disorder and chaos? Apparently not, when everything is linked together in a holographic, geometric web of existence.

When NASA sent the Hubble telescope on it’s mission into deep space, they were hoping to photograph parts of the universe that had never before been seen. As the craft went further and further out, it started to become apparent that space is never-ending, and that elements that exist in our plane of reality are the same throughout the galaxy and beyond. As the Hubble went further along on it’s journey, one of the things that it photographed was the famous “hourglass nebula”.HourglassNebula2 Discovered by Annie Jump Cannon and Margaret W. Mayall, it had long been seen as a random planetary nebula. It wasn’t until the Hubble telescope was able to focus in on it and get some clearer images that we were able to see the sophistication and the beauty of it. What seemed to be the insignificant remains of a supernova, was actually a complex geometric vesica piscis with what appears to be an eye in the center looking directly at us. In fact, the eye is so detailed that it even has a twinkle of light in it that shows a clearly defined 3 dimensional object. How is it possible that an exploding star could create such beautiful, sacred geometry?

It becomes more apparent by the day that there is no chance happening in the world. Everything is organized on multiple levels in a fractal array. From the most minute speck of existence, up to the size of a galaxy and beyond. The whole of existence is intimately connected. If all things are reflected in one another, then a proton contains all of the information that is contained in the rest of the universe. The vacuum, or space that surrounds us is not empty, but full of energy. People who are are said to become clairvoyant can see the auras of energy surrounding each being. The shape created by the vacuum of space expanding and collapsing is a double torus shape. In the center of the vacuum lies a point in which everything goes infinitely inward. It is a black hole. A point in which the spiraling universe reaches pure stillness. This concept is most eloquently portrayed by physicist Nassim Haramein in his work. This internal singularity, or point of stillness is what all spiritual seekers are going toward. When Jesus said “the Kingdom of God is within you.”(Luke 17:21) he wasn’t kidding! This is what is meant when the spiritual seeker is told to look inward. Since it is difficult for us to comprehend the vastness of the universe itself, we can learn to connect with our divine center by going inward. This idea of looking inward, which was propagated by all mysticism, is now being looked at as a way to understand the universe as a whole. The idea that the infinite is described in the finite is an idea being used by some modern researchers. This very same idea was portrayed in the Emerald Tablet, thought to be at least around a thousand years old, if not even older. What all of this is showing us is that modern science is finally proving what all of the ancients knew to be true about the universe. These truths were passed down through the Mystery Schools of antiquity in coded and allegorical fashion. They were kept veiled to the general public because these truths were so powerful that they could have decimated the religious dogma of the day. They are being brought to light now by scientists rather than ascended masters. They are being brought to light by individuals that set out to find new scientific truths, only to find that these truths have been known about for thousands of years. As humanity moves forward in time and space, it is inevitable that our understanding of things will also move forward. As humanity as a whole develops scientifically it will become imperative that it embrace the order and symmetry of the universe. Spirituality will have to embrace science and science will have to embrace spirituality. The two are entwined, no matter what any of the skeptics out there might say. Einstein himself said it best when he said “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

YHVH- The “Tetragrammaton”-What is it?


The Bible is full of coded information that is meant to lead the seeker to enlightenment. There are mathematical formulas as in the dimensions of King Solomon’s Temple from 1 Kings 6:2. There are the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant. The numbers given as the dimensions of the objects hold many hidden messages about the universe all around us. By far one of the most interesting and perplexing codes depicted in the bible is the sacred name of God from the Old Testament. The Tetragrammaton is the unpronounceable name of Deity. It is made of up four consonants and no vowels, making it virtually impossible to pronounce, and just as difficult to comprehend.

The Tetragrammaton consists of the letters YHVH (or JHVH, IHVH, etc., depending on the translation) and can be looked at on many levels. It was given to Moses at the burning bush and was not to be spoken. It was a code to explain our existence and our consciousness. The fact that the Tetragrammaton has four letters is indication of a four-fold meaning. You could look at it as representing the four basic elements, with the non-existent vowels representing the 5th element of spirit, since spirit cannot be perceived by the five senses. You could look at it as numerological code or a veiled reference to Pi. The Hebrew letters that make up the Tetragrammaton are pronounced Yod (10), Heh (5), Vov(6), Heh(5) and have numerical values of 26 when added together. This could be further broken down to equal 8 if the two numbers are added together. Eight when turned on it’s side becomes the symbol of infinity. God is infinite. Just as the universe is infinite. It is also sometimes deciphered as “He Who Is, Who Was, and Shall Be.” Yet again, giving us a feeling of infinity and unification.

Regardless of how profound and wonderful the aforementioned ideas are, the most intriguiging idea to date on the Tetragrammaton is given by Nassim Haramein in his Crossing the Event Horizon video series. In part 4 of the series, Nassim discusses the idea that the Tetragrammaton and the tetrahedron are one in the same. He goes on to demonstrate how the star tetrahedron is comprised of two interlocked tetrahedrons, one facing up, the other down. This interlocked structure, he believes to be the essence of creation at the sub-atomic level. When laid out in two-dimensions, we see that the star tetrahedron is The Star of David, or the Seal of Solomon. This same symbol having been used for thousands of years in all different regions of the world. It is Haramein’s theory that the Tetragrammaton and the four letters of God only create half of the polarity needed for our polarized existence and that to obtain the answer of Creation, and the mystery of the Tetragrammaton, we must find this missing half. He claims that the Tetragrammaton from the Bible is the male half of the deity and will not be complete until we discover the polarized missing element. This is the Divine Feminine! This is the union that makes the whole. Just as our likeness is echoed in the galaxies as well as the minute structures of the microcosm. This is the missing piece. The ancient mysteries spoke of a Divine Feminine and this concept is perpetuated to this day. It is the exact element that has put these societies at odds with popular religion since their inception.

As we move into this New Age of the Zodiac and on to greater understanding, we must look back at the power tools that we have been given. As we crack these codes, the answer will become clearer by the day. We must search and become pilgrims on a journey for truth and understanding. Though these symbols are misunderstood and dismissed as nonsense by most of society, it is up to us to find this missing piece to the Tetragrammaton. The Bible has presented us with this powerful piece information and once we have ascended to higher consciousness, the answer will become clear. It is up to us to solve this mystery, for the good of humanity!