The Masonic Apron

The Masonic apron is one of the most iconic symbols in Freemasonry. It is the first gift that a Brother Mason is presented with after taking their obligation. We are taught that the apron was used by our ancient, operative Brothers who labored in the quarry and served a practical use at that time. In modern Speculative Masonry, it serves a different, symbolic purpose and is to be worn in the lodge setting and is to be placed upon our lifeless physical body as we prepare to move into the next stage of our existence.

We are taught that it is the most noble badge of a Mason and that it should never become soiled or impure and is made of white lambskin. The color and substance of the apron is symbolic of the purity and innocence that we are expected to live in harmony with as a Mason.  Much of the symbolism of the apron is explained to the new Brother Mason in the form of a lecture. However, as with all Masonic symbolism, there is more to it than is originally explained.

The apron is worn in a different manors, depending on which degree the candidate is receiving. Each one is distinct and different and is explained as such in the lectures. One of the more esoteric aspects of apron symbolism is the shapes that the apron consists of. The apron has gone through various incarnation over time, but has mostly consisted of a square with a triangular flap. This is significant in itself as the apron consists of two of the most simplistic, yet important geometric shapes that are used by operative builders. These shapes are also incredibly important in all Masonic teaching. The triangle and square appear time and time again throughout all Masonic symbolism and philosophy.

The serious student of esotericism will also note that the apron is representative of the Pythagorean theorem, which Masons (both operative and speculative) hold dear to their hearts. The triangular flap has three points, the square of the main covering has four points, and when combined, there are five points. These are the four corner points of the square and the point of the triangle as it lays upon the square. This is 3, 4, 5 of the Pythagorean theorem.

The apron is also used to subdue our passions. As the apron is worn at the waist and extends downward over the sex organs, it is a reminder that we must control our lower, sexual nature and not let it rule over us in our daily lives. It is imperative to the spiritual seeker to learn to subdue this lower, animal nature to purify the soul. It is also the location of the Root Chakra that we must all learn to overcome to advance on our spiritual path.

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The Truth about Masonic Secrecy

Masonic secrecy is troubling to most outsiders and is the cause of much consternation to conspiracy theorists and the public alike. What is not understood is the reason for this secrecy or what it is used for.

Historically, Masonry had to keep secret it’s work because of the tyrannical powers of the Church and the government. Persecution for promoting religious freedom and radical scientific ideas was the norm. The early operative stonemasons had to keep their trade secrets. This concept carried over in a symbolic manner into Speculative Masonry. Freemasonry was kept secret for it’s mere survival. In todays world, this is no longer necessary. So why is there still secrecy involved, you may ask? The answer is simple. Secrecy is a test of character and of integrity.

When an individual becomes a Mason, they are entrusted with keys to the ancient mysteries. In fact, Masonry is the caretaker of the ancient mysteries. Mystery schools through antiquity were a means of teaching individuals an understanding of the esoteric aspects of life and of the universe. The individual receiving these truths had to be willing to undergo hardships and trials. They also had to be willing to keep secret the knowledge that they gained. This knowledge was in-fact, quite challenging to the narrow view held by society at the time. If this knowledge got into the wrong hands, it could be used for power-mongering. What is not understood about this knowledge is that it is not secret at all. Anyone who wants to learn the Masonic secrets need only look them up online, or in an expose book. The secrets are out there in the public domain. However, the truth is that these secrets mean nothing to the uninitiated and don’t seem to hold anything special. This is because it’s not about the words or handshakes, it’s about what keeping a secret does for the individual.

Secrecy is a psychological tactic used by the mystery schools to hold the individual accountable. Not accountable for any great secret truth, but accountable for their integrity and self control. The act of keeping a secret is an act of self control. A test of one’s will. This is the point of the secrecy. It is also a form of self-empowerment. The act of being able to keep a secret and overcoming temptation, gives the individual strength to overcome other vices in their life. The secret itself is not what’s important, it’s the effect that secrecy has on the psyche. This secrecy is what makes people on the outside view Masonry with contempt, but as you can see, the secrets themselves are not important.

Hopefully this brings some clarity to this controversial topic. The Masons aren’t trying to take over the world and their meetings are not springboards for political advancement. The secrets that everyone thinks that they have are unrealistic and are based purely in speculation. Some things should never be kept secret, like tyrannical moves by the government. However, secrecy that is used for gaining self control and integrity can be very beneficial. altar1902