Anti-Masonry. Where did it come from?

Secret societies have a way of falling under public scrutiny. Why would the activities of a society be secret from the public unless it was doing something sinister, right? This way of thinking is usually the general consensus. People tend to feel that when something is kept from public knowledge that there must be something dark and possibly even evil going on. While that might be the case for some groups (C.I.A., I’m looking in your direction…), it isn’t the case for all groups.

What people fail to understand about the secrecy within secret societies is that it serves a deeper purpose. Freemasonry, among other secret societies is the care-taker of the Ancient Mysteries. These mysteries have been passed on through various traditions since very ancient times, and have always been passed on from lip to ear. They have always included taking obligations, or oaths of secrecy.

This is due to various reasons. In more ancient times, it was done because the Church ruled with an iron fist and anything done outside of the orthodox method was considered blasphemous and punishable by torture, if not even death. Secrecy was also used to protect trade secrets.Since Freemasonry evolved from the original stonemason guilds, trade secrets were kept so that stonemasons could teach other apprentices their craft without divulging their secret methods of stone cutting and construction. Many trade secrets are still used within various labor unions to the present day. Secrecy was also used as a method of testing the initiates will power and trustworthiness. In order for someone to be trustworthy of receiving the Ancient Mysteries, they had to prove to be trustworthy with powerful knowledge.

Despite the countless sources of good information on Freemasonry, it is still considered by many to be deeply rooted in the evils of society. Anti-Masonry sprung up early and often and still exists to the present day. With the advent of the internet, the conspiracies have grown ten-fold. In the following article, the veil is lifted on these anti-masonic conspiracies and the truth can be laid to rest once and for all. Read this with an open mind and know that Freemasonry has had it’s name dragged through the mud for millennia. Know that knowledge is Light, which is what Freemasonry is providing through it’s teachings. It is a tool for good, not for evil.


An Inquiry into the Accusations of Luciferianism which present day, Continually Affront the Fraternity of Freemasons




More News on Anti-Masonry 

Anti-Masonry loses long time supporter

It appears that a long-time anti-masonry supporter has passed away. Jack Chick was an evangelical Christian from California who wrote multiple mini anti-masonic comic books among other blatantly misguided pamphlets. He was responsible for perpetuating the whole Baphomet/Satan/Freemasonry connection that haunts the Craft to this day. It’s sad to know that any religious person could put so much effort into spreading hatred and misinformation to the masses.

Jack Chick passes away


A Cosmic Case for Vegetarianism

If you want to get just about anyone riled up, just bring up the topic of not eating meat. People don’t like thinking about this touchy subject. Dealing with old habits is difficult to do. In my quest to find spiritual enlightenment, I have come face to face with many of my own shortcomings and am attempting to deal with them. Every time that I think I have them under control, I have a bad day and find myself going back to these bad habits. I am vigorously trying to overcome my lower nature everyday, but it’s not easy.

I have been a vegetarian for 23 years now. It was something that a friend of mine turned me onto and it really stuck. I had always had an affection for animals and been a bit of a non-conformist. It just felt right. Now, as I look toward enlightenment everyday, it has become an even more important part of my life. The Hermetic Principle of Cause and Effect (see link to earlier blog: The Seven Hermetic Principles states that everything that we do has an effect on something else in the world. This is true for all things, including the food choices that we make. If we choose to consume meat, we have contributed to the taking of another life. Despite the fact that the end user was not the one that took the life, they are still participating in the suffering. As one becomes more awakened, the understanding of the interconnectedness of life becomes more apparent and it’s easy to see how this is a problem. This is not to say that all suffering can be ceased in the world if we were all to stop eating meat. There are many other issues that would not be rectified with this change. However, it sure is a step in the right direction.

The greatest problem with the meat industry is that of the factory farm. The demand for meat in the American diet is extremely high, so it takes mass manufacturing to keep up with the demand. These factory farms are horrifying for all involved. The animals are abused and neglected. The resources used for the production are immense and the waste produced is even greater. The destruction of the land that is inhabited by these farms is catastrophic. They account for a large portion of the meat that America consumes. We are under the impression that all of these animals live on rural farms and are treated humanely. That simply isn’t the case. These factories produce the majority of the meat consumed. Not the free range farms.

The reality is grim, indeed. There is no such thing as humane slaughter. All of this suffering and death is present in the astral plane and is effecting us daily. This concept is covered extensively by famous Freemason and Theosophist, C.W. Leadbeater, in his essay “Vegetarianism and Occultism”.

Changing a lifestyle is a challenging demand, but well worth the effort. As we advance on our journey to light, we must make challenging steps to conquer our demons. Let’s work toward a better world with less suffering. We can make a huge impact on our future and the way that the law of “cause and effect” effects the outcome. This is within our grasp, we just have to go within ourselves and remind ourselves that these animals at our brothers and sisters. They deserve to live without suffering too.


The Western Mystery Traditions: Hermeticism

Attributed to Hermes Trismegistus of ancient Egypt, the Hermetic philosophy has survived the ages by being embedded in Lodge ritual and passed on via literature. Like the other western mystery traditions, it teaches of the immortality of the soul, the laws of nature, and the divine spark within. As was stated in my earlier blog, The Seven Hermetic Principles The Hermetic philosophy includes a distinct set of naturally occurring laws that help to understand the order of the universe. Hopefully this brief video will shed some light on this mysterious set of teachings and their history.

The Western Mystery Traditions: The Rosicrucians

The Western Mystery Traditions are series of methods of teaching natural laws, spiritual awakening, understanding the soul, and unlocking the divine potential within. The first tradition that I will present is The Rosicrucians. A mysterious fraternity that came seemingly out of nowhere and had a great impact in it’s day. They pushed for individual rights and pursued an inner-alchemy that was to help the individual to awaken spiritually by working upon the self. Here is a short video documentary on the fraternity. Hopefully it sheds light on this order.

The Seven Hermetic Principles or Natural Laws

These are the Seven Hermetic Principles as found in the Kybalion among other texts. They are naturally existing laws of the universe and shape our reality. With the understanding and appreciation of these laws, one can live more harmoniously with themselves and the natural world.

1.) The Principle of Mentalism– This principle states that the universe and everything around us is a mental construct. We are all co-creating our perceptions of the world and everything around us.

2.) The Principle of Correspondence– This principle informs us that the microcosm is a direct reflection of the macrocosm and vice versa. It is from this principle that we derive the saying “as above, so below.” This can be seen all throughout the universe. Microscopic organisms mimic the same shapes and forms of galaxies.

3.) The Principle of Vibration-This principle shows us that everything in the universe is made up of vibratory energy. We are at our essence, vibratory light energy.

4.) The Principle of Polarity-This principle exemplifies the natural duality that exists within nature. Hot and cold, light and dark, good and evil. Without an opposite, these expressions would lose their identity. All opposites are just varying degrees of the same thing.

5.) The Principle of Rhythm– This principle says that all elements in the natural world move in a rhythm. This can be seen in the animal kingdom as well as the cosmos. Everything fluctuates.

6.) The Principle of Cause and Effect– This principle demonstrates that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Everything we do has an effect on something. Once this concept is grasped, we see that what we do really does matter.

7.) The Principle of Gender– This last principle states that everything has masculine and feminine characteristics. We all have rationale (attributed to the masculine) and compassion (attributed to the feminine). A balance of these elements is essential to the completion of the individual. This is true in a physical sense as well in that when we are born, our gender is merely determined by a one chromosome differential.

These principles have been passed on since time-immemorial through various mystery schools and esoteric philosophies. With the ongoing awakening that is taking place all around us, the understanding of these priciples by the individual provides that person with a key to unlocking the doors of their understanding of the mysteries of life. These principles are coming to light again for a reason. Take head and let them guide you on your path.